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NASA’s Scientific Balloon Program provides development testing & training of engineers


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The Solar Furnace at NMSU PSL harnesses the power of the sun for research

Alumni Directory - E

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Eagan Steven L.   No Yes Feb 70- Sep 71
Eaks Charles, Jr.     No No  
Eaks Edith M. Sheriff Yes No Mar 65- Jan 66
Ealy Earl Dwayn   No No  
Earl Tommy Lynn   No Yes Oct 62- Jan 65
Eason Sheri L. Lyle No Yes Feb 84- May 86
Easson Carol A. Robinson Yes No Oct 81- May 85
Easterday Kevin Craig   No Yes Mar-Jul 87
Eastman Warren Lee   No Yes Dec 64- May 66
Eaton Jeffrey Briggs   No Yes Jun-Aug 96
Ebbs Jimmie Dee   No Yes Oct 64- Jul 66, Feb 67- Jan 70, Aug 70- Dec 74
Ebert David T.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 72- Jul 73, Staff: Jul 71- Jul 72
Eby Maurice J.   Yes No Oct 52- Aug 67
Eby Thomas Leland   No Yes Jun 67- Oct 69
Ecker Donald E.   No Yes Sep 64- May 66
Ecklund Robert E.   Yes No Dec 54- Jan 89
Edde Herbert     No No  
Eddleman Bernard Dale   No Yes Jul - Oct 65
Edge John Floyd   No Yes Apr- May 73
Edison Shirlee D. Priestley Yes No Apr 80- Nov 81, Apr 82- Aug 83
Edmonds Frank G.   No Yes Jun 62- Jan 66
Edmonson Larry Dan   No Yes Aug 60- Sep 61, Jun 62- Feb 67
Edwards Richard A.   No No  
Edwards, Jr. James Elmore   No Yes Jan 71- Jan 77
Efros Neil R.   Yes No Jun-Jun80
Eger Richard Frank   No Yes Jun 63- May 67
Eggleston James Henry   No Yes Sep 69- Dec 73
Egoodkin Alan Saul   No Yes Jun 72- Jul 75
Eichinger James Joseph   No Yes May 65- Aug 68
Eichner Edward O.   Yes No Feb 61- Nov 66
Eide LeRoy N.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 68- Aug 68, Staff: Aug 68- Sep 69
Ekstrom Robert J.   Yes No Mar 79- Apr 80
Elam Julie Ann   Yes Yes Student: May 80- Sep 81, Staff: Apr 82- Apr 83, Aug 83- Jun 84
Elborn Shelby C.   Yes No Apr 98- Mar 99
Elder Nicholas L.   No Yes Apr 69- May 72
Elder Judy Ann Nichols Yes No Oct 68-Jul 99
Eldredge Richard H.   No No  
Ellington Timothy Glenn   No Yes Jan 83- May 84
Ellington Kathrin M. Kinzer No Yes Feb- May 83
Elliott Jeff Bryan   No Yes May 87- May 89
Elliott Charles F.   No Yes Jan 64- Aug 65
Elliott Doyle Scott   Yes No Oct 78- Mar 79
Elliott Walter O.   Yes No Dec 77- Aug 80
Elliott Patty Lou   Yes No Dec-Dec 65
Ellis Leta Diane Smith Yes No Jan77- Jan 78
Ellsbury Walter Layne   No Yes Jun- Dec 68
Ellstrom Mark Alan   Yes No Mar 77- Mar 79, Sep 79- Nov 83
Elmendorf, Jr. Harry Henry   No Yes Aug 68- Apr 71
Elms Deryl Lynn   No Yes Feb 68- Mar 70
Elms Mary N. Shely Yes No Oct 71- Aug 75
Elverum Kelly Hagen   No Yes Jul -Aug 92
Emerson Asher Daniel   No Yes Jun 68- Jun 71
Emerson Teresa E. Blimm Yes No Mar-May 67
Emmanuel Tommie C.   Yes No Apr 80- Apr 81
Emmett Gary Lee   Yes Yes Student: Jun 71- Dec 72, Staff: Apr 71- Jun 71
Emsing James E.   No Yes Sep 82- Jan 83
Engelhardt Fred     No No  
