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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - A

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Abalos Santiago Gamboa   Yes No Dec 84-Nov 85
Abbate Sandye L.   No Yes Feb 72-May 74
Abbott Robert D.   Yes No Jan 54-May 65
Abear Jerome Gerald   Yes No May 89-June 90
Abercrombie Susan Belle   Yes No Sept 82-July 83
Abernathy Nancy S. Maddock Yes No Sept 65- Jan 66
Abeyta Randal Mark   No Yes Dec 80-Aug 81
Abeyta Ron Santiago   No Yes Jun 79-Dec 82
Abeyta Leon A.   No Yes Dec 81-May 82; Oct 82-May 83
Abeyta Alejandro Richard   No Yes Sept 77-Jan 78
Absher Sally Delia Apodaca Yes No July 85-Sept 88
Accetta, Jr. Vito W.   No Yes Sept 64-July 67
Acevez Dora B.   Yes No Sept 77-Feb 80
Achen James Tyson   No Yes Feb 66- didn't show up
Acosta Ray     No Yes Aug 81- Feb 82
Acosta Victor M.   Yes No Mar 86- May 86
Acosta Gloria A.   Yes No Nov 81-Oct 88
Acosta Joel S.   No Yes Feb 84-May 84
Acosta Robert M.   Yes No Nov 73- July 87
Acosta Frank     Yes No June-June 82
Acosta Sergio Villanueve   Yes Yes Student: Sept 82-June 85; Staff: June 85-Oct 88
Adam Harvey G.   Yes No Mar 58- Dec 67
Adams Bruce W.   Yes No May 81- Dec 81
Adams David Lee   No Yes Aug 68- May 70
Adams Michael D.   Yes No May 98- Jan 99
Adams, II Donald Curtis   No Yes Aug 75- Sept 77
Addison Larry E.   No Yes Feb-Aug 65
Adelspeger Charles E.   Yes No Jul 61- Feb 72
Aderhold Jon     No No  
Agar Karl Heinz   No Yes Jun 62- Aug 64
Aguilar Tom F.   No Yes Nov 81- May 85
Aguilar Raymond Michael   No Yes Jan 82- May 82
Aguinaga Rodolfo     Yes No Jan 78- June 84
Ahearn Paul J.   Yes No July 79- Oct 79
Ahlgren Carl R.   Yes No Oct 63- July 64
Ahrens Linda Sue Craft Yes No July- Sept 70
Aiken LuJean   Cowan Yes No Sept 65- Jan 66
Aimes Linda S.   No Yes Jan 63- Mar 65
Akers Reta M.   Yes No Mar 91- June 94
Akin James     No Yes Jan 64- Sept 65
Akins Gerry Alton   No Yes Sept 71- July 77
Al Khatib Kamal Jamil   No Yes May 78- Dec 78
Al-Ghanim Amjed Mahmoud   No Yes Jun 93- July 94
Al-Khafaf Sameir     Yes No Jan- July 78
Albers Carol L.   Yes No Mar 83- Nov 91
Alberson Dean Clinton   No Yes Feb 82- Feb 84
Alberson Dennis Frank   Yes No Dec 82- Mar 84
Alberson Martin G.   No Yes Oct 84- Aug 86
Alberson Mary Ellen   No Yes Aug 82- Dec 83
Alcala Jimmy David   No Yes May 66- Jan 68
Aldridge Richard W.   No Yes Feb 61- Oct 65; May 66- Feb 67
Alejo Larry Wayne   No Yes Jun 75- Apr 76
Alexander Josie G.   Yes No Jan-Jan 88
Alexander Roberta Kathleen   Yes No Mar 78- Aug 79
Alexander James Fletcher   No Yes Dec 76- July 79
Alexander Shauna L. Goodman Yes Yes Student: Feb 77- Nov 77; Staff: Dec 74- May 76
Alford Roscoe R.   No No  
Alford Laura T.C.   No Yes Sept 64- Aug 65
Algier Deborah Kae Cully No Yes Nov 72- Jan 75
Allen Barbara L. Shackleton Yes No Oct 64- July 68
Allen Kenneth Grover   No Yes May-Jul 66
Allen Jerald G.   No Yes Sept 69- Sept 71
Allen Janet Anne Phillips Yes No Apr- July 66, Apr 67- Feb 69
Allen Gary D.   Yes No Apr 71- May 72
Allen Cynthia M. Perkins Yes No Sep 69- Nov 72
Allen Carlyn D. Stimson No Yes Mar-Jun 70, Jan 71-Apr 72
Allen Blaise Sutton   No Yes May 90- Oct 92
Allen Aurea Esther   Yes No Dec 79- Jan 80
