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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - E

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Eagan Steven L.   No Yes Feb 70- Sep 71
Eaks Charles, Jr.     No No  
Eaks Edith M. Sheriff Yes No Mar 65- Jan 66
Ealy Earl Dwayn   No No  
Earl Tommy Lynn   No Yes Oct 62- Jan 65
Eason Sheri L. Lyle No Yes Feb 84- May 86
Easson Carol A. Robinson Yes No Oct 81- May 85
Easterday Kevin Craig   No Yes Mar-Jul 87
Eastman Warren Lee   No Yes Dec 64- May 66
Eaton Jeffrey Briggs   No Yes Jun-Aug 96
Ebbs Jimmie Dee   No Yes Oct 64- Jul 66, Feb 67- Jan 70, Aug 70- Dec 74
Ebert David T.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 72- Jul 73, Staff: Jul 71- Jul 72
Eby Maurice J.   Yes No Oct 52- Aug 67
Eby Thomas Leland   No Yes Jun 67- Oct 69
Ecker Donald E.   No Yes Sep 64- May 66
Ecklund Robert E.   Yes No Dec 54- Jan 89
Edde Herbert     No No  
Eddleman Bernard Dale   No Yes Jul - Oct 65
Edge John Floyd   No Yes Apr- May 73
Edison Shirlee D. Priestley Yes No Apr 80- Nov 81, Apr 82- Aug 83
Edmonds Frank G.   No Yes Jun 62- Jan 66
Edmonson Larry Dan   No Yes Aug 60- Sep 61, Jun 62- Feb 67
Edwards Richard A.   No No  
Edwards, Jr. James Elmore   No Yes Jan 71- Jan 77
Efros Neil R.   Yes No Jun-Jun80
Eger Richard Frank   No Yes Jun 63- May 67
Eggleston James Henry   No Yes Sep 69- Dec 73
Egoodkin Alan Saul   No Yes Jun 72- Jul 75
Eichinger James Joseph   No Yes May 65- Aug 68
Eichner Edward O.   Yes No Feb 61- Nov 66
Eide LeRoy N.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 68- Aug 68, Staff: Aug 68- Sep 69
Ekstrom Robert J.   Yes No Mar 79- Apr 80
Elam Julie Ann   Yes Yes Student: May 80- Sep 81, Staff: Apr 82- Apr 83, Aug 83- Jun 84
Elborn Shelby C.   Yes No Apr 98- Mar 99
Elder Nicholas L.   No Yes Apr 69- May 72
Elder Judy Ann Nichols Yes No Oct 68-Jul 99
Eldredge Richard H.   No No  
Ellington Timothy Glenn   No Yes Jan 83- May 84
Ellington Kathrin M. Kinzer No Yes Feb- May 83
Elliott Jeff Bryan   No Yes May 87- May 89
Elliott Charles F.   No Yes Jan 64- Aug 65
Elliott Doyle Scott   Yes No Oct 78- Mar 79
Elliott Walter O.   Yes No Dec 77- Aug 80
Elliott Patty Lou   Yes No Dec-Dec 65
Ellis Leta Diane Smith Yes No Jan77- Jan 78
Ellsbury Walter Layne   No Yes Jun- Dec 68
Ellstrom Mark Alan   Yes No Mar 77- Mar 79, Sep 79- Nov 83
Elmendorf, Jr. Harry Henry   No Yes Aug 68- Apr 71
Elms Deryl Lynn   No Yes Feb 68- Mar 70
Elms Mary N. Shely Yes No Oct 71- Aug 75
Elverum Kelly Hagen   No Yes Jul -Aug 92
Emerson Asher Daniel   No Yes Jun 68- Jun 71
Emerson Teresa E. Blimm Yes No Mar-May 67
Emmanuel Tommie C.   Yes No Apr 80- Apr 81
Emmett Gary Lee   Yes Yes Student: Jun 71- Dec 72, Staff: Apr 71- Jun 71
Emsing James E.   No Yes Sep 82- Jan 83
Engelhardt Fred     No No  
England Rebecca Lee   Yes No Dec 86- Mar 88
Engle Edward James   No Yes May 80- May 86
Engle Roger Evan   No Yes Sep 61- Oct 66
