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Alumni Directory - B

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Babb Virginia Ann Bickle Yes No Jun 68- May 71
Baca Larry Joseph   Yes No Feb- Sept. 63
Baca Linda Majella   No Yes Nov 83- Nov 84
Baca Jacob Lee   No Yes Jun 92- Jan 94
Baca Glenn     No Yes July -Aug 65
Baca Albert Ortega   Yes No Mar 81- July 87
Baca Cecilia V. Estrada Yes No Oct 80- May 81
Baca Cedric Michael   Yes Yes Student: Dec 83- May 84, Staff: Mar 87- Dec 95
Baca Raymond J.   No Yes Feb- May 82
Baca David Ortega   Yes Yes Student: Oct 79-Feb82, Staff: Feb 82- July 87
Baca Robert Gerald   No Yes Sept 78- Sept 79
Baca Ernestine     Yes No May 83- Aug 86
Baca Gail A.   No Yes Dec 75- May 77
Baca Tomas Humberto   No Yes Aug 97- Jan 99
Baca, Jr. Gilbert D.   Yes No Dec 76- July 79
Bacastow Jack Leroy   No Yes Aug 71- Oct 72
Bach Lawrence H.   No Yes June 64- Nov 65
Bach Carol Ann Harrison Yes No Jun 67- Oct 67
Bachman David L.   No Yes Dec 77- May 78
Bachman Charles H.   Yes No Aug 63- Aug 65
Bacon Janet R.   No Yes Sep 81- Aug 82
Baerst Margaret A.   No Yes Sep 65- May 66
Bagby Susan Anne Thompson No Yes Sep 82- Sept 83
Baggett Wayne Edward   No Yes May-Aug 80, May- Aug 82
Bagwell Douglas Jearl   No Yes Oct 78- Sept 79
Bailey George     No No  
Bailey Bobby Paul   No Yes Sep 61- Sept 67
Bailey DeVon W.   Yes No Apr 54-Sept 55, Oct 56-Sep 81
Bailey Gayle A. Gallager Yes No Aug 72- Oct 73
Bailey Harold E.   No Yes Feb-Dec 68
Bailey Irene   Balizan Yes No Sep-Oct 68
Bailey Joseph Weno   No Yes July 66- Jan 70
Bailey Joe Douglas   Yes No Nov- Nov 69 (worked one day)
Bailey Sherry Marie Suggs Yes No Jun- Aug 69, Apr 76- Sep 77
Bailey William Albert   No Yes Jan 73- May 74
Baird DeAnna L.   No Yes July 77- Sep 78
Baird, III Benjamin T.   No Yes Feb 62- Jan 67
Bajaras Enrique F.   No Yes Jun 92- Jan 94
Baker Mack     No No  
Baker Brian D.   No Yes Apr 84- May 85, Sept 86- Jan 87
Baker David Earl   No Yes Jun 66- Jan 70
Baker Edward Lee   No Yes Jun 65- Dec 68
Baker Fannie M. Reed Yes No Aug 77- Nov 78
Baker Frances A.   No Yes Jun 76- Feb 77
Baker David C.   No Yes Sept 67- Apr 72
Baker George     Yes Yes Student: Nov 52- Sept 55, Staff: Aug 56- Feb 86
Baker Judith   Paxton No Yes Feb-Aug 65
Baker Shirley J.   Yes No Aug - Nov 82
Baker, III Cyrus Elmer   No Yes July 76- Mar 82
Balch Russell Eugene   No Yes Dec 85- Feb 86
Balderrama Rosa I.   Yes No Aug 84- Mar 87
Baldock Leslie W.   No Yes Jun 66- Jan 67
Baldonado Pete Flores   No Yes Jan -May 76
Baldwin Virginia L. Eichelberg Yes No Sep 74- Mar 75
Bales Charles D.   No Yes Oct 82- Jan 83
Bales Gary Orville   Yes No Oct 80- Jan 81
Balizan Francisco     Yes No Dec 66- Mar 86
Ball Larry Dale   No Yes Jun 66- Jun 70
Ball Fred     No No  
Ballard Jason Dale   No Yes Feb 00-Dec 00
Ballard Gary L.   Yes No May 71- Jun 73
Ballew John Z.   No Yes Sep 68- Jan 70
Balok Jo M. McDaniel Yes No Jun 71- Jun 73
Baltensperger Paul Arden   No Yes Jan -June 80
Baltensperger Carl Manz   No Yes Apr 86- Dec 86
Bamford Rodney H.   Yes No Dec 85-Jul 93
Bane Mary E. Sanchez No Yes Apr 64- Jan 70
Banegas Alvin L.   Yes No Sep 72- May 74
Banegas John David   No Yes Aug 78- Dec 81
Banegas Samuel D.   Yes No May 77- Jan 83
Banks Ray Allen   No Yes Jun 85- Jan 87, Feb 87- May 87
Banks David D.   No Yes Sep 63- May 68
Banner Walter W.   Yes No Apr 61- Dec 65
Banville Judith K. Meyer No Yes Mar- Aug 78
Barany Ernest J.   Yes No Jun-Aug 98, May 99-Jan 00
Barba Samuel Lyle   No Yes May- Aug 79
