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The Solar Furnace at NMSU PSL harnesses the power of the sun for research

Alumni Directory - A

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Abalos Santiago Gamboa   Yes No Dec 84-Nov 85
Abbate Sandye L.   No Yes Feb 72-May 74
Abbott Robert D.   Yes No Jan 54-May 65
Abear Jerome Gerald   Yes No May 89-June 90
Abercrombie Susan Belle   Yes No Sept 82-July 83
Abernathy Nancy S. Maddock Yes No Sept 65- Jan 66
Abeyta Randal Mark   No Yes Dec 80-Aug 81
Abeyta Ron Santiago   No Yes Jun 79-Dec 82
Abeyta Leon A.   No Yes Dec 81-May 82; Oct 82-May 83
Abeyta Alejandro Richard   No Yes Sept 77-Jan 78
Absher Sally Delia Apodaca Yes No July 85-Sept 88
Accetta, Jr. Vito W.   No Yes Sept 64-July 67
Acevez Dora B.   Yes No Sept 77-Feb 80
Achen James Tyson   No Yes Feb 66- didn't show up
Acosta Ray     No Yes Aug 81- Feb 82
Acosta Victor M.   Yes No Mar 86- May 86
Acosta Gloria A.   Yes No Nov 81-Oct 88
Acosta Joel S.   No Yes Feb 84-May 84
Acosta Robert M.   Yes No Nov 73- July 87
Acosta Frank     Yes No June-June 82
Acosta Sergio Villanueve   Yes Yes Student: Sept 82-June 85; Staff: June 85-Oct 88
Adam Harvey G.   Yes No Mar 58- Dec 67
Adams Bruce W.   Yes No May 81- Dec 81
Adams David Lee   No Yes Aug 68- May 70
Adams Michael D.   Yes No May 98- Jan 99
Adams, II Donald Curtis   No Yes Aug 75- Sept 77
Addison Larry E.   No Yes Feb-Aug 65
Adelspeger Charles E.   Yes No Jul 61- Feb 72
Aderhold Jon     No No  
Agar Karl Heinz   No Yes Jun 62- Aug 64
Aguilar Tom F.   No Yes Nov 81- May 85
Aguilar Raymond Michael   No Yes Jan 82- May 82
Aguinaga Rodolfo     Yes No Jan 78- June 84
Ahearn Paul J.   Yes No July 79- Oct 79
Ahlgren Carl R.   Yes No Oct 63- July 64
Ahrens Linda Sue Craft Yes No July- Sept 70
Aiken LuJean   Cowan Yes No Sept 65- Jan 66
Aimes Linda S.   No Yes Jan 63- Mar 65
Akers Reta M.   Yes No Mar 91- June 94
Akin James     No Yes Jan 64- Sept 65
Akins Gerry Alton   No Yes Sept 71- July 77
Al Khatib Kamal Jamil   No Yes May 78- Dec 78
Al-Ghanim Amjed Mahmoud   No Yes Jun 93- July 94
Al-Khafaf Sameir     Yes No Jan- July 78
Albers Carol L.   Yes No Mar 83- Nov 91
Alberson Dean Clinton   No Yes Feb 82- Feb 84
Alberson Dennis Frank   Yes No Dec 82- Mar 84
Alberson Martin G.   No Yes Oct 84- Aug 86
Alberson Mary Ellen   No Yes Aug 82- Dec 83
Alcala Jimmy David   No Yes May 66- Jan 68
Aldridge Richard W.   No Yes Feb 61- Oct 65; May 66- Feb 67
Alejo Larry Wayne   No Yes Jun 75- Apr 76
Alexander Josie G.   Yes No Jan-Jan 88
Alexander Roberta Kathleen   Yes No Mar 78- Aug 79
