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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - F

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Fagot Martin G.   No Yes Sep 60- Sep 65
Fahnert, III Joseph Allan   No Yes Jun 68- Oct 69
Fairchild Roy A.   Yes No July- July 85
Fairchild Hanford H.   Yes No Feb 47- June 74
Fairchild Charles I.   No No  
Fairley Cowart D.   Yes No Dec 79- Jun 80
Falkenstein, II Richard Charles   No Yes Jan 72- Jul 79
Fallon John David   No Yes Oct 85- Dec 86
Fan Yiping     No Yes Oct 92- Jul 93
Fanning Susan Kay   No Yes Feb 81- Jul 82
Farley Roy King   Yes No Jan 62- May 70
Farmer David E.   No Yes Jun 67- May 69
Farmer Gary Lee   No Yes Mar- Aug 65, Jun 66- Jun 68
Farmer Guy M.   Yes No Jun 89- Apr 90
Farmer Margaret A. Bernhard No Yes Jan - May 66, Sep 66- Nov 68
Farnham Joel E.   Yes No Oct- Oct 81
Farr Mitchel R.   Yes No Nov 64- Jan 66
Farrar Roger William   No Yes Jan 83- Jun 85
Farris Dan Ray   No Yes Oct 67- May 70
Fasel, III Joseph H.   No Yes Jun 67- Aug 72
Faulk Madie Fern Evans Yes No Mar 69- May 81
Fealko Daniel R.   Yes No Sep 80- Sep 83
Feezel Tommy Lynn   No Yes Nov 67- Sept 68
Feldhake Glenn Scott   No Yes May 94- Sep 94
Felix Vincent Saenz   Yes No Feb 80- Nov 80
Fell, Jr. Nicholas F.   Yes No Apr 97- Sep 98
Fellows Charles Carson   No Yes Jun 71- Sep 71
Felthauser James T.   Yes No Feb 79- May 80
Feltz Louis Victor   No No  
Fenter Harold Wayne   No Yes Jun 65- May 66
Fenton Donald L.   Yes No Apr 79- Aug 80
Fenzi Kevin R.   No Yes Jan- Jun 87
Ferda Mark A.   No Yes Aug 85- Feb 86
Ferda, Jr. Steve Robert   No Yes May 80- May 81
Fergin Richard Kenneth   No No  
Ferguson Laura A. MacDonald Yes No Jan- Aug 83
Ferguson Edwin W.   Yes No Jun 63- July 86
Ferguson Jimmy D.   No Yes July 76- Jun 78
Ferguson John Benjamin   No Yes Jun 63- Apr 66
Ferguson Katherine L. Hanny Yes No Sep -Sep 65 (worked one day)
Ferguson Luke G.   No Yes Jan 83- Aug 83
Ferguson Erin     No Yes May-Aug 00
Fernandez John S.   Yes No Apr 79- Aug 81
Fernandez Sally A.   Yes No Oct 89- Aug 91
Fernandez Polo D.   Yes No Jun 81- Feb 82
Fernandez Gilbert     Yes No Feb- May 97
Fernandez Joann   Sedillo Yes No May 85- Jul 87
Ferrales Rebecca Ann   No Yes Aug 00-Jan 01
Ferralez Louis A.   Yes No Dec 78- Jul 83
Ferralez Oscar R.   No Yes Aug 85- Jan 86
Ferralez Jaime D.   No Yes Jan 83- Aug 84, Jan-Jan 85
Ferran Robert     No No  
Ferris Bruce L.   Yes No Apr 88- May 94
Festge Jan Lyle   Yes No Aug 73- Jul 74
Feuerbach Steven Jay   No Yes Dec 76- Nov 79
Few Sharon Louise Smith Yes No Jun-Jul 69
Fidel Mark Joseph   No Yes Sep-Dec 85, Sep -Dec 86, May 87- Feb 88