Barber John F.   Yes No Jun 93-Feb 00
Barclay Craig Robert   Yes No May 95- Oct 95
Bardi Gilberto G.   Yes No Apr 63- Nov 65
Bardwell Karen E. Melick No Yes Sep 77- May 78
Bardwell Yolanda A. Rocha Yes No Aug 79- July 87
Bardwell, IV Arthur Glenn   No Yes Jan 74- May 75
Barela David Roy   Yes No Apr 71- Sep 78
Barela Godfrey A.   Yes No Jun 76- Jan 95
Barela Jonathan L.   Yes No July-Aug 79
Barela Ofelia G.   Yes No Apr 92- Oct 93
Barela Roberta A. Mendoza Yes No Jan 74- Dec 78, Nov 83- Mar 87
Barela Edna Mae Alvidrez Yes No Oct 74-Jul 00
Barela Rudolfo M.   No Yes Sept 64- Feb 65
Barela Linda M.   Yes No Jan 85- Jul 87
Barett Carla Jo Coffee Yes No Feb 74- Jan 80
Barich Thomas David   Yes No Dec 83- July 87
Barker Tamara M. Brantley No Yes Dec 81- June 86
Barker Charles Evan   Yes No Dec 67- Jan 68
Barker Sandra Alice Harvey Yes No Mar 67- Aug 67
Barlow Kari L. Powell Yes No Jul 82- Sep 84
Barlow Karolyn Kay Shaw No Yes Jun 68- Aug 76
Barlow Herbert Larry   No Yes Sept 66- Mar69, May 69- Aug 95
BarMcQ Richard C.   Yes No Mar-June 87
Barna Thomas David   No Yes Apr-May 78
Barnard Jane A. Armell Yes Yes Student: Jun 65-Feb 68, Staff: Feb 68- May 68
Barnard Robert L.   No Yes Sept 63- May 66
Barnes Ellsworth Paul   No Yes Mar 64- Jun 66
Barnes Charles Melvin   No Yes Dec 72- Apr 76
Barnes Carmen A. Clark Yes No Oct 71- May 73
Barnes Ted L.   No Yes Sept 65- May 67
Barnes Jolita A. Chandler No Yes June 71- Oct 73
Barnes Michael Lee   No Yes Sept-Sept 70
Barnes John Richard   No Yes Aug 72- Feb 74
Barnett David O.   Yes No  
Barnett Kenneth M.   Yes No Sept 76- Feb 80
Barnett Mary Lewise Butler No Yes Feb- Oct 65, Feb -Apr 67
Barney William Alfred   No Yes Feb 61- May 65
Barreras Michael Joe   Yes No Oct 86- July 87
Barreras Robert Thomas   No Yes Jan 79- Jan 80
Barrett Robert M.   No No  
Barrett Richard Rodney   No Yes Feb 65- July 67
Barrett Alfred     No No  
Barrett James Wilkin   No Yes Apr 73- Jan 80
Barrett Jean E. Doherty Yes Yes Stud:Oct60-May62,Mar-Aug84,Oct66-Jul68,Staff: Jul68-Mar82, Feb84-Nov87
Barrett Patricia Colleen   No Yes Apr 68- Jan 69
Barrick Larry Max   No Yes Feb 65- May 69
Barrio Alex Geronimo   No Yes Dec 77- May 78
Barron Lyle     No No  
Barron Robert Emerson   No Yes Jan -May 76, Jan -May 79
Barron Richard D.   Yes No Aug 51- Jan 76
Barros Phillip Augustine   No Yes Feb 61-Oct 66
Barrow William     No No  
Barry Ambrose G.   Yes No Dec 79- Aug 81
Bartee Norma Lee   Yes No Mar-may 77
Bartheld William Eugene   No Yes May 57- Jun 66
Bartholomew Luanna R. Schoonover Yes Yes Stud:Sep59-Nov61,Mar62-Jul64;Staff:Jul64-Jan65,Aug65-Aug67
Bartolucci John Anthony   No Yes July-Aug 86
Barton Iley Joe   No Yes Aug 69- Apr 70
Bartz Gerard D.   No Yes Aug 82- Apr 83
Bash Janet Claire Cooper Yes No May 79- Aug 80
Bash, Jr. Dallas Wayne   No Yes Jun 67- May 68
Basler James J.   Yes Yes Student:May- Aug 60, Staff: Aug 60-June 97, Aug 97- Jun 98
Bason Weldon Henry   No Yes Aug-Aug67,Nov67-May68,Nov68-May69,Mar70-Apr71,Jun 72-Oct73,Mar77-Jun79
Bason Wilma C. Cline Yes No Jun-Oct 61, Jun 64-Aug 68, July 70-Jun78, Nov-Nov78
Bass Margie Louise Jones Yes No Mar 70- Sept 71
Bassford Darlene M.   Yes No Mar 79- Feb 83
Bassford Gary Alan   No Yes Jun-Aug 69
Bastidos Frances   Rivera Yes Yes Student: Aug78-Feb80, Staff: Feb 80- Mar 84
Bates Sheryl K. Kyler Yes No Mar 71- July 87
Bates, Jr. Lloyd Owen   No Yes Sept 68- May 69, Oct 69- Jan 70
Batie Cynthia Ann McGuirk Yes No Jan 73- Aug 73
Batie Rod Eugene   No Yes Feb 72- Aug 73
