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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - R

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Rabon Lori Jean   No Yes Apr 82- May 85
Raby Robert Allan   Yes Yes Student: Jan 60- Feb 64, Staff: May 66- Apr 72
Raby, Jr. Alfred D.   Yes No Aug 66- Mar 76
Rachele Lizabeth Vee   No Yes May-Aug 88
Radcliffe Sally M.   No Yes Feb-Mar 76
Rader Donald Henry   No Yes Jun 67- Nov 69
Rader Janice R. Leishman No Yes Jun 62- Dec 64
Radosevich Roger Allan   No Yes Aug 60-Oct 65
Rael Byron Huxley   No Yes Mar-Mar 86
Rael Gilbert David   No Yes Sep 79- May 80, Aug 80-Aug 81, Aug-Dec 81
Rael Louise Michelle   No Yes Jan-Jul 87
Raffaldi John David   Yes Yes Student: Apr-Aug 87, Staff: Aug 87-May 89
Ragan Donald Paul   No Yes Aug 64- Jan 66
Ragland David Clifford   No No  
Ragsdale Luther Paul   No Yes Jan 73- Feb 76
Ragsdale Michael Bidgood   No Yes Sep 86- Dec 89
Ragsdale Ralph Hairston   No Yes Sep 67- May 73
Rahto Richard K.   Yes No Nov 66- Sep 74
Raines Coleman Glenn   Yes No Oct 88- Feb 95
Rains John Wesley   No Yes Dec 67- Apr 69
Rainwater Douglas Frank   No Yes Mar 72- May 73, Sep 73-May 75
Rall Sharlie A. Almquist Yes No Oct 70- Jun 72
Ramirez Analuz     No Yes Aug 98-Dec 99
Ramirez Elsie A.   No Yes Sep 76- Oct 77
Ramirez Guy Anthony   No Yes Aug 87- Apr 88
Ramirez Maria C.   No Yes Sep 90-May 91
Ramirez, Jr. Luis M.   No Yes Sep 79- Jun 80
Ramos Ralph S.   No Yes Jun-Dec 81
Ramos Stacey Christopher   No Yes Oct 85- Dec 86
Ramstack John Joseph   No Yes Mar-May 78
Ramzy Wayne Lyndell   Yes No Jun-Aug 85
Ramzy Andrea C.   Yes No Feb 85- Jul 86
Ramzy Bobbie Jean   No Yes Feb 74- Jan 76
Ramzy Nora   Reed Yes No Sep 74- May 75
Randall Doris Alene Hood Yes No Sep 66- Nov 67, Sep 68-Jul 69
Randle Janie   Dean Yes Yes Student: Jan 72- Jun 75, Staff: Jun-Jul 75
Ranjan Desh     Yes No Jul-Aug 00
Rankin Ricky Dean   No Yes Aug 75- May 80
Rankin John Franklin   No Yes Oct 68- May 71
Ransom Amy J. Bassert No Yes Feb-May 85
Rao Chennupati R.   Yes No Jun-Aug 79
Rapp William K.   No Yes May-May 67 (never worked)
Rappaport Jerrold     No Yes Mar 71- Mar 74
Rascon Hilda R. Trevizo No Yes Dec 75- Aug 77
Rascon Jorge R.   No Yes Oct 76- Mar 78
Rasmussen Linda Kay Helzer Yes No May 68- Oct 70
Rasmussen Mogens I.   Yes No Mar-Sep 77
Ratliff De Lynn Cortese Yes No Oct-Oct 66
Ratliff Robert     No No  
Rau Rama Y.N.   Yes No Jul 67-Jul 68
Rauls Gail E. Gordinier Yes Yes Student: Dec 65-Jan 68, Sep 68-May 69, Staff: Jun 69-Dec 70
Rawlings Stephen Louis   Yes No Sep 84- Jun 86
Ray Jo Ann   Yes No Feb-Oct 85
Ray Jeffrey Mitchell   No Yes Jan 73- Feb 76
Ray Harry Wayne   No No  
Ray David Fred   No Yes Jul 80- Apr 81
Ray Thomas Wayne   No Yes Feb-Aug 95
Ray Cheryl A. Stadjuhar Yes Yes Student: Jul 76-Jan 81, Staff: Jan 81-Aug 87
Raykovics Michael A.   No Yes Aug 82- Nov 87
