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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - B

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Babb Virginia Ann Bickle Yes No Jun 68- May 71
Baca Larry Joseph   Yes No Feb- Sept. 63
Baca Linda Majella   No Yes Nov 83- Nov 84
Baca Jacob Lee   No Yes Jun 92- Jan 94
Baca Glenn     No Yes July -Aug 65
Baca Albert Ortega   Yes No Mar 81- July 87
Baca Cecilia V. Estrada Yes No Oct 80- May 81
Baca Cedric Michael   Yes Yes Student: Dec 83- May 84, Staff: Mar 87- Dec 95
Baca Raymond J.   No Yes Feb- May 82
Baca David Ortega   Yes Yes Student: Oct 79-Feb82, Staff: Feb 82- July 87
Baca Robert Gerald   No Yes Sept 78- Sept 79
Baca Ernestine     Yes No May 83- Aug 86
Baca Gail A.   No Yes Dec 75- May 77
Baca Tomas Humberto   No Yes Aug 97- Jan 99
Baca, Jr. Gilbert D.   Yes No Dec 76- July 79
Bacastow Jack Leroy   No Yes Aug 71- Oct 72
Bach Lawrence H.   No Yes June 64- Nov 65
Bach Carol Ann Harrison Yes No Jun 67- Oct 67
Bachman David L.   No Yes Dec 77- May 78
Bachman Charles H.   Yes No Aug 63- Aug 65
Bacon Janet R.   No Yes Sep 81- Aug 82
Baerst Margaret A.   No Yes Sep 65- May 66
Bagby Susan Anne Thompson No Yes Sep 82- Sept 83
Baggett Wayne Edward   No Yes May-Aug 80, May- Aug 82
Bagwell Douglas Jearl   No Yes Oct 78- Sept 79
Bailey George     No No  
Bailey Bobby Paul   No Yes Sep 61- Sept 67
Bailey DeVon W.   Yes No Apr 54-Sept 55, Oct 56-Sep 81
Bailey Gayle A. Gallager Yes No Aug 72- Oct 73
Bailey Harold E.   No Yes Feb-Dec 68
Bailey Irene   Balizan Yes No Sep-Oct 68
Bailey Joseph Weno   No Yes July 66- Jan 70
Bailey Joe Douglas   Yes No Nov- Nov 69 (worked one day)
Bailey Sherry Marie Suggs Yes No Jun- Aug 69, Apr 76- Sep 77
Bailey William Albert   No Yes Jan 73- May 74
Baird DeAnna L.   No Yes July 77- Sep 78
Baird, III Benjamin T.   No Yes Feb 62- Jan 67
Bajaras Enrique F.   No Yes Jun 92- Jan 94
Baker Mack     No No  
Baker Brian D.   No Yes Apr 84- May 85, Sept 86- Jan 87
Baker David Earl   No Yes Jun 66- Jan 70
Baker Edward Lee   No Yes Jun 65- Dec 68
Baker Fannie M. Reed Yes No Aug 77- Nov 78
Baker Frances A.   No Yes Jun 76- Feb 77
Baker David C.   No Yes Sept 67- Apr 72
Baker George     Yes Yes Student: Nov 52- Sept 55, Staff: Aug 56- Feb 86
Baker Judith   Paxton No Yes Feb-Aug 65
Baker Shirley J.   Yes No Aug - Nov 82
Baker, III Cyrus Elmer   No Yes July 76- Mar 82
Balch Russell Eugene   No Yes Dec 85- Feb 86
Balderrama Rosa I.   Yes No Aug 84- Mar 87
Baldock Leslie W.   No Yes Jun 66- Jan 67
Baldonado Pete Flores   No Yes Jan -May 76
Baldwin Virginia L. Eichelberg Yes No Sep 74- Mar 75
Bales Charles D.   No Yes Oct 82- Jan 83
Bales Gary Orville   Yes No Oct 80- Jan 81
Balizan Francisco     Yes No Dec 66- Mar 86
Ball Larry Dale   No Yes Jun 66- Jun 70
Ball Fred     No No  
Ballard Jason Dale   No Yes Feb 00-Dec 00
Ballard Gary L.   Yes No May 71- Jun 73
Ballew John Z.   No Yes Sep 68- Jan 70
Balok Jo M. McDaniel Yes No Jun 71- Jun 73
Baltensperger Paul Arden   No Yes Jan -June 80
Baltensperger Carl Manz   No Yes Apr 86- Dec 86
Bamford Rodney H.   Yes No Dec 85-Jul 93
Bane Mary E. Sanchez No Yes Apr 64- Jan 70
Banegas Alvin L.   Yes No Sep 72- May 74
Banegas John David   No Yes Aug 78- Dec 81
Banegas Samuel D.   Yes No May 77- Jan 83
Banks Ray Allen   No Yes Jun 85- Jan 87, Feb 87- May 87
Banks David D.   No Yes Sep 63- May 68
Banner Walter W.   Yes No Apr 61- Dec 65
Banville Judith K. Meyer No Yes Mar- Aug 78
Barany Ernest J.   Yes No Jun-Aug 98, May 99-Jan 00