Bauer Nancy H.   Yes No Oct 87- Jun 88
Bauersfeld Jill E. Medrick Yes No May-Aug 70
Bawcom Bruce Mac Neil   No Yes May 86- Feb 88
Baxter Eugene W.   No No  
Baxter Rubin A.   Yes No Apr 65- Jan 68
Bayhan Daniel Lee   No Yes Mar 77- May 78
Bayless Robert Simpson   No Yes May 74- May 76
Bayliss Charla K. Wright Yes No Sep 88- May 89
Bays Gail K.   Yes No Oct 82- July 83
Beach William Dale   Yes Yes Student:Jun 56-Aug 57, Staff: Aug 57- Jan 88
Beadle Adam H.   No Yes Feb-Apr 81
Beakley Bobby     No No  
Beakley, III John C.   Yes Yes Student: Feb-May67, Feb69-Apr70 Staff: Feb 76-Jul77
Beal James Arlie   No No  
Beall Thomas Malcolm   No Yes Sept 68- Feb 72
Beaman Evelyn Jean Hunt No Yes Aug 67- Jun 68
Bean Hal Stewart   No Yes May 72- Apr 73
Bean Sherry L.   No Yes Oct 68- May 69
Bean Stewart Paul   Yes No Sep47-Sept48, July 50- Sept 81
Beasley-Zerbach Margaret E.   No Yes Apr 79- Jan 81
Beavers Gary Eugene   No Yes May 77- Sep 79
Bechdel Jennifer Renee   No Yes May-Oct 93
Beck Christopher Alan   No Yes Jan 85- Sept 86
Beck Charles William   No Yes Jan-Feb 91
Beckett, Jr. Archie Roy   No Yes Jun-Oct 74, Dec 75- Jan 76
Bedale Donald M.   Yes No Sept 81- Mar 82
Bedell Neila Gaye Smith No Yes Mar 73-Feb 74, May 74-Nov 76
Bedy Edward P.   Yes No Jun 67- Jan 96
Beekman Susan M.   Yes No Dec 73- May 76
Beene Leta Marline Sartin Yes No Apr 70- Apr 72
Beene Gregory Lynn   No Yes Jun-Oct 69
Beene David Max   No Yes Jan -Jan 80
Beers, III Robert     No No  
Begay Donna J.   Yes No May-May 81 (didn't work)
Behnken James Bruce   No Yes Aug-Dec 79
Beil Ralph Mack   No Yes Mar 65- Mar 66
Belcher Luther Dale   No Yes Feb-Apr79, Nov80-Mar82,Oct90-Feb93, Aug-Dec 93
Belkin Harold M.   Yes No Jan 71- Oct 76 (never worked)
Bell Charles L.   No Yes Dec 80- Dec 81
Bell Monroe F.   Yes No Dec 79- July 85
Bell Michael G.   No Yes Sept 66- Sept 67
Bell John Charles   Yes No Oct-Nov 69
Bell Gail J. Hansen Yes No Jul 62- Jun 65
Bell Jack D.   No Yes Oct 63- Aug 64
Bell Robert     No No  
Bellcourt Francis L.   Yes No Jan 63- Feb 66
Bellow Lloyd J.   Yes No May-Aug 95
Belshe Mark Lawrence   No Yes May 70- Apr 71
Belt Lincoln Dean   No Yes Feb- May 97
Beltran Pedro Lujan   No Yes Jun 71- Sep 72, Feb 76- Sep 82
Beltran Antonia L.   Yes No Apr 77- Jul 87
Bemis Donald Alan   No Yes Feb 70- Jan 72
Benavidez Ramon     Yes No Apr 79- Feb 87
Benavidez Mike Lewis   No Yes Aug 72- Aug 75
Benavidez Raymundo B.   No Yes Feb 63- Jul 67
Benavidez Ben Raymond   No Yes Jan 83- May 84
Benavidez Stella L.   Yes No Jun-Aug 69
Benbow Martha Ann Mulnix Yes No Jan-Jan 66
Bencomo Rumaldo Aguirre   No Yes May 77- Dec 78
Bencomo Terry A.   Yes No Aug 83- May 84
Bender Joleen A. Pomar Yes No Sep-Nov 66
Benedict Joseph Mark   No No  
Benedict Gregory Francis   No Yes Jan 76- Mar 80
Benish Donald A.   No Yes Aug 70- Aug 72
Benish Dale A.   No Yes Jun 70- Aug 72
Bennett Sandy Marcus   No Yes Oct 78- Jan 80
Bennett Judith A.   No Yes Apr 78- Feb 80
Bennett James E.   Yes No Feb 68- Sep 74
Bennett Nita R. Morrow Yes No Sept 66- Jun 67
Bennett Elizabeth M. Black Yes No Sept 69- Aug 71
Bennett Floyd B.   No No  
Bennett Charles Albert   No Yes Jun 72- Apr 77
Bennett Robert Hyams   No Yes Jul 78- Sep 79
Bennett Randall L.   No Yes Sep 64- Jan 65
Bennett, Jr. William S.   No Yes Sep 67- Feb 72
Bennink James Lloyd   No Yes Dec 68- Feb 69
Benny, III Walter Edward   No Yes Aug-Dec 93
Benson William     No No  
Benson Robert Andrew   No Yes May-Sept 65
Benson Neil A.   No Yes Sep 62- May 65