Field Nancy R.   Yes No Jun 68- May 69
Field James M.   Yes No Aug 81- Jan 90
Field James W.   Yes No 5-5/47,8-947,6-9/51,6-9/52,6-9/53,6-7/55,6-9/59,6-9/60,6-9/61,6-8/63,6-8/64,6-8/65
Field Sally L. Margrave Yes No Aug 83- May 84
Fielder Harold P.   No Yes Jun 62- Mar 65
Fieldhouse April Suzette   No Yes Jun 96- Dec 96
Fields William E.   Yes No May 86- May 87
Fields Barbara K. Clevenger Yes No Jun 81- Sep 81
Fields Harold L.   Yes No Feb 52- Jan 85
Fierra Juanita Padilla Pacheco Yes No Feb-Oct 85, Jan 86-Mar 89
Fierro David Benavidez   No Yes Oct 68- Feb 70, May 74- Jun78
Fierro Margarito Edward   No Yes May 80- Sep 81
Fierro Mary Anne   Yes No Aug 79- Nov 80
Filer Eric Paul   No Yes Jan- Aug 87
Fillpot Bruce Shelby   No Yes Mar-Apr 78
Fimbres Alma Rosa Terrazas Yes No Dec 78- Apr 81
Finch Richard Floyd   Yes No Aug 68- Apr 69
Finch Susanna Contreras   No Yes Aug 75- Dec 78, Jul 79- Aug 80
Findley Brenda K. Kime-Buzalski No Yes Sep 78- Jul 80, Jul 81- Sep 83
Finkbeiner Walter Kurt   No Yes Feb 63- Oct 68
Finke Lisa B.   No Yes Apr 93- Sep 94
Finkner Ronald Wayne   No Yes Jun-Aug 68
Finkner Lyle Gene   No Yes Feb 86- Jul 88
Finley Judy Ann Burns Yes No Jun 70- Aug 74
Finley, Jr. Robert S.   No Yes Jul- Aug 76
Finn Dennis Arnold   No Yes Feb 66- Feb 68
Finney Larry Wayne   No Yes Dec 71- May 72, Aug 72- Aug 73
Finnie Michael William   No Yes Jun 68- Jan 69
Fish, Jr. Charles Robert   No Yes Sep 85- Jul 87
Fishburn Paul     No Yes Apr 81- Jan 83
Fisher Thomas David   No Yes Sep 72- May 74
Fisher Kevin Perry   No Yes May 81- Mar 82, Dec 83- Sep 84
Fisher Robert     No Yes Sep 64- Sep 69
Fisher Richard Lee   No Yes Jan 64- Jan 65, Sep 66- May 67
Fisher Franklin A.   No No  
Fisher David Lee   No Yes Jun 66- May 71
Fisher Ronnie W.   No Yes Jun 64- Nov 70
Fisk George David   No No ?php (never worked)
Fisk James W.   No Yes 1959-1961
Fisk Kurt Ludwig   No Yes Mar 85- Jun 86
Fitch Archer Graham   No No  
Fitch Henry Aguirre   Yes No Sep 62- Sep 97
Fitzpatrick David L.   No Yes Aug 60- Dec 65
Fitzpatrick John Joseph   No Yes Oct 77- May 78
Flachs Gerald M.   Yes No Sep 69- Sep 71
Flack Wanda L. Broyles No Yes Oct 64- Jul 65
Flack Constance L. Boughton Yes No Nov 65- Jan 66
Fleissner Con     No No  
Fleming Donald Ray   No No  
Fleming Charles Sydney   No Yes Jun 70- Oct 71
Fleming Sean William   No Yes Feb- May 80, Jun -Dec 82
Fleming William S.   No Yes Jan -Dec 59, Jun 61- Jun 64, Jun 64- Feb 65
Fletcher James F.   No No  
Fletcher Linda Louise   Yes No Feb- Oct 68
Flint Janet Lee   Yes No Dec 81-Nov 83
Flint Donna L.   No Yes Jun - Dec 88
Flood Anthony Joseph   No Yes Sep 95- Jan 96