Barba Samuel Lyle   No Yes May- Aug 79
Barber John F.   Yes No Jun 93-Feb 00
Barclay Craig Robert   Yes No May 95- Oct 95
Bardi Gilberto G.   Yes No Apr 63- Nov 65
Bardwell Karen E. Melick No Yes Sep 77- May 78
Bardwell Yolanda A. Rocha Yes No Aug 79- July 87
Bardwell, IV Arthur Glenn   No Yes Jan 74- May 75
Barela David Roy   Yes No Apr 71- Sep 78
Barela Godfrey A.   Yes No Jun 76- Jan 95
Barela Jonathan L.   Yes No July-Aug 79
Barela Ofelia G.   Yes No Apr 92- Oct 93
Barela Roberta A. Mendoza Yes No Jan 74- Dec 78, Nov 83- Mar 87
Barela Edna Mae Alvidrez Yes No Oct 74-Jul 00
Barela Rudolfo M.   No Yes Sept 64- Feb 65
Barela Linda M.   Yes No Jan 85- Jul 87
Barett Carla Jo Coffee Yes No Feb 74- Jan 80
Barich Thomas David   Yes No Dec 83- July 87
Barker Tamara M. Brantley No Yes Dec 81- June 86
Barker Charles Evan   Yes No Dec 67- Jan 68
Barker Sandra Alice Harvey Yes No Mar 67- Aug 67
Barlow Kari L. Powell Yes No Jul 82- Sep 84
Barlow Karolyn Kay Shaw No Yes Jun 68- Aug 76
Barlow Herbert Larry   No Yes Sept 66- Mar69, May 69- Aug 95
BarMcQ Richard C.   Yes No Mar-June 87
Barna Thomas David   No Yes Apr-May 78
Barnard Jane A. Armell Yes Yes Student: Jun 65-Feb 68, Staff: Feb 68- May 68
Barnard Robert L.   No Yes Sept 63- May 66
Barnes Ellsworth Paul   No Yes Mar 64- Jun 66
Barnes Charles Melvin   No Yes Dec 72- Apr 76
Barnes Carmen A. Clark Yes No Oct 71- May 73
Barnes Ted L.   No Yes Sept 65- May 67
Barnes Jolita A. Chandler No Yes June 71- Oct 73
Barnes Michael Lee   No Yes Sept-Sept 70
Barnes John Richard   No Yes Aug 72- Feb 74
Barnett David O.   Yes No  
Barnett Kenneth M.   Yes No Sept 76- Feb 80
Barnett Mary Lewise Butler No Yes Feb- Oct 65, Feb -Apr 67
Barney William Alfred   No Yes Feb 61- May 65
Barreras Michael Joe   Yes No Oct 86- July 87
Barreras Robert Thomas   No Yes Jan 79- Jan 80
Barrett Robert M.   No No  
Barrett Richard Rodney   No Yes Feb 65- July 67
Barrett Alfred     No No  
Barrett James Wilkin   No Yes Apr 73- Jan 80
Barrett Jean E. Doherty Yes Yes Stud:Oct60-May62,Mar-Aug84,Oct66-Jul68,Staff: Jul68-Mar82, Feb84-Nov87
Barrett Patricia Colleen   No Yes Apr 68- Jan 69
Barrick Larry Max   No Yes Feb 65- May 69
Barrio Alex Geronimo   No Yes Dec 77- May 78
Barron Lyle     No No  
Barron Robert Emerson   No Yes Jan -May 76, Jan -May 79
Barron Richard D.   Yes No Aug 51- Jan 76
Barros Phillip Augustine   No Yes Feb 61-Oct 66
Barrow William     No No  
Barry Ambrose G.   Yes No Dec 79- Aug 81
Bartee Norma Lee   Yes No Mar-may 77
Bartheld William Eugene   No Yes May 57- Jun 66
Bartholomew Luanna R. Schoonover Yes Yes Stud:Sep59-Nov61,Mar62-Jul64;Staff:Jul64-Jan65,Aug65-Aug67
Bartolucci John Anthony   No Yes July-Aug 86
Barton Iley Joe   No Yes Aug 69- Apr 70
Bartz Gerard D.   No Yes Aug 82- Apr 83
Bash Janet Claire Cooper Yes No May 79- Aug 80
Bash, Jr. Dallas Wayne   No Yes Jun 67- May 68
Basler James J.   Yes Yes Student:May- Aug 60, Staff: Aug 60-June 97, Aug 97- Jun 98
Bason Weldon Henry   No Yes Aug-Aug67,Nov67-May68,Nov68-May69,Mar70-Apr71,Jun 72-Oct73,Mar77-Jun79
Bason Wilma C. Cline Yes No Jun-Oct 61, Jun 64-Aug 68, July 70-Jun78, Nov-Nov78
Bass Margie Louise Jones Yes No Mar 70- Sept 71
Bassford Darlene M.   Yes No Mar 79- Feb 83
Bassford Gary Alan   No Yes Jun-Aug 69
Bastidos Frances   Rivera Yes Yes Student: Aug78-Feb80, Staff: Feb 80- Mar 84
Bates Sheryl K. Kyler Yes No Mar 71- July 87
Bates, Jr. Lloyd Owen   No Yes Sept 68- May 69, Oct 69- Jan 70
Batie Cynthia Ann McGuirk Yes No Jan 73- Aug 73