Benson Karen J. Sorrell Yes No Oct71-May72, Aug72-Feb73, Oct 74-Feb 75, Jul-Oct 81
Benson Elizabeth L.   Yes No Nov 83- Apr 90
Bentley Radel Lynn   No Yes May 81- Jan 83
Bergamon Deborah L. Moore Yes No Nov 71- Aug 72
Berggren Jan Charles   No Yes Feb-May 66
Bergman Michael H.   Yes Yes Student:Dec 65- Sept 66, Staff: Jun 67- Sep 67
Bergman Phillip J.   Yes No May 64- Jun 65
Bergman, III Harmon A.   No Yes May 67- Apr 68
Bergquist Nicholas John   No Yes Mar-Apr 98
Bergsagel Elliot Conrad   Yes No Jul 68- Feb 71
Bernal Jose Servando   No Yes Oct 77- Nov 79
Bernal Daniel Ramon   No Yes Oct 79- May 80
Bernal Raymond Luke   No Yes Aug 90- Dec 95
Bernal, Jr. Rodolfo S.   No Yes Aug 74- May 79
Bernard Audrey E. Deatherage No Yes Aug 80- May 82
Berning Warren W.   Yes No Nov 77- Dec 90
Berrett Patrick Lee   No Yes Sep 68- Aug 71
Berry Cheryl A. Snitchler Yes No Jun 79- May 80
Berry Betty D.   No Yes Jun 66- Feb 68
Berryhill Charles R.   Yes No Jun 89- Sep 96
Bertoncelj Carl Robert   No Yes Sep 65- Jan 66
Bertoncelj Nancy Jean Pardee Yes No Nov 67- Jul 68
Beruff Raul B.   Yes No Jul 88- Dec 89
Best Nancy L. Calbaugh Yes Yes Student: Apr 64- Apr 65, Staff: Aug 65- Jul 69
Betancourt Esteban     No Yes Sep-Sep 95
Bethke Roger Dale   Yes No Jan -May 87
Betts Debra L.   No Yes Feb 79- Jul 80
Beyer Mary Alice Aldridge Yes No Sep 68- Aug 70
Bhattacharyya Asoke K.   Yes No Aug 89- Aug 94
Bianco Rhonda L. Fields Yes No Sep 85- Jul 87
Bickle Tommy Stephen   No Yes Feb- Sept 66
Bickle Donald W.   No Yes Apr 67- May 70
Biddle Gary Scott   No Yes May 74- Aug 75
Biel Gary Alan   No Yes Oct 78- May 80
Bigas Angie M. Gonzalez No Yes July -Nov 76
Bigbee John D.   No Yes Sep 61- Nov 66
Biggins Karen L. Jones Yes Yes Student:Jun82-Jan84, Staff:Aug79-Nov80, Mar81-Jun82, Jan84-Oct85
Biggs David Lance   No Yes Jan 80- Oct 81
Bigsby Shari D. Smith No Yes Aug 72- Mar 73
Billing David Nicholas   No No  
Binning, Jr. Cogal David   No No  
Bird Mary Louise Finholm Yes No Sep 65- May 66
Bird Mary F. Alexander No Yes Feb 65- Jul 66
Birdsong Lynnette E.   No Yes Aug 8- Jan 79
Birkenstock Jesse     No Yes Feb 62- Mar 66
Birnbaum Amy C.   Yes No Dec- Dec 77
Bish Robert David   No Yes May 68- Jan 71
Bishop Elizabeth Teresa   No Yes Aug 73- May 74
Bishop Ethel   Grover No Yes Nov 59- Jun 67
Bishop Dennis     No No  
Bishop Karen D. Harbin Yes No Jun 74- Jul 75
Bishop Lucia M. Kirkwood Yes No Feb 56- Mar 70
Bishop Richard Dwight   No Yes Jan 65- Sep 68
Bishop Edith A. Anderson No Yes Jun 66- June 77
Bishop Alfred F.   Yes No Feb 65- Oct 70
Bivins Ramona A. Wiseman No Yes Sep 61- May 66
Bjorge John A.   Yes No Jun 89- Feb 90
Black Merle D.   No Yes Jan 65- Sep 65
Black Theodora P. Ashby No Yes Sep 60- Jan 66
Black John D.   No No  
Black Maria Elaine   No Yes July 83- Oct 83
Black James Paul   No Yes June 69- Nov 71
Black Wayne Richard   No Yes Jan 66- July 66
Black Brian D.   No Yes Aug 00-Jan 01
Black Allen B.   No No  
Black, Jr. Raymond     No No  
Blackwell Mark Douglas   No Yes Feb 91- May 91
Blackwell Dorris K. Standridge Yes No Jul 80- Nov 80
Blackwell Louis     No No  
Blair Jack D.   No Yes Jan 64- Jan 66
Blakely Debora     No Yes Sep 82- Jun 83
Blanken Linda D.   Yes No Oct 84- May 86
Blankenship Bill W.   Yes No Jun 81- Sep 81
Blankenship, Jr. Robert Glen   No Yes Jan 77-Dec 79, Jan 80-May 80
Blann Dale R.   No Yes Sept 63- July 65
Blanton Maynard L.   No Yes Feb 65- Mar 65, Sept 65- Mar 66
Blanton Bert H.   No No  
Blasé William Edward   No Yes Jun-Aug 91