Alexander James Fletcher   No Yes Dec 76- July 79
Alexander Shauna L. Goodman Yes Yes Student: Feb 77- Nov 77; Staff: Dec 74- May 76
Alford Roscoe R.   No No  
Alford Laura T.C.   No Yes Sept 64- Aug 65
Algier Deborah Kae Cully No Yes Nov 72- Jan 75
Allen Barbara L. Shackleton Yes No Oct 64- July 68
Allen Kenneth Grover   No Yes May-Jul 66
Allen Jerald G.   No Yes Sept 69- Sept 71
Allen Janet Anne Phillips Yes No Apr- July 66, Apr 67- Feb 69
Allen Gary D.   Yes No Apr 71- May 72
Allen Cynthia M. Perkins Yes No Sep 69- Nov 72
Allen Carlyn D. Stimson No Yes Mar-Jun 70, Jan 71-Apr 72
Allen Blaise Sutton   No Yes May 90- Oct 92
Allen Aurea Esther   Yes No Dec 79- Jan 80
Allen Eleanor M. Papaleo No Yes May-Aug 87
Allen James Frederick   No Yes Feb 63- Oct 64
Allen Linda J. Bowman Yes No Nov 67- Jun 69
Allen Bruce David   Yes Yes Student: Sept 80-Jan 82,Sept 82-May 83;Staff:Dec 83-Apr 86, May 83-Sept 83
Allen Cindy L. Campbell Yes No Jun 82- Apr 85
Allen William David   No Yes Nov 79- Apr 82
Allen Walter R.   Yes Yes Student:Jan59-Jul60;Staff:Jul60-Mar70,Aug70-Apr90,May90-Feb92
Allen Todd Henry   No Yes Mar-Apr 94
Allen Susan J.   Yes No Nov 76- Apr 81
Allen Rubie G.   No Yes Sept 72- July 73
Allen Orion Conley   No Yes July57-Sep58, May59-Aug62, Mar63-Jan65
Allen, Jr. Larry N.   No Yes May 89- Nov 90
Allen, Jr. Jay M.   Yes No Apr 69- Apr 93
Allgeier David Vinson   No Yes Nov 66- Aug 69
Allgeier, Jr. Robert K.   No No  
Allgood Richard Alvin   No No  
Alliman Donald D.A.   Yes No Mar 61- Oct 71
Alliman Virginia M. Buschulte Yes Yes Student:May67-Feb68;Staff:Feb 68-Jul73
Allner Allen Scottswood   No Yes Aug 77- May 78
Allnutt Robert Wayne   No Yes Jun-Aug 77
Allnutt James P.   Yes No July 77- Oct 79
Allred Richard Lance   No Yes May 84- Feb 86
Allred Dallas C.   No No  
Almaguer Theodore Oscar   No Yes Aug 67-Jan 68
Almanzar Reuben     No Yes Nov-Dec 91
Alons Bernard L.   Yes No May 61- Jun94
Alons Karin S.   Yes No Sep 91-Oct 92
Alonzo John G.   No Yes Feb 81- May 82
Alsup Lora Lee   No Yes Sep 85- Jul 87
Althaus Harry     No No  
Altizer William P.   Yes No July-Oct 88
Altum Robert Bruce   No Yes Jun 85- Aug 85
Altuna Donna S. Stauber No Yes Aug 78-Dec 79, Sep 80-June 84
Altuna, Jr. Robert M.   No Yes Sep 74-Dec75, Oct 81-June 84
Altus Mary Hunter Wood No Yes May 66-Sep 68
Alvarado Alvaro     No Yes Sep94-Dec97, Aug 98-Dec98
Alvarado Ismael     No Yes Oct 74-July78
Alvarez David Saenz   No Yes Oct 87- May 88
Alvarez Barbara A. Cedillo No Yes Jul 76- Dec 80
Alvarez Jorge S.   Yes No Nov 82- Jan 84
