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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - N

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Nahmens William A.   Yes No Dec 96- Feb 97
Nail George Ronald   No No  
Naivar Christopher Leo   No Yes Sep 84- Jun 89
Najera Ernesto Rios   No Yes Aug 92- Aug 93
Najera Gilberto S.   Yes No Dec 84- Dec 85
Najera Ejinia     No Yes Jun-Nov 90
Nakai Jonas     Yes No Sep 81- Aug 84
Nakayama Rose   Narita Yes No Oct 61- Jul 87
Nalecz Andrzej G.   Yes No Jun 82-?
Nance John E.   No Yes Jun 77- Nov 78
Nance Kou Lung Jim No Yes Jan-Jun 79
Napler Candace Madeline   Yes No Jan-Aug 82
Naranjo Lawrence E.   No Yes Sep-Nov 76
Naranjo Nancy F. Mosier Yes No Feb 66- Jun 68
Nash Edythe J. Summers Yes No Oct 64- May 65
Nass Eric Allen   No Yes Sep 72- Nov 73
Nations Jean Louise Haag Yes No Aug-Nov 68
Naul Bill Don   Yes Yes Student: Feb -Aug 56, Staff: Aug 56- Mar 77
Navarro Jesus Antonio   No Yes Oct 82- Jan 83
Naylor James Lee   No Yes Sep 68- Feb 72
NcNeil Waynetta   Ross Yes No Jan 66- Jul 68
Needham Stanton G.   Yes Yes Student: Dec 57-Jun 58, Staff: Jun 58-Oct 85, Nov 85- Jun 86
Neff Brenda K.   Yes No Mar 77- May 79
Neher Jeremy Wilson   No Yes Sep 73- Oct 75
Neher Elizabeth A.   No Yes Aug 72- Dec 73
Neighbors Helen M. Wilson Yes No Dec 77- Oct 78
Neithamer Ann Hutchinson   No Yes Oct 76- Jan 78
Nellans Frank Porter   No Yes May 82- Jul 86
Nelson Thomas W.   No Yes May 68- Aug 73
Nelson Randy L.   Yes Yes Student: Oct 59- Jun 61, Staff: Jun 61- May 69
Nelson Leonard D.   No Yes Feb-Oct 65
Nelson Bryan Lee   No Yes Jun 86- May 89
Nelson John L.   No Yes Sep 61- Feb 67
Nelson Keith A.   No Yes Feb 64- Jun 65
Nelson James Arnold   No Yes Apr 66- Feb 67
Nelson Donald     No Yes Dec 66- Dec 67, Feb 69- Jan 70
Nelson Kennith Alton   No No  
Nelson Louis S.   No Yes May 66- May 69
Nemesh Marie A. Parham Yes No Sep 72- Sep 76
Nesbitt Timothy Matthew   Yes No Sep 85- Apr 87
Ness Neddy J.   No Yes Jun 80- Jan 81
Nevarez Carlos R.   No Yes Aug 94-May 95
Nevarez Tile M.   Yes No May-May 85
Nevarez Jose Gomez   No Yes Jan -Nov 77, Feb 78- Jan 81
Nevarez Jeffie Louann Schatzabel Yes No Jan70- Jun 74, Apr 82- Jul 87
Nevarez Robert T.   Yes No Jun-Aug 77
Nevarez Kathleen G. Drunzer Yes Yes Student: May 76- Aug 77, Staff: Aug 77- Jun 79
Nevarez, Jr. Alfredo Alvarez   No Yes Sep 67- Jan 72
Newcom Jeffrey C.   No Yes May 92- Nov 94
Newcom Carlin Cypert   No Yes Jun 65- Jun 66
Newell Andrew M.   No Yes Jan 74- Nov 78
Newell Edward Francis   No Yes Sep 71- Jun 73
Newell Helen J. Tate-Moore Yes No Aug 76- Aug 95
Newholm Roy G.   No Yes Mar-Jul 72
Newland Spencer Cameron   Yes Yes Student: Jul 93- Sep 94, Staff: Oct 94- Jan 95