Blazer Joyce E. Fretwell Yes No Jun 71- Dec 75
Blea Anthony     No Yes Jul-Aug 78
Bledsoe Andrea K. Sasaki No Yes Oct 78-Apr 79
Blevins Billy D.   No No  
Blevins Jessie Lee   No Yes Jul 72- Aug 73
Blevins Bruce Allyn   Yes No Oct 79-Aug 83, Oct 85- Mar 89
Bloch William Woram   Yes No Nov 84- Jul 87
Block Marsha Elaine   No Yes Sept 67- Mar 68
Bloom Leonard George   No Yes May 76- Sep 77
Blount Larry L.   Yes No Apr-May 83
Blum Jay I.   No Yes Nov 67- Nov 67
Blum Richard Ray   No Yes July 77-Aug 77
Blum Curtis Minor   No Yes Aug 74- Jan 80
Boal Patricia A.   Yes No Jan 74- March 74
Boboige Donald Richard   No Yes Sept 68-Jan 70, Feb 70- Aug 71
Bocan Rommie E.   Yes No Jun 77-may 87
Bocchechiamp Rubin A.   Yes No Jul 59-Mar 72, Sep 72- Jul 78
Bodenchuk, Jr. John M.   No Yes Apr 80- Aug 81
Bodner, Jr. Howard Lloyd   No Yes Feb 67- Jan 68
Bogart Ray     No No  
Bogart Lauren A. Green No Yes Aug 68- May 69, June 70- Jun 72
Bogart Albert Ray   No Yes Jun 60- July 60, Sep 66- Dec 68
Boggs David Lee   No Yes Jun 72- Oct 75
Bogle Jimmy Rex   No Yes Oct 69- Feb 70
Bohlim Wayne A.   Yes No Sept 92- Apr 93
Bohne Karen J. Warnken Yes No Apr 78- May 78
Boice Daniel C.   No Yes May 81- Aug 82, Dec 82-Dec 82, Jun 83- Sep 84
Boldra Gary L.   No Yes Jun66- May 70
Boldt Beverly A. Wheeler Yes No Jul-Oct 74
Boles Jerry L.   No Yes Apr 71- May 72
Boley Katherine A. Fisher No Yes Jun- Aug 69
Bolf Boris Barry   No Yes May 87- Sept 88
Boling Clifford P.   No Yes Feb 88- Jan 89
Bollig Scott Andrew   No Yes Dec 90- Mar 93
Bollinger Linda M.   Yes No Jan 80- Apr 80
Bolton Ruth H.   No Yes Aug 69- Aug 71
Bombach David P.   Yes No Oct 81- June 82
Bond Sedra R. Ratliff No Yes May- Sep 71
Bond Debra L. Barry Yes No Aug 85- Dec 85
Bonesteel Dan Harvey   No Yes May 66- Jun 70
Boney Gary Dean   No Yes Nov 76- May 77, May 87- Jun 88
Boobar Ross W.   Yes No Nov 79- Jun 85
Boone Lenora D. Leatherman Yes No Sept-Dec 66
Boor James Steven   No Yes May 81- Aug 81
Borden Barbara S. StallCup Yes No Sep 66- Aug 67
Borgeson Robert Edward   No Yes May 76- Jan 77
Boris Eugene John   No Yes May- June 70
Borunda Mike M.   Yes No July 79- Jun 80
Borunda Ida Q.   Yes No Jun 78- Oct 84
Borunda Geraldine V.   Yes No Sep 82- Oct 82
Bosch Danny Edwards   No Yes Feb 92- Dec 93
Bosley Michael E.   Yes No Aug 80- Dec 82, Apr 85- Nov 87, Oct 91- Sept 95
Boss Phillip K.   No Yes Sep 80- Dec 83, Aug 84- Sept 85
Bossert Douglas G.   Yes No Jul 63- Apr 76
Bosworth David Scott   Yes No Oct 83- Aug 85
Bottey Michael A.   No Yes July 63- Feb 66
Boucher Bryce Emory   No Yes Feb 70-Sep 72
Bouknight Latanja L. Snowden No Yes Apr-June 95
Boulay Paul F.   Yes No Jun 63- Mar 67
Bouler Valerie Lee Andres No Yes Nov 79- Jan 81
Bouma Nina K. Wood No Yes Dec 66- Jan 68
Bouma William Eugene   No Yes May-Sept 65
Bourgeois Esperanza Malone   Yes No Apr 84- July 89
Bourquin Ernest M.   Yes No Aug 72- May 88
Boussalis Dhemetrios     Yes No Apr 80- Aug 80
Boutin Neil L.   Yes No Jun 77- July 81
Bouvet Steven Bernard   No Yes Jun-Sept 68, Dec 68- Feb 69, Nov 69- Apr 71
Bove, III Bernard Anthony   No Yes July-Dec 76
Bowcut Donald Charles   No Yes Jun 73- Dec 75
Bowden Kathie Marcellene   No Yes Jun-Aug 69
Bowden Melvin M.   Yes No Jan 80- Jun 90
Bowdich David Lance   No Yes Sep 89- Jul 91
Bowerman Raymond     No No  
Bowers Gladys   Calderon Yes No Jun 72- Feb 74
Bowers, Jr. Alphonso Francis   Yes No Jun 53- Aug 67
Bowker Stephanie A. Grover Yes No Jan 80- July 87
Bowles Matthew Robert   No Yes Sep 77- Dec 77