England Rebecca Lee   Yes No Dec 86- Mar 88
Engle Edward James   No Yes May 80- May 86
Engle Roger Evan   No Yes Sep 61- Oct 66
English Parker     No No  
English William Robert   No Yes Jan-May 99
English, III Temple J.   No Yes Feb 67- Apr 68
Enriquez Jose D.   Yes No Mar 80- May 81
Enriquez Mario Luis   No Yes Feb 79- May 80
Ensey Bruce Michael   No Yes Sep 71- Jul 77
Epps James O.   Yes No Aug-Dec 79
Epstein James F.   Yes Yes Student: Jan 81- Nov 82, Staff: Feb 79- Jan 81
Erb Mark Douglass   No Yes Sept 73- May 78
Erickson J. Craig   Yes No Jan 69- Jan 86
Erickson Matthew John   No Yes May 88- May 89
Escalante Victoria M. Oliver No Yes Sep 66- Jul 70
Escalante Viola G.   Yes No Sep 89- Oct 93
Escamilla Loveada V. Jones Yes No Feb 70- Jul 71
Escobedo Arthur Daniel   No Yes May-Sep 87
Esparza Del-Mathew     No Yes Aug 89- May 91
Espeland Craig E.   Yes No Mar 95- Dec 96
Espinosa Orlando G.   No Yes Jan80- Nov 81
Espinosa Amber Katherine   No Yes Dec 92- May 94
Espinosa Mary G.   Yes No Dec 92- Oct 93
Espinoza Timothy Dean   No Yes May 87- Jun 89
Esplain Eugene     No Yes Oct- Nov 82
Esqueda Edward L.   No Yes May 90- Dec 92
Esquivel Michael John   No Yes Jan 90- May 92
Essary Warren Dale   No Yes Apr 71- Aug 73
Estell David Aaron   No Yes Jun 67- Mar 68, Dec 69- May 70
Estes Troy J.   No Yes Jan 81- Sep 82
Estes Dasha Lynn   No Yes May 79- Sep 81
Estes, Jr. Eldridge     Yes No May-Oct 87
Estes, Jr. Thomas Keith   No Yes Jun- Dec 81
Estes, Jr. Glenn H.   No Yes Sep 66- May 72
Estill Lenetta Jean Beekman No Yes Aug 73- Jul 79
Estill, Jr. Milford Donan   No Yes Oct 73- Jan 76
Estrada Estevan     Yes No Oct 83- May 86
Estrada David R.   Yes No May 65- Jun 86
Estrada Margaret   De La O Yes No Nov-Nov 79
Estrada Maria Lilia   Yes No Jan 80- June 94
Estrada Miguel G.   Yes No Jul 83- Sep 83
Estrada Ruby Marie   No Yes Oct 89- Jul 90
Etherington William Walter   No Yes May 69- Jun 71
Etherton Mark L.   No Yes Aug 83- Apr 84
Ettinger Donald Wallace   No Yes Aug 65- Aug 66
Euler James Stewart   Yes Yes Student: May 82- Oct 82, Staff: Oct 82- Jan 89
Evans Darol Kent   Yes No Apr 78- Feb 95
Evans Spirlin D.   No Yes Oct 74- Apr 75
Evans Debra K. Link Yes No Jul 71- Jan 74, Jun 74- May 75
Evans Darol K.   No Yes Aug 81- Feb 82
Evans Clinton L.   No Yes Mar 80- Oct 81
Evans Bryan Wallace   Yes Yes Student: Jun 86- Jun 88, Staff: Jul 88- Feb 90
Evans Daniel D.   No Yes Feb 65- Jan 69
Evans-De-Lise Karen Joan   No Yes Jun 81- Aug 82, Jan- Aug 83
Evaro Manuel     Yes No Sep 69- Nov 87
Evaro Rodolfo G.   Yes No Aug 70- Apr 73
Evenskaas James David   No Yes Oct 91- Jan 94
Everett Scott R.   No Yes Sep 77- May 78
Everett Andrea Cecille Carter No Yes Jun 73-?
Everett, Jr. George Carl   No Yes Nov 71- Jul 73
Everman Gwen J.   No Yes Sep 83- Apr 84
Evins Michael B.   Yes No Dec 81- Aug 87
Ewing Mark     Yes No Jan-Feb 75
Eyer Michael W.   No Yes Jun 63- Aug 65
Eyer Harold Howard   No Yes Aug 60- May 66
Eyster Matthew David   No Yes Jan-Jul 99
Ezell Thomas Franklin   No No