Batie Rod Eugene   No Yes Feb 72- Aug 73
Bauer Nancy H.   Yes No Oct 87- Jun 88
Bauersfeld Jill E. Medrick Yes No May-Aug 70
Bawcom Bruce Mac Neil   No Yes May 86- Feb 88
Baxter Eugene W.   No No  
Baxter Rubin A.   Yes No Apr 65- Jan 68
Bayhan Daniel Lee   No Yes Mar 77- May 78
Bayless Robert Simpson   No Yes May 74- May 76
Bayliss Charla K. Wright Yes No Sep 88- May 89
Bays Gail K.   Yes No Oct 82- July 83
Beach William Dale   Yes Yes Student:Jun 56-Aug 57, Staff: Aug 57- Jan 88
Beadle Adam H.   No Yes Feb-Apr 81
Beakley Bobby     No No  
Beakley, III John C.   Yes Yes Student: Feb-May67, Feb69-Apr70 Staff: Feb 76-Jul77
Beal James Arlie   No No  
Beall Thomas Malcolm   No Yes Sept 68- Feb 72
Beaman Evelyn Jean Hunt No Yes Aug 67- Jun 68
Bean Hal Stewart   No Yes May 72- Apr 73
Bean Sherry L.   No Yes Oct 68- May 69
Bean Stewart Paul   Yes No Sep47-Sept48, July 50- Sept 81
Beasley-Zerbach Margaret E.   No Yes Apr 79- Jan 81
Beavers Gary Eugene   No Yes May 77- Sep 79
Bechdel Jennifer Renee   No Yes May-Oct 93
Beck Christopher Alan   No Yes Jan 85- Sept 86
Beck Charles William   No Yes Jan-Feb 91
Beckett, Jr. Archie Roy   No Yes Jun-Oct 74, Dec 75- Jan 76
Bedale Donald M.   Yes No Sept 81- Mar 82
Bedell Neila Gaye Smith No Yes Mar 73-Feb 74, May 74-Nov 76
Bedy Edward P.   Yes No Jun 67- Jan 96
Beekman Susan M.   Yes No Dec 73- May 76
Beene Leta Marline Sartin Yes No Apr 70- Apr 72
Beene Gregory Lynn   No Yes Jun-Oct 69
Beene David Max   No Yes Jan -Jan 80
Beers, III Robert     No No  
Begay Donna J.   Yes No May-May 81 (didn't work)
Behnken James Bruce   No Yes Aug-Dec 79
Beil Ralph Mack   No Yes Mar 65- Mar 66
Belcher Luther Dale   No Yes Feb-Apr79, Nov80-Mar82,Oct90-Feb93, Aug-Dec 93
Belkin Harold M.   Yes No Jan 71- Oct 76 (never worked)
Bell Charles L.   No Yes Dec 80- Dec 81
Bell Monroe F.   Yes No Dec 79- July 85
Bell Michael G.   No Yes Sept 66- Sept 67
Bell John Charles   Yes No Oct-Nov 69
Bell Gail J. Hansen Yes No Jul 62- Jun 65
Bell Jack D.   No Yes Oct 63- Aug 64
Bell Robert     No No  
Bellcourt Francis L.   Yes No Jan 63- Feb 66
Bellow Lloyd J.   Yes No May-Aug 95
Belshe Mark Lawrence   No Yes May 70- Apr 71
Belt Lincoln Dean   No Yes Feb- May 97
Beltran Pedro Lujan   No Yes Jun 71- Sep 72, Feb 76- Sep 82
Beltran Antonia L.   Yes No Apr 77- Jul 87
Bemis Donald Alan   No Yes Feb 70- Jan 72
Benavidez Ramon     Yes No Apr 79- Feb 87
Benavidez Mike Lewis   No Yes Aug 72- Aug 75
Benavidez Raymundo B.   No Yes Feb 63- Jul 67
Benavidez Ben Raymond   No Yes Jan 83- May 84
Benavidez Stella L.   Yes No Jun-Aug 69
Benbow Martha Ann Mulnix Yes No Jan-Jan 66
Bencomo Rumaldo Aguirre   No Yes May 77- Dec 78
Bencomo Terry A.   Yes No Aug 83- May 84
Bender Joleen A. Pomar Yes No Sep-Nov 66
Benedict Joseph Mark   No No  
Benedict Gregory Francis   No Yes Jan 76- Mar 80
Benish Donald A.   No Yes Aug 70- Aug 72
Benish Dale A.   No Yes Jun 70- Aug 72
Bennett Sandy Marcus   No Yes Oct 78- Jan 80
Bennett Judith A.   No Yes Apr 78- Feb 80
Bennett James E.   Yes No Feb 68- Sep 74
Bennett Nita R. Morrow Yes No Sept 66- Jun 67
Bennett Elizabeth M. Black Yes No Sept 69- Aug 71
Bennett Floyd B.   No No  
Bennett Charles Albert   No Yes Jun 72- Apr 77
Bennett Robert Hyams   No Yes Jul 78- Sep 79
Bennett Randall L.   No Yes Sep 64- Jan 65
Bennett, Jr. William S.   No Yes Sep 67- Feb 72
Bennink James Lloyd   No Yes Dec 68- Feb 69
Benny, III Walter Edward   No Yes Aug-Dec 93
Benson William     No No  
Benson Robert Andrew   No Yes May-Sept 65