Flores Michael Wayne   Yes Yes Student: Jan 76- Dec 77, Staff: Apr 71- Jan 74
Flores Maria A. Barela Yes No Aug 77- Jan 80
Flores Victor     No Yes Mar 69- May 71
Flores Robert V.   Yes No Oct 80- Nov 87
Flores Joe E.   No Yes Apr 68- Jan 69
Flores Jesus     Yes No Apr 77- Jul 79
Flores Daniel Paul   Yes No Dec 74- Mar 77
Flores Daniel A.   Yes No Jan-Feb 77
Flores Carol D.   Yes No Sep 85- Apr 96
Flores Bertha C.   Yes No Jan 85- Mar 87
Flores Arthur Baca   No Yes Dec 67- Jul 69
Flores Ronald C.   Yes No Feb 82- Jul 87
Florez Abel O.   Yes No Dec 79- May 80
Florez David     Yes No Feb 76- Mar 77
Florez Joanne Marlene   No Yes Jan 83- May 84
Florez Gary Dominguez   Yes No May 83- May 84
Flory Michael R.   No Yes Jun 69- Sep 73
Flower Evelyn E. Gottschling Yes No Dec 85- Jul 87
Flowers Nora M. Napier No Yes Jan 65- Feb 70
Floyd Wesley Ray   No Yes Mar 63- Mar 66
Flurry Ruxell   Gragg Yes No May 65- Jul 66
Flury Ronald     No No  
Foiani Anthony Jesse   No Yes May 91- Apr 92
Foiani, II Donald Louis   No Yes Feb 87- Jul 88
Foley Mary Catherine   No Yes Jan 82- Dec 83
Folkman Amby     Yes No Jan-Jan84
Follmer Scott Paul   No Yes May 85- Feb 89
Foltz Randy B.   No Yes Dec 68- May 72
Foote Merrell S. Godshalk No Yes Jan 83- May 84
Foraker Mary Catherine   No Yes Jan 80- Dec 81
Forbes Jennifer L.   No Yes May 95- Dec 96
Ford Dorrell     No No  
Ford Curtis D.   No Yes Jan 75- Sep 77
Ford Ephraim Joseph   Yes Yes Student: Feb 98-Jan 01, Staff: Jan-Jan 01
Ford Warren S.   No Yes Jun 69- Aug 70
Foreman Edgar F.   No No  
Foresman Scott L.   Yes No Dec 79- May 80
Forni Frank A.   No Yes Sep 72- Feb 73
Forsythe George T.   No Yes Sep 66- Feb 67
Fortenberry Michael L.   Yes Yes Stud: Jan 92-Sep 93, Staff: Apr 97-Dec 00
Foshee John F.   No Yes May 80- May 81
Foster Juliet Elise   No Yes May 81- Jul 83
Foster Kathleen M.   No Yes Apr 66- Feb 67
Foster William Lee   No Yes Feb 68- Jan70
Foster Gregory Roy   No Yes Sep-Sep 90
Fountain John Edward   No No  
Fountain Charles Wilson   Yes Yes Student: Jul 73- Feb 74, Jun 74- Sep 75, Staff: Feb 81- Dec 82
Foutz Paul Melvin   No Yes Feb 66- Jan 67
Fowler John A.   No Yes Sep 65- Sep 67
Fowler James     No No  
Fowler Grant W.   No Yes Jul 89- May 92
Foyt Dorothy Louise Emerson Yes No Jan 66- Jun 68
Franco Christopher Alvarez   No Yes Nov 64- Aug 65
Franco Pedro Gonzalez   Yes No Jan 79- Mar 95
Frandsen Kenneth Lynn   No Yes Aug- Nov 89
Franich Laurie L.   Yes No Nov 78- Apr 80
Frank Irving Paul   No Yes May 68- Aug 70
Frank Salina M. Yardman No Yes Apr-Aug 85
Frankfather Elizabeth A. Leckliter Yes No Jul 67- May 68
Franklin Wayne E.   Yes No May 76- Dec 86
Franklin Karen Sue Ray No Yes Jan -Oct 71