Bowman Donald Edward   Yes No May 67- Nov 68
Boyce John T.   No Yes Feb 69- Dec 70
Boyce Colin L.   No No  
Boyd Quentin Darrell   No Yes Jan- Jun 88
Boyer Marshall James   Yes Yes Student: Dec 60-Jan 62, Staff: Jan 63-Jan 85
Boykin William C.   Yes No May 89- Jan 92
Boykin Robert J.   Yes No Aug 96- Mar 98
Boyland John     No No  
Boyles Homer Thomas   No Yes Nov 65- Sept 66
Boyt Sheila J. Schroeder No Yes Sept 66- Jan 68
Brack William S.   No Yes Jun 67- Sept 70
Brackett Jacqueline J.   Yes No Jun 78- Sept 79
Brackett Robert E.   No Yes July 88- Jan 89
Bradburn Samantha G.   No Yes Oct 92- Apr 93
Braddi David Wayne   Yes No May 90- May 95
Braddi, Jr. Louis Joseph   No Yes May 76- Feb 83
Bradford Robert     No Yes Aug 63-Oct 64
Bradford Larry E.   Yes No Oct 87- Oct 90
Bradley Jason Richard   No Yes Sept 95- Nov 95
Bradley Dee S.   Yes No Sept 86- July 87
Bradshaw Robert Daniel   Yes No Sept 68- Aug 70
Bradshaw Tenna K. Chew Yes Yes Staff: May 66- Sep 67, Student: Oct 67- Feb 68
Bradsher Rayla V. Buchanan Yes No Sept 86- May 89
Bradt David Jay   No Yes Jan 76- Dec 80
Bragdon Kenneth D.   Yes No Oct 89- Apr 90
Bragg William David   No Yes Sep 89- Oct 90
Braithwaite Gene D.   No Yes Feb- May 65
Bramlett Roger Mel   Yes No Jun78- Apr 97, May 97- Mar 98
Branch Barbara F.   Yes No Jan-July 80
Brandon Terrie E. Griffin Yes No Sept 70- Oct 70
Brandon Mardie F.   Yes No Jan 80- Oct 80
Brandt Ann N. Lathrop Yes No Apr-Aug 70
Brandt James D.   Yes No Oct 85- Nov 95
Brannan Larry     No No  
Branum, Jr. Lloyd C.   No Yes Jun- Aug 61, Aug 63-Oct 66, Oct 66- Nov 68
Brasier David Forrest   No Yes Feb-July 82
Brathwaite Mgavi E.   Yes No May-Aug 99
Bratton Gerald Michael   No Yes July- Aug 65
Bratton Donald Everett   No Yes Feb 66- Oct 69
Brawley Edith F. Martin Yes No Feb 61-- Sep 71
Brawley James C.   No Yes Feb 60- May 62, Jun 62- Feb 63, Apr 63- July 63, Jun 65-Jan 67
Brayton Peter Taylor   No Yes Dec 77- July 80
Breazell Beverly J.   Yes No Nov 74- May 78
Brenner Nancy Jane   No Yes Nov 77- Jul 79, Jan - Mar 80
Bresett Patrick Robert   No Yes Jul-Dec 81
Brewer Ronald Duskin   No Yes Feb 70- Jan 74
Brewer Madeline D. Mikisha Yes No Jul 63- Huly 64
Brewer Keith Michael   No Yes Sep 67- Nov 67
Brewer Derron D.   Yes No Sept-Nov 70
Brewster Linda L. Camp No Yes Feb 79- May 79
Brewster Eugene Benjamin   No Yes Nov 75- Jun 76
Brice Corey Boyd   No Yes Jun 89- Aug 90
Bridgeman Glenn O.   Yes No Oct 76- Apr 79
Bridges William Walter   Yes No Feb 67- Sept 69
Briggs Douglas Lloyd   No Yes Jan 79- May 80
Briggs Timothy Buford   No Yes Feb-Sept 88
Briles Philip J.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 86-Jan 88, Staff: Jan 88- Dec 88, Jan 89- Jul 92
Brill James H.   Yes No Aug 77- May 78
Briner Maria Diane Stano Yes No Nov-Dec 68 (Didn't work)
Brinkley Timothy John   No Yes May-Aug 85
Brinkley Dana A. Tulgetske Yes No Oct 84- July 86
Briones David Joe   No Yes Jul 78- Jan 79
Briseno David Raul   No Yes Jun -Oct 74
Brito Dolores M.   No Yes Feb-May 77
Brito David George   No No  
Brito Norinda   Rodriguez Yes No Apr 83- Jul 87
Brittain Bobby Joe   No Yes Sep-Oct 69
Brittain Eleanor Ann Gary No Yes May 78- Dec 78
Brittle Edward E.   Yes No Feb 52- Aug 76
Brizzee Darla Jean   Yes No Dec 83- Feb 91
Brockett Steven Wayne   No Yes July 74- Jan 76
Brockman Gregory M.   Yes No Feb 79-Aug 79
Brockman William     No No  
Brode John David   No Yes May 87- Dec 87
Broderson Cyd   Elmore Yes No Jun 67- May69
Broderson Nicholas H.   No Yes Apr 67- May 69