Benson Neil A.   No Yes Sep 62- May 65
Benson Karen J. Sorrell Yes No Oct71-May72, Aug72-Feb73, Oct 74-Feb 75, Jul-Oct 81
Benson Elizabeth L.   Yes No Nov 83- Apr 90
Bentley Radel Lynn   No Yes May 81- Jan 83
Bergamon Deborah L. Moore Yes No Nov 71- Aug 72
Berggren Jan Charles   No Yes Feb-May 66
Bergman Michael H.   Yes Yes Student:Dec 65- Sept 66, Staff: Jun 67- Sep 67
Bergman Phillip J.   Yes No May 64- Jun 65
Bergman, III Harmon A.   No Yes May 67- Apr 68
Bergquist Nicholas John   No Yes Mar-Apr 98
Bergsagel Elliot Conrad   Yes No Jul 68- Feb 71
Bernal Jose Servando   No Yes Oct 77- Nov 79
Bernal Daniel Ramon   No Yes Oct 79- May 80
Bernal Raymond Luke   No Yes Aug 90- Dec 95
Bernal, Jr. Rodolfo S.   No Yes Aug 74- May 79
Bernard Audrey E. Deatherage No Yes Aug 80- May 82
Berning Warren W.   Yes No Nov 77- Dec 90
Berrett Patrick Lee   No Yes Sep 68- Aug 71
Berry Cheryl A. Snitchler Yes No Jun 79- May 80
Berry Betty D.   No Yes Jun 66- Feb 68
Berryhill Charles R.   Yes No Jun 89- Sep 96
Bertoncelj Carl Robert   No Yes Sep 65- Jan 66
Bertoncelj Nancy Jean Pardee Yes No Nov 67- Jul 68
Beruff Raul B.   Yes No Jul 88- Dec 89
Best Nancy L. Calbaugh Yes Yes Student: Apr 64- Apr 65, Staff: Aug 65- Jul 69
Betancourt Esteban     No Yes Sep-Sep 95
Bethke Roger Dale   Yes No Jan -May 87
Betts Debra L.   No Yes Feb 79- Jul 80
Beyer Mary Alice Aldridge Yes No Sep 68- Aug 70
Bhattacharyya Asoke K.   Yes No Aug 89- Aug 94
Bianco Rhonda L. Fields Yes No Sep 85- Jul 87
Bickle Tommy Stephen   No Yes Feb- Sept 66
Bickle Donald W.   No Yes Apr 67- May 70
Biddle Gary Scott   No Yes May 74- Aug 75
Biel Gary Alan   No Yes Oct 78- May 80
Bigas Angie M. Gonzalez No Yes July -Nov 76
Bigbee John D.   No Yes Sep 61- Nov 66
Biggins Karen L. Jones Yes Yes Student:Jun82-Jan84, Staff:Aug79-Nov80, Mar81-Jun82, Jan84-Oct85
Biggs David Lance   No Yes Jan 80- Oct 81
Bigsby Shari D. Smith No Yes Aug 72- Mar 73
Billing David Nicholas   No No  
Binning, Jr. Cogal David   No No  
Bird Mary Louise Finholm Yes No Sep 65- May 66
Bird Mary F. Alexander No Yes Feb 65- Jul 66
Birdsong Lynnette E.   No Yes Aug 8- Jan 79
Birkenstock Jesse     No Yes Feb 62- Mar 66
Birnbaum Amy C.   Yes No Dec- Dec 77
Bish Robert David   No Yes May 68- Jan 71
Bishop Elizabeth Teresa   No Yes Aug 73- May 74
Bishop Ethel   Grover No Yes Nov 59- Jun 67
Bishop Dennis     No No  
Bishop Karen D. Harbin Yes No Jun 74- Jul 75
Bishop Lucia M. Kirkwood Yes No Feb 56- Mar 70
Bishop Richard Dwight   No Yes Jan 65- Sep 68
Bishop Edith A. Anderson No Yes Jun 66- June 77
Bishop Alfred F.   Yes No Feb 65- Oct 70
Bivins Ramona A. Wiseman No Yes Sep 61- May 66
Bjorge John A.   Yes No Jun 89- Feb 90
Black Merle D.   No Yes Jan 65- Sep 65
Black Theodora P. Ashby No Yes Sep 60- Jan 66
Black John D.   No No  
Black Maria Elaine   No Yes July 83- Oct 83
Black James Paul   No Yes June 69- Nov 71
Black Wayne Richard   No Yes Jan 66- July 66
Black Brian D.   No Yes Aug 00-Jan 01
Black Allen B.   No No  
Black, Jr. Raymond     No No  
Blackwell Mark Douglas   No Yes Feb 91- May 91
Blackwell Dorris K. Standridge Yes No Jul 80- Nov 80
Blackwell Louis     No No  
Blair Jack D.   No Yes Jan 64- Jan 66
Blakely Debora     No Yes Sep 82- Jun 83
Blanken Linda D.   Yes No Oct 84- May 86
Blankenship Bill W.   Yes No Jun 81- Sep 81
Blankenship, Jr. Robert Glen   No Yes Jan 77-Dec 79, Jan 80-May 80
Blann Dale R.   No Yes Sept 63- July 65
Blanton Maynard L.   No Yes Feb 65- Mar 65, Sept 65- Mar 66
Blanton Bert H.   No No  
Blasé William Edward   No Yes Jun-Aug 91