Franklin Nelson M.   No Yes Sep 64- Mar 70
Franklin Marsha A.   Yes No Jun 67- Jan 69
Franklin Richard Petty   No Yes Feb 66- Feb 70
Franklin Robert Nick   No Yes Jan 64- Jun 65
Franklin William K.   No Yes Sep 64- Sep 66
Franks Reida K. Elkins Yes No Apr - Dec 74
Franks Mary G. Davidson No Yes Aug - Nov 65
Franzen Gail E. Mattson Yes No Jul 74- Jun 78
Franzmeier William Ernest   Yes Yes Student: Sep 64- Jan 70, Staff: Jan 70- Jun 73
Frauenglass Harvey     Yes No Jun 82- Aug 83
Frazer Robert     No No  
Frazier Donald James   No Yes Jun-Aug 79
Frazier Michael Ray   No Yes Feb-Jul 69
Frazier Lowell M.   Yes No Mar 90- Feb 96
Frederick William A.   Yes No Aug 79- Mar 81
Fredrickson James Chris   Yes No May 88- Oct 93
Freeburg Marlan Stephen   No Yes May 74- Sep 75
Freeland Lloyd E.   Yes No Aug 72- June 85
Freeman Burton Ray   No Yes Sep 66- Sep 69
Freeman Joe Lee   No Yes Apr 65- May 66
Freeman Kay L. Ardoin No Yes Apr 64- Jul 66
Freeman Marilyn C. Siddall Yes Yes Student: Jun 65- Jun 68, Staff: Jun 68- Jan 93
Freeman Phillip Alvin   Yes No Mar 60- Apr 65, Sep 65- Aug 72
Freeman Thomas James   No Yes May- Oct 68
French Dennis Michael   No Yes Jun 68- Jul 69
Freshour Etta Elaine Branson No Yes May-Sep 68
Fresquez Marsha Marlene   No Yes Jan-Apr 83
Fresquez Linda D. Pickett Yes No Aug 72- Nov 73
Freund John Francis   No Yes May 76- Dec 78
Freyer Gustav J.   Yes No Sep 83- Nov 87
Frieband Neil     No No  
Friesen Peter A.   No Yes Mar-Apr 98
Frietze Ronnie Alexander   No Yes Mar 78- Aug 79
Fritsch Edward V.   Yes No Nov 88- Apr 99
Fritz Cynthia J. Kinchen No Yes Feb 77- Sep 78
Fritz Sara E.   No Yes May-Nov 71
Froehlich Mary G.   Yes No Apr-Aug 87
Fry Martha Lou   No Yes Jan-Jan 76
Frye Lyndal Don   No Yes Apr 93- May 94
Fuchs Jerry Clinton   No No  
Fuell Gordon Ray   No Yes Oct 78- Feb 80
Fugate George M.   Yes No Mar 79- Jul 83
Fulbright Diana Dean Harmon Yes No Oct 67- Feb 72
Fulkerson, Jr. Benjamin Rayford   No Yes Feb 69- Nov 70
Fuller Douglas F.   No Yes Jun-Sep 66
Fuller Norman C.   Yes No Dec 80- Jul 81, Sep 81- Jun 82, May 83- Feb 84
Fuller Eric N.   Yes No Mar-Jul 72
Fuller Daniel Ryan   Yes No Jun 84- Jul 85, Aug 85- Jun 89
Fuller Christine C.   Yes No Apr-May 79
Fuller Alton Dean   No Yes Jul 66- Feb 68, Jun 68- Jun 69
Fuller Nawanda   Byers Yes No Feb -Sep 66
Fuller Arthur L.   Yes No Feb 60- Aug 62, Jan 63- Nov 72
Fulton Mary L. Popoloski Yes No Nov 68- Jul 85
Fulton Charles H.   Yes No Jul 67- Jan 76
Furgason Linda S. Owen-Harper Yes No Apr 64- Jun 65
Furman Glenn Levern   No Yes Sep 65- Aug 66
Fussell Luther B.   Yes No Sep 72- Oct 83
Futrell Raymond Andrew   No Yes Aug 60- Oct 65