Alvarez Alberto O.   No Yes Dec 96- Apr 98
Alvillar Patricia Ann Limon Yes No Aug 75- May 77
Alvillar Cesario Orlando   Yes Yes Student:OCt75-Jan80; Staff: May 81-Feb 96
Alwahaishi Saleh     No Yes Mar-Mar 00
Amador Joe Y.   Yes No Mar 87-Mar95, Jun95-Aug 95
Amador Patrick J.   Yes No Oct 89-Feb 92
Amburgey Floyd Davis   No No  
Ames Michael L.   No Yes Jan 91-Sep 94
Amos Robert L.   No Yes Dec 88- Jul 93
Amstutz Ronnie B.   Yes No July 81- July 82
Anaya Elsa     No Yes Jul 92-Jun 95
Anaya Evangelina Lopez   Yes No May 75- May 76
Ancell Larry E.   No No  
Anchieta Rene Curiel   No Yes May 99-Dec 00
Andazola Ella Jean   No Yes Sept 89- Jan 95
Andazola John Jacob   No Yes Aug 89- Apr 90
Anderson Kimberly A. Lowery No Yes Jan 85- Aug 87
Anderson Jess Jr.   Yes No Aug-Dec 79
Anderson James G.   Yes No Sept 69- Jun 70
Anderson Gregory Kirk   Yes Yes Student:Dec85-Apr86, Staff: Feb 87-Aug 89
Anderson James Logan   No No  
Anderson Sarah L.   No Yes Sep 99-Jul 00
Anderson Robert D.   Yes No Jun 00-Jan 01
Anderson Gary Edward   No Yes Nov 87- Mar 88
Anderson David Bruce   No Yes Sept 79-May 81
Anderson Gary     No No  
Anderson Mark Ubbe   No Yes Sept 78-May 83
Anderson Lee Evan   No Yes Jun 82- Dec 83
Anderson James Scott   Yes Yes Student:July83-Jun84, Staff:Aug84-Jan86
Anderson Dorothy T. Doubrava No Yes Jan 87- Jul 87
Anderson Kirk M.   Yes No Aug 84- Apr 86
Anderson Richard R.   Yes No Aug 67- May 69
Anderson Roger Glen   No Yes Mar 73- Jan 74
Anderson Thomas Earl   Yes No Oct 68- Jan 69
Anderson Tom     Yes No Oct 87- Jan 89
Anderson Richard A.   No Yes July 69- Nov 70
Anderson Paul Bernard   No Yes Feb 70 -Nov 72
Anderson Craig A.   No Yes Feb 86- July 87
Anderson Melissa Ann   No Yes Dec 83-Jan 86, Jun 86-Jun88
Anderson Elsie A. LaDriere Yes Yes Student:Nov56-Jul60, Staff:Jul60-Jul85, Sept85-Jun87
Anderson Maria L.   Yes No Mar 82- Jan 87
Anderson Lonnie Jim   No Yes Feb 74- May 74
Anderson Douglas Lee   No Yes Jan81-Aug81, Nov 78-Sep79
Anderson David Marlowe   No Yes Sep 68- Oct 71
Anderson Bobby Dan   No Yes May-Aug 99
Anderson David Loyd   No Yes Jun 74- Jun74
Anderson Christian Quinten   No Yes Jun89- Dec 92
Anderson Margaret A.   No Yes Apr 77-Sep77
Anderson-Jimenez Carol J.   Yes No Jul 72- Feb 74, Nov 75- Jul 76
Andrews Sibyl Louise Akers Yes No Apr 73- Aug 73
Andrews Michael     No No  
Andrews Bruce C.   No Yes Aug-Oct 82
Andrews Howard Paul   No Yes Nov 88- Feb 89
Angel Alfred Bernal   No Yes May-Jul 70, Jan-Nov 81
Angell Laurie     No Yes Aug 81- Dec 87
Anglikowski Albert S.   Yes No May 60- Aug 71