Blazer Joyce E. Fretwell Yes No Jun 71- Dec 75
Blea Anthony     No Yes Jul-Aug 78
Bledsoe Andrea K. Sasaki No Yes Oct 78-Apr 79
Blevins Billy D.   No No  
Blevins Jessie Lee   No Yes Jul 72- Aug 73
Blevins Bruce Allyn   Yes No Oct 79-Aug 83, Oct 85- Mar 89
Bloch William Woram   Yes No Nov 84- Jul 87
Block Marsha Elaine   No Yes Sept 67- Mar 68
Bloom Leonard George   No Yes May 76- Sep 77
Blount Larry L.   Yes No Apr-May 83
Blum Jay I.   No Yes Nov 67- Nov 67
Blum Richard Ray   No Yes July 77-Aug 77
Blum Curtis Minor   No Yes Aug 74- Jan 80
Boal Patricia A.   Yes No Jan 74- March 74
Boboige Donald Richard   No Yes Sept 68-Jan 70, Feb 70- Aug 71
Bocan Rommie E.   Yes No Jun 77-may 87
Bocchechiamp Rubin A.   Yes No Jul 59-Mar 72, Sep 72- Jul 78
Bodenchuk, Jr. John M.   No Yes Apr 80- Aug 81
Bodner, Jr. Howard Lloyd   No Yes Feb 67- Jan 68
Bogart Ray     No No  
Bogart Lauren A. Green No Yes Aug 68- May 69, June 70- Jun 72
Bogart Albert Ray   No Yes Jun 60- July 60, Sep 66- Dec 68
Boggs David Lee   No Yes Jun 72- Oct 75
Bogle Jimmy Rex   No Yes Oct 69- Feb 70
Bohlim Wayne A.   Yes No Sept 92- Apr 93
Bohne Karen J. Warnken Yes No Apr 78- May 78
Boice Daniel C.   No Yes May 81- Aug 82, Dec 82-Dec 82, Jun 83- Sep 84
Boldra Gary L.   No Yes Jun66- May 70
Boldt Beverly A. Wheeler Yes No Jul-Oct 74
Boles Jerry L.   No Yes Apr 71- May 72
Boley Katherine A. Fisher No Yes Jun- Aug 69
Bolf Boris Barry   No Yes May 87- Sept 88
Boling Clifford P.   No Yes Feb 88- Jan 89
Bollig Scott Andrew   No Yes Dec 90- Mar 93
Bollinger Linda M.   Yes No Jan 80- Apr 80
Bolton Ruth H.   No Yes Aug 69- Aug 71
Bombach David P.   Yes No Oct 81- June 82
Bond Sedra R. Ratliff No Yes May- Sep 71
Bond Debra L. Barry Yes No Aug 85- Dec 85
Bonesteel Dan Harvey   No Yes May 66- Jun 70
Boney Gary Dean   No Yes Nov 76- May 77, May 87- Jun 88
Boobar Ross W.   Yes No Nov 79- Jun 85
Boone Lenora D. Leatherman Yes No Sept-Dec 66
Boor James Steven   No Yes May 81- Aug 81
Borden Barbara S. StallCup Yes No Sep 66- Aug 67
Borgeson Robert Edward   No Yes May 76- Jan 77
Boris Eugene John   No Yes May- June 70
Borunda Mike M.   Yes No July 79- Jun 80
Borunda Ida Q.   Yes No Jun 78- Oct 84
Borunda Geraldine V.   Yes No Sep 82- Oct 82
Bosch Danny Edwards   No Yes Feb 92- Dec 93
Bosley Michael E.   Yes No Aug 80- Dec 82, Apr 85- Nov 87, Oct 91- Sept 95
Boss Phillip K.   No Yes Sep 80- Dec 83, Aug 84- Sept 85
Bossert Douglas G.   Yes No Jul 63- Apr 76
Bosworth David Scott   Yes No Oct 83- Aug 85
Bottey Michael A.   No Yes July 63- Feb 66
Boucher Bryce Emory   No Yes Feb 70-Sep 72
Bouknight Latanja L. Snowden No Yes Apr-June 95
Boulay Paul F.   Yes No Jun 63- Mar 67
Bouler Valerie Lee Andres No Yes Nov 79- Jan 81
Bouma Nina K. Wood No Yes Dec 66- Jan 68
Bouma William Eugene   No Yes May-Sept 65
Bourgeois Esperanza Malone   Yes No Apr 84- July 89
Bourquin Ernest M.   Yes No Aug 72- May 88
Boussalis Dhemetrios     Yes No Apr 80- Aug 80
Boutin Neil L.   Yes No Jun 77- July 81
Bouvet Steven Bernard   No Yes Jun-Sept 68, Dec 68- Feb 69, Nov 69- Apr 71
Bove, III Bernard Anthony   No Yes July-Dec 76
Bowcut Donald Charles   No Yes Jun 73- Dec 75
Bowden Kathie Marcellene   No Yes Jun-Aug 69
Bowden Melvin M.   Yes No Jan 80- Jun 90
Bowdich David Lance   No Yes Sep 89- Jul 91
Bowerman Raymond     No No  
Bowers Gladys   Calderon Yes No Jun 72- Feb 74
Bowers, Jr. Alphonso Francis   Yes No Jun 53- Aug 67
Bowker Stephanie A. Grover Yes No Jan 80- July 87
Bowles Matthew Robert   No Yes Sep 77- Dec 77