Allen Eleanor M. Papaleo No Yes May-Aug 87
Allen James Frederick   No Yes Feb 63- Oct 64
Allen Linda J. Bowman Yes No Nov 67- Jun 69
Allen Bruce David   Yes Yes Student: Sept 80-Jan 82,Sept 82-May 83;Staff:Dec 83-Apr 86, May 83-Sept 83
Allen Cindy L. Campbell Yes No Jun 82- Apr 85
Allen William David   No Yes Nov 79- Apr 82
Allen Walter R.   Yes Yes Student:Jan59-Jul60;Staff:Jul60-Mar70,Aug70-Apr90,May90-Feb92
Allen Todd Henry   No Yes Mar-Apr 94
Allen Susan J.   Yes No Nov 76- Apr 81
Allen Rubie G.   No Yes Sept 72- July 73
Allen Orion Conley   No Yes July57-Sep58, May59-Aug62, Mar63-Jan65
Allen, Jr. Larry N.   No Yes May 89- Nov 90
Allen, Jr. Jay M.   Yes No Apr 69- Apr 93
Allgeier David Vinson   No Yes Nov 66- Aug 69
Allgeier, Jr. Robert K.   No No  
Allgood Richard Alvin   No No  
Alliman Donald D.A.   Yes No Mar 61- Oct 71
Alliman Virginia M. Buschulte Yes Yes Student:May67-Feb68;Staff:Feb 68-Jul73
Allner Allen Scottswood   No Yes Aug 77- May 78
Allnutt Robert Wayne   No Yes Jun-Aug 77
Allnutt James P.   Yes No July 77- Oct 79
Allred Richard Lance   No Yes May 84- Feb 86
Allred Dallas C.   No No  
Almaguer Theodore Oscar   No Yes Aug 67-Jan 68
Almanzar Reuben     No Yes Nov-Dec 91
Alons Bernard L.   Yes No May 61- Jun94
Alons Karin S.   Yes No Sep 91-Oct 92
Alonzo John G.   No Yes Feb 81- May 82
Alsup Lora Lee   No Yes Sep 85- Jul 87
Althaus Harry     No No  
Altizer William P.   Yes No July-Oct 88
Altum Robert Bruce   No Yes Jun 85- Aug 85
Altuna Donna S. Stauber No Yes Aug 78-Dec 79, Sep 80-June 84
Altuna, Jr. Robert M.   No Yes Sep 74-Dec75, Oct 81-June 84
Altus Mary Hunter Wood No Yes May 66-Sep 68
Alvarado Alvaro     No Yes Sep94-Dec97, Aug 98-Dec98
Alvarado Ismael     No Yes Oct 74-July78
Alvarez David Saenz   No Yes Oct 87- May 88
Alvarez Barbara A. Cedillo No Yes Jul 76- Dec 80
Alvarez Jorge S.   Yes No Nov 82- Jan 84
Alvarez Alberto O.   No Yes Dec 96- Apr 98
Alvillar Patricia Ann Limon Yes No Aug 75- May 77
Alvillar Cesario Orlando   Yes Yes Student:OCt75-Jan80; Staff: May 81-Feb 96
Alwahaishi Saleh     No Yes Mar-Mar 00
Amador Joe Y.   Yes No Mar 87-Mar95, Jun95-Aug 95
Amador Patrick J.   Yes No Oct 89-Feb 92
Amburgey Floyd Davis   No No  
Ames Michael L.   No Yes Jan 91-Sep 94
Amos Robert L.   No Yes Dec 88- Jul 93
Amstutz Ronnie B.   Yes No July 81- July 82
Anaya Elsa     No Yes Jul 92-Jun 95
Anaya Evangelina Lopez   Yes No May 75- May 76
Ancell Larry E.   No No  
Anchieta Rene Curiel   No Yes May 99-Dec 00
Andazola Ella Jean   No Yes Sept 89- Jan 95
Andazola John Jacob   No Yes Aug 89- Apr 90
Anderson Kimberly A. Lowery No Yes Jan 85- Aug 87
Anderson Jess Jr.   Yes No Aug-Dec 79
Anderson James G.   Yes No Sept 69- Jun 70
Anderson Gregory Kirk   Yes Yes Student:Dec85-Apr86, Staff: Feb 87-Aug 89
Anderson James Logan   No No  
Anderson Sarah L.   No Yes Sep 99-Jul 00
Anderson Robert D.   Yes No Jun 00-Jan 01
Anderson Gary Edward   No Yes Nov 87- Mar 88
Anderson David Bruce   No Yes Sept 79-May 81
Anderson Gary     No No  
Anderson Mark Ubbe   No Yes Sept 78-May 83
Anderson Lee Evan   No Yes Jun 82- Dec 83
Anderson James Scott   Yes Yes Student:July83-Jun84, Staff:Aug84-Jan86