Anglin Verna Lee Hagood Yes No Aug 68- Feb 70
Anglin Nancy Carol Lidstone Yes No Jun 70-May76, Jun 76-Feb 77
Ansley John     No No  
Anthony Jimmy Ray   Yes Yes Student:Oct84-May86, Staff:May86- Dec 95
Antone, Jr. Victor Morfin   No Yes Nov 77- Feb 81
Antzoulatos Daniel G.   No Yes Feb 79-Jul 80
Apa Frank E.   No No  
Apodaca Lydia C. Chavez Yes No Jun 76-July 87
Apodaca Mary Elizabeth Bejarano No Yes May-Dec 98
Apodaca Lucio H.   No Yes Feb-May 78
Apodaca Hector H.   No Yes Jan 72-Jan 74, May 76- May 78
Apodaca Frances D. Sambrano Yes No Feb 74- Oct 78
Apodaca Avelino V.   Yes No Sept 69- Dec 74
Apodaca Mark Anthony   Yes No May 88- Aug 90
Apple, Jr. Ralph J.   Yes No May 79-June 92
Aragon Joseph R.   No Yes Feb 66- July 66, Feb-Sept 67
Aragon Lawrence M.   No Yes Jan-May 85, Feb- May 86
Aragon Nicholas     Yes No Aug 74- Mar 77
Aragon Alejandro T.   Yes No Mar 69- Mar 70
Araiza Maria A.   No Yes May-June 86
Aranda Natalie     No Yes Sept 83- Apr 85
Aranda, III Roman     No Yes Jun 79- May 82
Arcaro Michael Angelo   No Yes Oct 83-Apr 84, Oct 84- Aug 85
Arcaro Michael     No No  
Archer Phillip R.   Yes No June-Sept 65
Archer John S.   No Yes Feb- July 65
Archer Scott A.   No Yes Oct 80- May 85
Archer James O.   No Yes Feb 62- Mar 65
Archey James Douglas   Yes No May 80- June 82
Archuleta Lucy A.   Yes No Aug-Nov 77
Archuleta Jacobo Rogelio   No No  
Archuleta Edmund G.   No Yes Aug 60- Jan 66
Archuleta Joseph E.   No Yes Aug 72- Sept 74
Archuleta Andre Javier   No Yes Feb-May 00
Archuleta Gloria Jean Rios Yes No Sept 68- June 69
Archuleta Angela Jennifer   No Yes Oct 87- May 91
Archuleta Fred D.   Yes No Nov 88- Aug 94
Arellanes James Edward   No Yes Jun 85- Dec 85
Arellano Teodolo Fuentes   Yes No Oct 55- July 63, Apr 65- Aug 72
Arellano Raul W.   No Yes May-Aug 81, Jun 82-Dec 84
Arellano Raul J.   Yes No Oct 73- Jan 94
Arellano, Jr. Victor     Yes No June- Aug 82
Arenibas, Jr. Matilde     Yes No June 78-Mar 79
Arguello John William   No Yes Oct-Nov 85
Arguello Stanley E.   No Yes Feb 89- Jan 90
Arias William Russell   No Yes May 73- Jan 74
Armendariz Donald Jean   No Yes Sept 92- Sept 93
Armendariz Rafael Ernesto   No Yes Dec 78- Jan 79
Armendariz, Jr. Robert A.   No Yes Aug 66-Aug 69
Armenta John Arthur   No Yes July 87- May 89
Armer Thomas Alex   No Yes Sept 71-Dec74, Nov 75-Jan77
Armer Timothy Robert   No Yes Jan 85- Feb 86, Nov-Nov 86
Armijo Eduardo J.   No Yes June 82- Jan 87, Feb 88- Mar 89
Armijo Kara Ardena Gaddy No Yes Apr 86- Jan 87, Jun 90- Jan 91
Armijo Robert A.   No Yes Dec 89- Aug 90