Bowman Donald Edward   Yes No May 67- Nov 68
Boyce John T.   No Yes Feb 69- Dec 70
Boyce Colin L.   No No  
Boyd Quentin Darrell   No Yes Jan- Jun 88
Boyer Marshall James   Yes Yes Student: Dec 60-Jan 62, Staff: Jan 63-Jan 85
Boykin William C.   Yes No May 89- Jan 92
Boykin Robert J.   Yes No Aug 96- Mar 98
Boyland John     No No  
Boyles Homer Thomas   No Yes Nov 65- Sept 66
Boyt Sheila J. Schroeder No Yes Sept 66- Jan 68
Brack William S.   No Yes Jun 67- Sept 70
Brackett Jacqueline J.   Yes No Jun 78- Sept 79
Brackett Robert E.   No Yes July 88- Jan 89
Bradburn Samantha G.   No Yes Oct 92- Apr 93
Braddi David Wayne   Yes No May 90- May 95
Braddi, Jr. Louis Joseph   No Yes May 76- Feb 83
Bradford Robert     No Yes Aug 63-Oct 64
Bradford Larry E.   Yes No Oct 87- Oct 90
Bradley Jason Richard   No Yes Sept 95- Nov 95
Bradley Dee S.   Yes No Sept 86- July 87
Bradshaw Robert Daniel   Yes No Sept 68- Aug 70
Bradshaw Tenna K. Chew Yes Yes Staff: May 66- Sep 67, Student: Oct 67- Feb 68
Bradsher Rayla V. Buchanan Yes No Sept 86- May 89
Bradt David Jay   No Yes Jan 76- Dec 80
Bragdon Kenneth D.   Yes No Oct 89- Apr 90
Bragg William David   No Yes Sep 89- Oct 90
Braithwaite Gene D.   No Yes Feb- May 65
Bramlett Roger Mel   Yes No Jun78- Apr 97, May 97- Mar 98
Branch Barbara F.   Yes No Jan-July 80
Brandon Terrie E. Griffin Yes No Sept 70- Oct 70
Brandon Mardie F.   Yes No Jan 80- Oct 80
Brandt Ann N. Lathrop Yes No Apr-Aug 70
Brandt James D.   Yes No Oct 85- Nov 95
Brannan Larry     No No  
Branum, Jr. Lloyd C.   No Yes Jun- Aug 61, Aug 63-Oct 66, Oct 66- Nov 68
Brasier David Forrest   No Yes Feb-July 82
Brathwaite Mgavi E.   Yes No May-Aug 99
Bratton Gerald Michael   No Yes July- Aug 65
Bratton Donald Everett   No Yes Feb 66- Oct 69
Brawley Edith F. Martin Yes No Feb 61-- Sep 71
Brawley James C.   No Yes Feb 60- May 62, Jun 62- Feb 63, Apr 63- July 63, Jun 65-Jan 67
Brayton Peter Taylor   No Yes Dec 77- July 80
Breazell Beverly J.   Yes No Nov 74- May 78
Brenner Nancy Jane   No Yes Nov 77- Jul 79, Jan - Mar 80
Bresett Patrick Robert   No Yes Jul-Dec 81
Brewer Ronald Duskin   No Yes Feb 70- Jan 74
Brewer Madeline D. Mikisha Yes No Jul 63- Huly 64
Brewer Keith Michael   No Yes Sep 67- Nov 67
Brewer Derron D.   Yes No Sept-Nov 70
Brewster Linda L. Camp No Yes Feb 79- May 79
Brewster Eugene Benjamin   No Yes Nov 75- Jun 76
Brice Corey Boyd   No Yes Jun 89- Aug 90
Bridgeman Glenn O.   Yes No Oct 76- Apr 79
Bridges William Walter   Yes No Feb 67- Sept 69
Briggs Douglas Lloyd   No Yes Jan 79- May 80
Briggs Timothy Buford   No Yes Feb-Sept 88
Briles Philip J.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 86-Jan 88, Staff: Jan 88- Dec 88, Jan 89- Jul 92
Brill James H.   Yes No Aug 77- May 78
Briner Maria Diane Stano Yes No Nov-Dec 68 (Didn't work)
Brinkley Timothy John   No Yes May-Aug 85
Brinkley Dana A. Tulgetske Yes No Oct 84- July 86
Briones David Joe   No Yes Jul 78- Jan 79
Briseno David Raul   No Yes Jun -Oct 74
Brito Dolores M.   No Yes Feb-May 77
Brito David George   No No  
Brito Norinda   Rodriguez Yes No Apr 83- Jul 87
Brittain Bobby Joe   No Yes Sep-Oct 69
Brittain Eleanor Ann Gary No Yes May 78- Dec 78
Brittle Edward E.   Yes No Feb 52- Aug 76
Brizzee Darla Jean   Yes No Dec 83- Feb 91
Brockett Steven Wayne   No Yes July 74- Jan 76
Brockman Gregory M.   Yes No Feb 79-Aug 79
Brockman William     No No  
Brode John David   No Yes May 87- Dec 87
Broderson Cyd   Elmore Yes No Jun 67- May69
Broderson Nicholas H.   No Yes Apr 67- May 69