Anderson Dorothy T. Doubrava No Yes Jan 87- Jul 87
Anderson Kirk M.   Yes No Aug 84- Apr 86
Anderson Richard R.   Yes No Aug 67- May 69
Anderson Roger Glen   No Yes Mar 73- Jan 74
Anderson Thomas Earl   Yes No Oct 68- Jan 69
Anderson Tom     Yes No Oct 87- Jan 89
Anderson Richard A.   No Yes July 69- Nov 70
Anderson Paul Bernard   No Yes Feb 70 -Nov 72
Anderson Craig A.   No Yes Feb 86- July 87
Anderson Melissa Ann   No Yes Dec 83-Jan 86, Jun 86-Jun88
Anderson Elsie A. LaDriere Yes Yes Student:Nov56-Jul60, Staff:Jul60-Jul85, Sept85-Jun87
Anderson Maria L.   Yes No Mar 82- Jan 87
Anderson Lonnie Jim   No Yes Feb 74- May 74
Anderson Douglas Lee   No Yes Jan81-Aug81, Nov 78-Sep79
Anderson David Marlowe   No Yes Sep 68- Oct 71
Anderson Bobby Dan   No Yes May-Aug 99
Anderson David Loyd   No Yes Jun 74- Jun74
Anderson Christian Quinten   No Yes Jun89- Dec 92
Anderson Margaret A.   No Yes Apr 77-Sep77
Anderson-Jimenez Carol J.   Yes No Jul 72- Feb 74, Nov 75- Jul 76
Andrews Sibyl Louise Akers Yes No Apr 73- Aug 73
Andrews Michael     No No  
Andrews Bruce C.   No Yes Aug-Oct 82
Andrews Howard Paul   No Yes Nov 88- Feb 89
Angel Alfred Bernal   No Yes May-Jul 70, Jan-Nov 81
Angell Laurie     No Yes Aug 81- Dec 87
Anglikowski Albert S.   Yes No May 60- Aug 71
Anglin Verna Lee Hagood Yes No Aug 68- Feb 70
Anglin Nancy Carol Lidstone Yes No Jun 70-May76, Jun 76-Feb 77
Ansley John     No No  
Anthony Jimmy Ray   Yes Yes Student:Oct84-May86, Staff:May86- Dec 95
Antone, Jr. Victor Morfin   No Yes Nov 77- Feb 81
Antzoulatos Daniel G.   No Yes Feb 79-Jul 80
Apa Frank E.   No No  
Apodaca Lydia C. Chavez Yes No Jun 76-July 87
Apodaca Mary Elizabeth Bejarano No Yes May-Dec 98
Apodaca Lucio H.   No Yes Feb-May 78
Apodaca Hector H.   No Yes Jan 72-Jan 74, May 76- May 78
Apodaca Frances D. Sambrano Yes No Feb 74- Oct 78
Apodaca Avelino V.   Yes No Sept 69- Dec 74
Apodaca Mark Anthony   Yes No May 88- Aug 90
Apple, Jr. Ralph J.   Yes No May 79-June 92
Aragon Joseph R.   No Yes Feb 66- July 66, Feb-Sept 67
Aragon Lawrence M.   No Yes Jan-May 85, Feb- May 86
Aragon Nicholas     Yes No Aug 74- Mar 77
Aragon Alejandro T.   Yes No Mar 69- Mar 70
Araiza Maria A.   No Yes May-June 86
Aranda Natalie     No Yes Sept 83- Apr 85
Aranda, III Roman     No Yes Jun 79- May 82
Arcaro Michael Angelo   No Yes Oct 83-Apr 84, Oct 84- Aug 85
Arcaro Michael     No No  
Archer Phillip R.   Yes No June-Sept 65
Archer John S.   No Yes Feb- July 65
Archer Scott A.   No Yes Oct 80- May 85
Archer James O.   No Yes Feb 62- Mar 65
Archey James Douglas   Yes No May 80- June 82
Archuleta Lucy A.   Yes No Aug-Nov 77
Archuleta Jacobo Rogelio   No No  
Archuleta Edmund G.   No Yes Aug 60- Jan 66
Archuleta Joseph E.   No Yes Aug 72- Sept 74
Archuleta Andre Javier   No Yes Feb-May 00
Archuleta Gloria Jean Rios Yes No Sept 68- June 69
Archuleta Angela Jennifer   No Yes Oct 87- May 91
Archuleta Fred D.   Yes No Nov 88- Aug 94
Arellanes James Edward   No Yes Jun 85- Dec 85
Arellano Teodolo Fuentes   Yes No Oct 55- July 63, Apr 65- Aug 72
Arellano Raul W.   No Yes May-Aug 81, Jun 82-Dec 84
Arellano Raul J.   Yes No Oct 73- Jan 94
Arellano, Jr. Victor     Yes No June- Aug 82
Arenibas, Jr. Matilde     Yes No June 78-Mar 79