Broemmer Howard Richard   No Yes Jun 64- Aug 65
Brooks Ronald L.   Yes No Feb 84- Jan 85
Brooks Les Richard   No Yes 79 May- Jan 81
Brooks Russell Lee   Yes No Oct 84- Nov 86
Brooks Jake Conrad   No Yes Feb 65- Jan 66, Jun 66- Feb 68
Brooks Steven B.   Yes No June - Aug 84
Brown John Lawson   No Yes Feb 63- Jan 67
Brown Robert Neal   No Yes Sep 68- Sep 71
Brown Joanne   Otero No Yes Sep 86- May 88
Brown Ronald R.   No No  
Brown Delmas     No No  
Brown Colleen Marie   No Yes Jan-Apr 78
Brown Douglas R.   Yes No Sep 77- Sep 78
Brown Cloyce Dale   No Yes Sept 75- May 77
Brown Francis John   Yes No June-July 83
Brown Glen David   No Yes Sep 85- Aug 86
Brown Keith E.   Yes No Oct 79- May 81
Brown Joseph L.   No Yes May 80-Mar 82
Brown Joel Don   Yes No Feb 81- Jan 88
Brown Jerry D.   No Yes Nov 65- Aug 66
Brown Howard M.   No Yes Jun 66- Jan 68
Brown Guy W.   Yes No Aug 71- Mar 72
Brown Raymy Robert   No Yes Dec 79- Jun 80
Brown Brett Lee   No Yes July 92- July 93
Brown Candace Elise   Yes No Sept 74- Sept 76
Brown Robert C.   Yes No Apr 85- Nov 85
Brown Michael Wayne   No Yes Sep 93- Jan 94
Brown Michael Howard   No Yes Sep 88- Aug 91
Brown Mary S. Upchurch Yes No Sep-Nov 78
Brown Lynnville H.   Yes No Feb 60- Sept 69
Brown, III John Loyd   Yes No Nov 69- July 73
Browne Douglas C.   No No  
Browne Lorraine A. Wroblewski Yes No Nov 76- Mar 77
Browning Cody Bill   No Yes Aug-Oct 84
Brownlee Gary LeRoy   No Yes May 69- Jun 71
Brownson Rollin Carey   No Yes Sep 63- Feb 69
Bruce Leroy Bruce   No Yes Sep 69- Sep 71
Bruce Robert W.   No Yes Jan 65- Nov 66, May 67- Jan 69
Bruce Robert Dean   No Yes Jun 70- May 71
Brumbaugh Robert Leo   Yes No Sep 65- Sep 66
Brummett Wathena G. Ming Yes No Jul 67- Nov 67
Brundage Alicia Joan   No Yes Aug 79-Jul 80
Brune Howard A.   Yes No May 91- Nov 96
Bruner Richard K.   No Yes Sep 60- Feb 65
Bruner Nance L. Fowler Yes No Aug 82- Jul 85
Bruner William E.   No Yes Feb 67- Jan 68
Brunton Amy Annette   No Yes May 86- May 87
Brunton William Link   No Yes Sep 63- Jun 66, Dec 66- May 68
Brush Ronald W.   No Yes Sep 63- Sep 66
Brusso Ernest H.   Yes No Feb 65- Feb 83
Brusuelas Henry R.   Yes No Aug 78- Oct 78
Bryant Kenneth Martin   No Yes Apr 87- Jun 89
Bryant David M.   No Yes Oct 65- Jan 70
Buchanan Christina D. Asher No Yes Jan 88-July89
Buchenau Gabriela Elsa   No Yes Oct 64- Sept 65
Buchenau, Jr. Bernie Edward   No Yes Sept 60- Mar 65
Buck Richard C.   Yes No Apr 87- June 88
Buckner Adelyn Joyce Keathley Yes No Jan 80- Aug 87
Buckner Gerle L.   Yes Yes Student: July 62- Sept 64, Staff: Sept 64- July 87
Buckner Carol Jean   Yes No June 82- June 86
Buerkle Mark Christopher   No Yes May 83- Apr 86
Buerkle, Jr. Calvin H.   Yes No Jan 61-Dec 93
Buhl Eleanor R.   Yes No Jan 74- Aug 77
Bui Jean Claude   No Yes Oct 78- Aug 82
Bullard Brian R.   No Yes May 83- Sep 86
Buller Bruce Thumma   Yes Yes Student:Mar-Oct59,Mar-Oct60,Jan62-Jan64,Staff:Dec60-Aug61,May66-Aug69
Bullington Raymond Earl   No Yes July 91- Feb 94
Bullock Van Austin   No Yes Jun 67- Mar 70, Nov 70- Jun 72
Bullock Joe Sprags   No Yes Jun 67- Sept 70
Bullock Robert Horner   No Yes may-May69
Bumgarner Thomas Charles   No Yes Apr 64- Dec 65
Bumgarner Raymond Arthur   Yes No Sep 48-Jun 79, Feb 84- Oct 84
Bunten Byron Lee   No Yes Jun 65- Aug 70
Bunton Keith E.   No Yes Aug77- Aug 78
Bunyea Walter Clifford   Yes Yes Student: Sep 65- Apr 67, Staff: Oct 49- Sep 53, Mar 56- Sep 65, Apr 67- Aug 71
Buonauro Felicia C.   No Yes May 84- Aug 84