Broemmer Howard Richard   No Yes Jun 64- Aug 65
Brooks Ronald L.   Yes No Feb 84- Jan 85
Brooks Les Richard   No Yes 79 May- Jan 81
Brooks Russell Lee   Yes No Oct 84- Nov 86
Brooks Jake Conrad   No Yes Feb 65- Jan 66, Jun 66- Feb 68
Brooks Steven B.   Yes No June - Aug 84
Brown John Lawson   No Yes Feb 63- Jan 67
Brown Robert Neal   No Yes Sep 68- Sep 71
Brown Joanne   Otero No Yes Sep 86- May 88
Brown Ronald R.   No No  
Brown Delmas     No No  
Brown Colleen Marie   No Yes Jan-Apr 78
Brown Douglas R.   Yes No Sep 77- Sep 78
Brown Cloyce Dale   No Yes Sept 75- May 77
Brown Francis John   Yes No June-July 83
Brown Glen David   No Yes Sep 85- Aug 86
Brown Keith E.   Yes No Oct 79- May 81
Brown Joseph L.   No Yes May 80-Mar 82
Brown Joel Don   Yes No Feb 81- Jan 88
Brown Jerry D.   No Yes Nov 65- Aug 66
Brown Howard M.   No Yes Jun 66- Jan 68
Brown Guy W.   Yes No Aug 71- Mar 72
Brown Raymy Robert   No Yes Dec 79- Jun 80
Brown Brett Lee   No Yes July 92- July 93
Brown Candace Elise   Yes No Sept 74- Sept 76
Brown Robert C.   Yes No Apr 85- Nov 85
Brown Michael Wayne   No Yes Sep 93- Jan 94
Brown Michael Howard   No Yes Sep 88- Aug 91
Brown Mary S. Upchurch Yes No Sep-Nov 78
Brown Lynnville H.   Yes No Feb 60- Sept 69
Brown, III John Loyd   Yes No Nov 69- July 73
Browne Douglas C.   No No  
Browne Lorraine A. Wroblewski Yes No Nov 76- Mar 77
Browning Cody Bill   No Yes Aug-Oct 84
Brownlee Gary LeRoy   No Yes May 69- Jun 71
Brownson Rollin Carey   No Yes Sep 63- Feb 69
Bruce Leroy Bruce   No Yes Sep 69- Sep 71
Bruce Robert W.   No Yes Jan 65- Nov 66, May 67- Jan 69
Bruce Robert Dean   No Yes Jun 70- May 71
Brumbaugh Robert Leo   Yes No Sep 65- Sep 66
Brummett Wathena G. Ming Yes No Jul 67- Nov 67
Brundage Alicia Joan   No Yes Aug 79-Jul 80
Brune Howard A.   Yes No May 91- Nov 96
Bruner Richard K.   No Yes Sep 60- Feb 65
Bruner Nance L. Fowler Yes No Aug 82- Jul 85
Bruner William E.   No Yes Feb 67- Jan 68
Brunton Amy Annette   No Yes May 86- May 87
Brunton William Link   No Yes Sep 63- Jun 66, Dec 66- May 68
Brush Ronald W.   No Yes Sep 63- Sep 66
Brusso Ernest H.   Yes No Feb 65- Feb 83
Brusuelas Henry R.   Yes No Aug 78- Oct 78
Bryant Kenneth Martin   No Yes Apr 87- Jun 89
Bryant David M.   No Yes Oct 65- Jan 70
Buchanan Christina D. Asher No Yes Jan 88-July89
Buchenau Gabriela Elsa   No Yes Oct 64- Sept 65
Buchenau, Jr. Bernie Edward   No Yes Sept 60- Mar 65
Buck Richard C.   Yes No Apr 87- June 88
Buckner Adelyn Joyce Keathley Yes No Jan 80- Aug 87
Buckner Gerle L.   Yes Yes Student: July 62- Sept 64, Staff: Sept 64- July 87
Buckner Carol Jean   Yes No June 82- June 86
Buerkle Mark Christopher   No Yes May 83- Apr 86
Buerkle, Jr. Calvin H.   Yes No Jan 61-Dec 93
Buhl Eleanor R.   Yes No Jan 74- Aug 77
Bui Jean Claude   No Yes Oct 78- Aug 82
Bullard Brian R.   No Yes May 83- Sep 86
Buller Bruce Thumma   Yes Yes Student:Mar-Oct59,Mar-Oct60,Jan62-Jan64,Staff:Dec60-Aug61,May66-Aug69
Bullington Raymond Earl   No Yes July 91- Feb 94
Bullock Van Austin   No Yes Jun 67- Mar 70, Nov 70- Jun 72
Bullock Joe Sprags   No Yes Jun 67- Sept 70
Bullock Robert Horner   No Yes may-May69
Bumgarner Thomas Charles   No Yes Apr 64- Dec 65
Bumgarner Raymond Arthur   Yes No Sep 48-Jun 79, Feb 84- Oct 84
Bunten Byron Lee   No Yes Jun 65- Aug 70
Bunton Keith E.   No Yes Aug77- Aug 78
Bunyea Walter Clifford   Yes Yes Student: Sep 65- Apr 67, Staff: Oct 49- Sep 53, Mar 56- Sep 65, Apr 67- Aug 71
Buonauro Felicia C.   No Yes May 84- Aug 84