Armour Kathleen C. Byrd Yes No Nov 67- Aug 68
Armstrong Charlotte Y.   Yes No Jan 85- Apr 86
Armstrong Jay Allen   No Yes May- June 78
Armstrong Katherine G. Foster Yes No May-Oct 64
Armstrong Michael Robert   No Yes Sept 87- Nov 90
Armstrong James M.   Yes No Oct 67- Jan 72
Armstrong Louis R.   No Yes Jan-Jan89
Armstrong James Lee   No Yes Mar 83- Jan 84
Arndt Martha Howard   No Yes Nov 85- May 86
Arnn David L.   Yes No Jan-Mar 78
Arnold Victor E.   No Yes Jan-Sept 67
Arnold Rockland Allen   No Yes Jun 68- Feb 72
Arnold Alan George   No Yes Jun83- Jun 88
Arnold Eileen Marie   Yes Yes Student:Sep61-Mar62, Staff: Mar62-Feb65
Arnold Franklin Brooks   No Yes Jun 70- Dec 74
Arnold Richard Neel   No Yes Aug 74- May 75
Arrambide Patricia D.   Yes No Aug 77- Aug 84
Arrambide Michael T.   Yes No July 78- Sept 79, Feb 80- May 84
Arreola Jose Rivera   No Yes Jun 69- Jun 72
Arrieta, Jr. Armando R.   No Yes Aug 74- Dec 75
Arriola David R.   Yes No Sept 86- May 96
Arroyo German Alberto   No Yes Jun 80- Sep 81
Artuso Frank     Yes No Sept 82- Apr 96
Arvizo Amanda Ann Marguart Yes No Apr- Jun 70
Asbill Corey     No Yes Jun-Aug 99
Ashmore David Robert   No Yes may 85- May 87
Ashton Tyler John   No Yes Jan 96-Apr 96
Ashton James Donald   No Yes Aug 68- Mar 71
Ashwell Allen G.   No Yes Nov 72- May 73
Atchinson John L.   Yes No Jun 85- Jan 95
Atencio Eva Cristina   No Yes Nov 92- May 93
Atkins Betty Lou Mobley Yes No Aug 71- May 72
Atkinson James R.   No Yes Feb-June 66
Atkinson Janet C.   No Yes Jun 64- Sept 65
Atkinson Beverly A. Sandlin Yes No Jan-Oct 66
Atma Robert     No Yes May 63- Mar 66
Atmar, III Joe Wirt   No Yes Jun 63- Oct 66
Atmore John C.   Yes No Jul54-Feb55, Jan62-Aug69, Jul70-Aug71
Attaway Ruth Elaine Hearon Yes No Sep 68- Sep 72, Aug 73- Jun 74
Atwood Trenton S.   No Yes Jun 97- Dec 97
Atwood Mary Beth Wellborn No Yes Oct 87- Aug 91
Au Keith Donald   No Yes Apr- Jun 96
Augustus Koduvelipa Joseph   No Yes Jun 64- July 66, May 67- Jun 69
Austin Jon Howard   No Yes Feb-Sep 70
Austin Duncan Adams   No Yes May 77- Jun 82
Austin David Steven   No Yes Dec 78- Apr 79, May 80- Dec 81
Austin Maria C.   Yes No Sep 81- Oct 93
Auvermann Harry J.   Yes No Aug 77- Aug 79
Avalos Mike G.   Yes No Feb 82- July 87
Avalos George Vicente   No Yes Jun 70- May 76
Avant Carla Jean Whitworth Yes No Aug 73- Dec 74
Avant Ira
  No Yes Jun 70- Mar 72
Avila Carolyn L.   No Yes Feb 85- Apr 86
Avila Elsie C.   Yes No Mar 82- Feb 90
Avitia Emily Jean Martinez Yes No Nov 81- Sep 94
Ayala Paul D.   Yes No July- Aug 79
Ayers Cecil Dean   Yes No July 83- Sept 84