English Parker     No No  
English William Robert   No Yes Jan-May 99
English, III Temple J.   No Yes Feb 67- Apr 68
Enriquez Jose D.   Yes No Mar 80- May 81
Enriquez Mario Luis   No Yes Feb 79- May 80
Ensey Bruce Michael   No Yes Sep 71- Jul 77
Epps James O.   Yes No Aug-Dec 79
Epstein James F.   Yes Yes Student: Jan 81- Nov 82, Staff: Feb 79- Jan 81
Erb Mark Douglass   No Yes Sept 73- May 78
Erickson J. Craig   Yes No Jan 69- Jan 86
Erickson Matthew John   No Yes May 88- May 89
Escalante Victoria M. Oliver No Yes Sep 66- Jul 70
Escalante Viola G.   Yes No Sep 89- Oct 93
Escamilla Loveada V. Jones Yes No Feb 70- Jul 71
Escobedo Arthur Daniel   No Yes May-Sep 87
Esparza Del-Mathew     No Yes Aug 89- May 91
Espeland Craig E.   Yes No Mar 95- Dec 96
Espinosa Orlando G.   No Yes Jan80- Nov 81
Espinosa Amber Katherine   No Yes Dec 92- May 94
Espinosa Mary G.   Yes No Dec 92- Oct 93
Espinoza Timothy Dean   No Yes May 87- Jun 89
Esplain Eugene     No Yes Oct- Nov 82
Esqueda Edward L.   No Yes May 90- Dec 92
Esquivel Michael John   No Yes Jan 90- May 92
Essary Warren Dale   No Yes Apr 71- Aug 73
Estell David Aaron   No Yes Jun 67- Mar 68, Dec 69- May 70
Estes Troy J.   No Yes Jan 81- Sep 82
Estes Dasha Lynn   No Yes May 79- Sep 81
Estes, Jr. Eldridge     Yes No May-Oct 87
Estes, Jr. Thomas Keith   No Yes Jun- Dec 81
Estes, Jr. Glenn H.   No Yes Sep 66- May 72
Estill Lenetta Jean Beekman No Yes Aug 73- Jul 79
Estill, Jr. Milford Donan   No Yes Oct 73- Jan 76
Estrada Estevan     Yes No Oct 83- May 86
Estrada David R.   Yes No May 65- Jun 86
Estrada Margaret   De La O Yes No Nov-Nov 79
Estrada Maria Lilia   Yes No Jan 80- June 94
Estrada Miguel G.   Yes No Jul 83- Sep 83
Estrada Ruby Marie   No Yes Oct 89- Jul 90
Etherington William Walter   No Yes May 69- Jun 71
Etherton Mark L.   No Yes Aug 83- Apr 84
Ettinger Donald Wallace   No Yes Aug 65- Aug 66
Euler James Stewart   Yes Yes Student: May 82- Oct 82, Staff: Oct 82- Jan 89
Evans Darol Kent   Yes No Apr 78- Feb 95
Evans Spirlin D.   No Yes Oct 74- Apr 75
Evans Debra K. Link Yes No Jul 71- Jan 74, Jun 74- May 75
Evans Darol K.   No Yes Aug 81- Feb 82
Evans Clinton L.   No Yes Mar 80- Oct 81
Evans Bryan Wallace   Yes Yes Student: Jun 86- Jun 88, Staff: Jul 88- Feb 90
Evans Daniel D.   No Yes Feb 65- Jan 69
Evans-De-Lise Karen Joan   No Yes Jun 81- Aug 82, Jan- Aug 83
Evaro Manuel     Yes No Sep 69- Nov 87
Evaro Rodolfo G.   Yes No Aug 70- Apr 73
Evenskaas James David   No Yes Oct 91- Jan 94
Everett Scott R.   No Yes Sep 77- May 78
Everett Andrea Cecille Carter No Yes Jun 73-?
Everett, Jr. George Carl   No Yes Nov 71- Jul 73
Everman Gwen J.   No Yes Sep 83- Apr 84
Evins Michael B.   Yes No Dec 81- Aug 87
Ewing Mark     Yes No Jan-Feb 75
Eyer Michael W.   No Yes Jun 63- Aug 65
Eyer Harold Howard   No Yes Aug 60- May 66
Eyster Matthew David   No Yes Jan-Jul 99
Ezell Thomas Franklin   No No