Burch Rodger G.   No Yes Sep 67- May 72
Burch Gary D.   No Yes Sep 65- Jan 69
Burcham, Jr. Richard Louis   No Yes May-July 87
Burckhardt Edward C.   No Yes Aug 60- Sep 65
Burden Gary A.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 61- July 69, Staff: July 69- Aug 87
Burdick Elizabeth A. Faith Yes No Oct 66- Jan 67
Buresh Robert Louie   No Yes Dec 82- May 84
Burge Kenneth Rex   No Yes Nov 88- May 93
Burgess Russell B.   Yes No Aug 79- Jun 80
Burke Frank T.   No Yes Feb-Sept 69
Burke Sylvia J. Whitney Yes No Mar 79- Dec 90
Burket Hans Werner   No Yes Jan 79- May 80
Burkett Mary Lee   Seal No Yes Aug 65- Jul 67
Burkhalter Marilyn K.   Yes No Aug 76- Dec 77
Burks Joseph D.   Yes No Oct 90- Dec 97
Burleson Leroy     No No  
Burnett Linda D.   Yes No Dec 71- July 73
Burnett Karen Anne O'Leary No Yes Sept 80- July 81, Aug 81- Nov 81
Burnett Michael Thomas   No Yes Feb 69- Jun 69
Burnham Kathy     No Yes Oct 68- Aug 69
Burns Virginia R. Johnson Yes No May 70- July 74
Burns Dennis R.J.   No Yes Sep 61- Oct 67
Burns David Eugene   No Yes Sept 69- Aug 70
Burns John M.   No Yes Mar 63- Jan 65
Burns Brenda S.   Yes No July 71- Mar 73
Burns, Jr. Michael D.   No Yes Sept 69- June 70
Burr Judith Ann Parrish Yes No Aug 68- Jul 70
Burr Marjorie McKinstrey   Yes No Apr 84- Jun 84
Burraychak Ronald Earl   No Yes Jan 69- Jun 69
Burrell Barbara L. Rolland Yes No Apr 83- Sep 83
Burris Charles E.   Yes No Oct 8- Sept 92
Burris Frank Edward   No Yes Mar 76- Feb 93
Burris Mary Cathryn Buchanan Yes No Aug 67- Jan 68
Burris-Awalt Jeamie M.   Yes No Oct 76- Jul 77
Burrows Robert G.   No No  
Bursey Bessie M. Watters Yes No Feb 63- Apr 67
Burstein David     No Yes Feb 66- Sep 70
Burtner William K.   No Yes Feb 66- Oct 67
Burton Peter Forsyth   No Yes Apr 87- Apr 88
Burton Robert Clay   No Yes Jan 89- Aug 89
Busby Perry Elton   No Yes Aug 65- Mar 66
Bush Michael Roberts   No Yes Sep 73- June 74
Bush Stanley Allen   No Yes Apr 80- Dec 81
Bush Thomas F.   Yes No Aug 77- July 78
Bush George Warren   No Yes Feb 66- Sept 70
Bush Michael Davis   No Yes Sep 77- May 79
Bushnell Geraldine J. Carson Yes No Jan 68- Oct 79
Buss Danita M. Gillen Yes No Aug 74- May 75
Bustamante Louis Andrews   No Yes Sep 71- Apr77
Bustamante Gina M. Franco Yes No Sept 82- July 87
Bustamante Santiago Jose   No No  
Bustamante Debra Joan   No No  
Bustamante Louis     No No  
Bustamonte Denise A.   No Yes Oct 73- Jan 76
Bustillos Roberto Candelaria   No Yes May 71- May 74
Bustsos Eleanor     Yes No Jan 80- July 87
Butcher Robert E.   No No  
Butko William     Yes No Feb 77- Aug 92
Butler John C.   No Yes Oct 67- Jun 69
Butler David Harley   No Yes Dec 76- Oct 78, Mar 82- Mar 84
Butler Yvonne Marie   Yes Yes Student: May 93- Jan 95, Staff: May 78- May 93
Butler Joseph R.   No Yes Feb 64- Sep 65
Butler, Jr. Howard P.   No Yes Feb 69- Sep 71
Butterfield Stuart     No No  
Butts Jimmy Lynn   No Yes Sept 77- Jun 79
Bybee Katherine J. Kern No Yes Jun 78- Jan 80
Bybee Steven Allen   No Yes Jun 78- Jan80
Byers Alma M. Sneed Yes No Apr 65- Mar 66
Byers John H.   Yes Yes Student: Jun 56- Jun 60, Jan 62- Sep 62, Staff: Jul 62- Sep 89
Byford Katrin Ursula Schatz No Yes May 84- July 84
Bynum, Jr. Gaither D.   No Yes Feb 62- Aug 66
Byrd James Kenneth   No Yes Mar 65- May 67
Byrd John P.   Yes No Jan 63- Jan 82
Byrd Wallace Ward   No Yes Aug 60- Oct 62, June 64- Sep 64, Jun 65- Dec 66
Byre Lori M. Whitlow No Yes Jun 86-Nov 87
Byres Angela L. Montoya No Yes Jan 88- May 89
Byus Kent     No Yes Jun 95- Aug 97