Arguello John William   No Yes Oct-Nov 85
Arguello Stanley E.   No Yes Feb 89- Jan 90
Arias William Russell   No Yes May 73- Jan 74
Armendariz Donald Jean   No Yes Sept 92- Sept 93
Armendariz Rafael Ernesto   No Yes Dec 78- Jan 79
Armendariz, Jr. Robert A.   No Yes Aug 66-Aug 69
Armenta John Arthur   No Yes July 87- May 89
Armer Thomas Alex   No Yes Sept 71-Dec74, Nov 75-Jan77
Armer Timothy Robert   No Yes Jan 85- Feb 86, Nov-Nov 86
Armijo Eduardo J.   No Yes June 82- Jan 87, Feb 88- Mar 89
Armijo Kara Ardena Gaddy No Yes Apr 86- Jan 87, Jun 90- Jan 91
Armijo Robert A.   No Yes Dec 89- Aug 90
Armour Kathleen C. Byrd Yes No Nov 67- Aug 68
Armstrong Charlotte Y.   Yes No Jan 85- Apr 86
Armstrong Jay Allen   No Yes May- June 78
Armstrong Katherine G. Foster Yes No May-Oct 64
Armstrong Michael Robert   No Yes Sept 87- Nov 90
Armstrong James M.   Yes No Oct 67- Jan 72
Armstrong Louis R.   No Yes Jan-Jan89
Armstrong James Lee   No Yes Mar 83- Jan 84
Arndt Martha Howard   No Yes Nov 85- May 86
Arnn David L.   Yes No Jan-Mar 78
Arnold Victor E.   No Yes Jan-Sept 67
Arnold Rockland Allen   No Yes Jun 68- Feb 72
Arnold Alan George   No Yes Jun83- Jun 88
Arnold Eileen Marie   Yes Yes Student:Sep61-Mar62, Staff: Mar62-Feb65
Arnold Franklin Brooks   No Yes Jun 70- Dec 74
Arnold Richard Neel   No Yes Aug 74- May 75
Arrambide Patricia D.   Yes No Aug 77- Aug 84
Arrambide Michael T.   Yes No July 78- Sept 79, Feb 80- May 84
Arreola Jose Rivera   No Yes Jun 69- Jun 72
Arrieta, Jr. Armando R.   No Yes Aug 74- Dec 75
Arriola David R.   Yes No Sept 86- May 96
Arroyo German Alberto   No Yes Jun 80- Sep 81
Artuso Frank     Yes No Sept 82- Apr 96
Arvizo Amanda Ann Marguart Yes No Apr- Jun 70
Asbill Corey     No Yes Jun-Aug 99
Ashmore David Robert   No Yes may 85- May 87
Ashton Tyler John   No Yes Jan 96-Apr 96
Ashton James Donald   No Yes Aug 68- Mar 71
Ashwell Allen G.   No Yes Nov 72- May 73
Atchinson John L.   Yes No Jun 85- Jan 95
Atencio Eva Cristina   No Yes Nov 92- May 93
Atkins Betty Lou Mobley Yes No Aug 71- May 72
Atkinson James R.   No Yes Feb-June 66
Atkinson Janet C.   No Yes Jun 64- Sept 65
Atkinson Beverly A. Sandlin Yes No Jan-Oct 66
Atma Robert     No Yes May 63- Mar 66
Atmar, III Joe Wirt   No Yes Jun 63- Oct 66
Atmore John C.   Yes No Jul54-Feb55, Jan62-Aug69, Jul70-Aug71
Attaway Ruth Elaine Hearon Yes No Sep 68- Sep 72, Aug 73- Jun 74
Atwood Trenton S.   No Yes Jun 97- Dec 97
Atwood Mary Beth Wellborn No Yes Oct 87- Aug 91
Au Keith Donald   No Yes Apr- Jun 96
Augustus Koduvelipa Joseph   No Yes Jun 64- July 66, May 67- Jun 69
Austin Jon Howard   No Yes Feb-Sep 70
Austin Duncan Adams   No Yes May 77- Jun 82
Austin David Steven   No Yes Dec 78- Apr 79, May 80- Dec 81
Austin Maria C.   Yes No Sep 81- Oct 93
Auvermann Harry J.   Yes No Aug 77- Aug 79
Avalos Mike G.   Yes No Feb 82- July 87
Avalos George Vicente   No Yes Jun 70- May 76
Avant Carla Jean Whitworth Yes No Aug 73- Dec 74
Avant Ira
  No Yes Jun 70- Mar 72
Avila Carolyn L.   No Yes Feb 85- Apr 86
Avila Elsie C.   Yes No Mar 82- Feb 90
Avitia Emily Jean Martinez Yes No Nov 81- Sep 94
Ayala Paul D.   Yes No July- Aug 79
Ayers Cecil Dean   Yes No July 83- Sept 84