Burch Rodger G.   No Yes Sep 67- May 72
Burch Gary D.   No Yes Sep 65- Jan 69
Burcham, Jr. Richard Louis   No Yes May-July 87
Burckhardt Edward C.   No Yes Aug 60- Sep 65
Burden Gary A.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 61- July 69, Staff: July 69- Aug 87
Burdick Elizabeth A. Faith Yes No Oct 66- Jan 67
Buresh Robert Louie   No Yes Dec 82- May 84
Burge Kenneth Rex   No Yes Nov 88- May 93
Burgess Russell B.   Yes No Aug 79- Jun 80
Burke Frank T.   No Yes Feb-Sept 69
Burke Sylvia J. Whitney Yes No Mar 79- Dec 90
Burket Hans Werner   No Yes Jan 79- May 80
Burkett Mary Lee   Seal No Yes Aug 65- Jul 67
Burkhalter Marilyn K.   Yes No Aug 76- Dec 77
Burks Joseph D.   Yes No Oct 90- Dec 97
Burleson Leroy     No No  
Burnett Linda D.   Yes No Dec 71- July 73
Burnett Karen Anne O'Leary No Yes Sept 80- July 81, Aug 81- Nov 81
Burnett Michael Thomas   No Yes Feb 69- Jun 69
Burnham Kathy     No Yes Oct 68- Aug 69
Burns Virginia R. Johnson Yes No May 70- July 74
Burns Dennis R.J.   No Yes Sep 61- Oct 67
Burns David Eugene   No Yes Sept 69- Aug 70
Burns John M.   No Yes Mar 63- Jan 65
Burns Brenda S.   Yes No July 71- Mar 73
Burns, Jr. Michael D.   No Yes Sept 69- June 70
Burr Judith Ann Parrish Yes No Aug 68- Jul 70
Burr Marjorie McKinstrey   Yes No Apr 84- Jun 84
Burraychak Ronald Earl   No Yes Jan 69- Jun 69
Burrell Barbara L. Rolland Yes No Apr 83- Sep 83
Burris Charles E.   Yes No Oct 8- Sept 92
Burris Frank Edward   No Yes Mar 76- Feb 93
Burris Mary Cathryn Buchanan Yes No Aug 67- Jan 68
Burris-Awalt Jeamie M.   Yes No Oct 76- Jul 77
Burrows Robert G.   No No  
Bursey Bessie M. Watters Yes No Feb 63- Apr 67
Burstein David     No Yes Feb 66- Sep 70
Burtner William K.   No Yes Feb 66- Oct 67
Burton Peter Forsyth   No Yes Apr 87- Apr 88
Burton Robert Clay   No Yes Jan 89- Aug 89
Busby Perry Elton   No Yes Aug 65- Mar 66
Bush Michael Roberts   No Yes Sep 73- June 74
Bush Stanley Allen   No Yes Apr 80- Dec 81
Bush Thomas F.   Yes No Aug 77- July 78
Bush George Warren   No Yes Feb 66- Sept 70
Bush Michael Davis   No Yes Sep 77- May 79
Bushnell Geraldine J. Carson Yes No Jan 68- Oct 79
Buss Danita M. Gillen Yes No Aug 74- May 75
Bustamante Louis Andrews   No Yes Sep 71- Apr77
Bustamante Gina M. Franco Yes No Sept 82- July 87
Bustamante Santiago Jose   No No  
Bustamante Debra Joan   No No  
Bustamante Louis     No No  
Bustamonte Denise A.   No Yes Oct 73- Jan 76
Bustillos Roberto Candelaria   No Yes May 71- May 74
Bustsos Eleanor     Yes No Jan 80- July 87
Butcher Robert E.   No No  
Butko William     Yes No Feb 77- Aug 92
Butler John C.   No Yes Oct 67- Jun 69
Butler David Harley   No Yes Dec 76- Oct 78, Mar 82- Mar 84
Butler Yvonne Marie   Yes Yes Student: May 93- Jan 95, Staff: May 78- May 93
Butler Joseph R.   No Yes Feb 64- Sep 65
Butler, Jr. Howard P.   No Yes Feb 69- Sep 71
Butterfield Stuart     No No  
Butts Jimmy Lynn   No Yes Sept 77- Jun 79
Bybee Katherine J. Kern No Yes Jun 78- Jan 80
Bybee Steven Allen   No Yes Jun 78- Jan80
Byers Alma M. Sneed Yes No Apr 65- Mar 66
Byers John H.   Yes Yes Student: Jun 56- Jun 60, Jan 62- Sep 62, Staff: Jul 62- Sep 89
Byford Katrin Ursula Schatz No Yes May 84- July 84
Bynum, Jr. Gaither D.   No Yes Feb 62- Aug 66
Byrd James Kenneth   No Yes Mar 65- May 67
Byrd John P.   Yes No Jan 63- Jan 82
Byrd Wallace Ward   No Yes Aug 60- Oct 62, June 64- Sep 64, Jun 65- Dec 66
Byre Lori M. Whitlow No Yes Jun 86-Nov 87
Byres Angela L. Montoya No Yes Jan 88- May 89
Byus Kent     No Yes Jun 95- Aug 97