Newlander Carl David   No Yes Feb-May 66
Newlin Grant Dean   No Yes Sep 65- Jul 69
Newman Evelyn F. Billo No Yes Sep 64- Aug 66
Newman Jack Darwin   No No  
Newton Leonora Emily Brown No Yes Dec 82- May 84
Newton Renee Arlene Hull Yes No Oct 91- Jun 93
Newton Richard Eugene   Yes No Mar 81- Sep 83
Newton Deborah L. Robertson Yes Yes Student: Jun 79- Dec 82, Staff: Dec 82- Jul 85
Ng Chun Hong   Yes No Jan -Jul 99
Niblett James Edward   No Yes Sep 62- May 66
Nichols Thomas B.   No Yes Jul 82- Mar 83
Nichols Stephen D.   No Yes Feb 63- Apr 68
Nichols Robert James   Yes No May-Aug 69
Nicholson Michael     No No  
Nicholson Stephanie G. Franovich No Yes Dec 63- Sep 64, Apr-Oct 65
Nicholson John T.   No Yes Jun 65- May 66
Nickles Louise M. Torres Yes No Oct 65- May 66
Nickles James T.   No Yes Feb-May 66
Nickolisen Gary James   No Yes Sep-Oct 70
Nicolini Michael A.   Yes No Nov 62- Aug 74
Niemira Raymond Lesley   Yes No Sep 67- Feb 69
Nimrod Daniel Warren   Yes Yes Student: Jan 63- May 66, Staff: Apr 68- Apr 83
Nims Thomas Kim   No Yes Feb 64- Apr 67
Nipper Ruth M.   No Yes Feb-Sep 67
Nirmalakhandan Sanjeev     No Yes Aug 98-May 99, Jul 99-May 00
Nix Wyndon Kyle   No Yes Aug 87- May 88
Nkoyoyo Martin MK   No Yes Jul 96-Feb 00
Noble James Edward   No Yes Jul-Sep 69, May-Aug 70
Noda Thomas T.   Yes No Jan 55- Jul 87
Noe Jerry M.   Yes No Mar 63- Oct 87, Jun 88-June 92
Noftsker Russell     No No  
Nolan Chong H.   No Yes Jun-Jun 75
Nolan Joyce Pokrzywa   Yes No Jun 67-May 70, Aug 70-May 72
Noland Gary Warren   No Yes Jun 79- Dec 80, Aug 81- Jun 83
Noland Charles Robert   No Yes Jan-Jun 81
Nolen Mark Stephen   Yes No Aug 81- Dec 86
Nolen Barbara Ann   Yes No Feb-Oct 91
Nordell Deborah L. Johnson Yes No Feb-Jun 79, Oct 79- May 80
Norheim Allen Oliver   No Yes Jun 63- Jan 67
Norman Richard M.   No Yes Sep 65- May 66
Norman Shane Lee   No Yes Sep 86- Jul 87
Norrid Bobby D.   No Yes Sep 66- Aug 67
Norrid Buford Lee   No Yes Sep 63- Feb 64, Jun 64- May 66
Norris Maida C. Brewer Yes Yes Student: Feb-Jul 67, Staff: Jul 67- Jul 87
North John B.   No Yes Jun 67-Jan 69
Northam Amy Marie Wilcox No Yes Aug 89-May 90
Northington Tracy L.   No Yes Sep 76- Sep 78
Northrop Chesley A.   Yes No Oct 89- Jul 90
Norton Laurence W.   Yes No Sep 88- Oct 91
Norton James R.   Yes No Jan 80-Sep 00
Norton, Jr. Richard Lunt   No Yes Jun-Aug 76
Norvell Jacqueline A. (Garcia) Garcia Yes No Feb 88- Jul 91
Nowell Rita M. Parsons/Nix Yes No Nov 76- Oct 88
Nuce Marvin L.   Yes No Sep 62- Nov 74
Nunez Richard Lee   No Yes Jun-Aug 91
Nunneley Stanley Edward   No No  
Nusbaum Henry D.   No Yes Mar-Apr 65
Nuslein Rick     No Yes Nov 98- Jan 99
Nusser Michael A.   No Yes Feb 66- Jan 68
Nyholt Robert Michael Hunter   No Yes Jun 91- Jan 94