Read David Wayne   No Yes Feb 75- Jul 77, Jul-Dec 77
Reader Richard Litton   Yes No Mar 88- May 93
Reagan Larry Wayne   Yes Yes staff: Jun-Sep 82, Student: Sep 82-Jun 83, Aug 83- Apr 84
Reagan Lewis Allan   No Yes Apr 84- May 85
Reasner Sheila R. Galyon No Yes Oct 72- May 74
Reay Dewey Victor   No Yes Jun 63- Jan 68
Reber Raymond Jay   Yes No Dec 68- May 69
Reber Tilo Frederick   Yes Yes Student: May 77- Jul 79, Staff: Jul 79-Aug 84
Redding Steven Curtis   No Yes Jan 86- Mar 87
Reddy Barbara Ann Holland Yes No Mar 63- May 65
Rede Yvonne K. Wilkins Yes No Oct 80- Dec 82
Rede John A.   Yes No Jul 70- Jul 87
Rede Teresa   Diaz Yes No Mar 76- Mar 79
Redekop Lena H.   No Yes Sep 95- May 96
Redford Elbert H.   No Yes Dec 63- Sep 65
Redford Mary K. Barlow Yes Yes Student: Apr 65- Feb 66, Staff: Aug 66- May 67
Redman Earl C.   No Yes Jun 67- mar 69
Redmond Weyman Dell   No No  
Reed Pamela Nichols   No Yes Jul 84- Mar 86
Reed Roger Clair   Yes No Feb 66- Jan 67
Reed John     No Yes Jun-Aug 99
Reed Clifton Ray   No Yes Feb 69- Dec 70
Reed Barry W.   No Yes Jun 64- Jul 68
Reeder Ronald Holt   No No  
Reese Madge M. Adam Yes No Apr 68- Nov 70, Jun 77- Oct 80
Reese Travis Van   No Yes Apr-May 77
Reese Randolph Lee   No Yes Feb 66- Aug 72
Reesor Nevitt Dean   No Yes May 77- Mar 78
Reeves David E.   No Yes Apr-Dec 95
Reeves Ronald P.   No Yes Feb 64- Jan 65
Regrutto Ray Mitchell   No Yes Sep 63- Feb 68
Rehm Kenneth David   Yes No Aug 81- Dec 83
Reid, Jr. Paul K.   Yes No Feb- May 67
Reif Vernon Wayne   No Yes Feb 68- May 70
Reihani Kamren     Yes No Jul 89- Jul 93
Reilly Michael Louis   Yes Yes student: Jun 89- Jan 93, Staff: Jan 93- May 95
Reiners Steven A.   Yes No May-Jun 85
Reinhart Timothy Scott   No Yes Jul 89- Nov 94
Reischman Michael Mack   No Yes Jul 64- Sep 66
Reischman Michael C.   No Yes Jan 66- Jun 67
Reiter Arthur Michael   No Yes Jan 78- Dec 83
Reiter Joseph Stephen   No Yes Sep 66- Mar 71
Reiter Philip John   No Yes Sep 68- Jun 69
Reitz Charles David   No Yes Jun 98-Jul 99
Rel Victoria Martinez   No Yes Aug 74- Jan 82
Renchler Ronald Scott   No Yes Feb 70- Mar 72
Renick Joanna Lynn   No Yes Aug 90- Apr 91
Renio Richard C.   Yes No Nov-Nov 78 (never worked)
Renne Bruce Jay   No Yes Jun 71- May 77
Renneckar Melvin H.   Yes No Nov 75-Aug 96, Sep 96-Mar 01
Reno Sadona L. Blackerby Yes No Mar 76- Mar 77
Renouard Kenneth Scott   No Yes Sep 63-May 69
Renteria Martin H.   No Yes Apr 89- Sep 90, Jun 91- Jan 92
Repp Lance W.   No Yes Sep 96-Jun 00, Sep 00-Dec 00
Reta Lolie M.   Yes No Nov 80- Sep 83
Revnell Michael Duane   No Yes Sep 70- Jun 77
Rey Victor Guadalupe   No Yes Feb-Apr 81
Reyes Carmen     Yes No Dec 84- Jan 87
Reyes Jaime     Yes Yes Student: Sep 85- Jun 90, Staff: Jun-Sep 90
Reyes Ted Rodriquez   No Yes Jun-Dec 78
Reyes Ricardo Hernandez   Yes Yes Student: Oct 79- Jun 82, Staff: Jun 82-Aug 85
Reyes Dennell M.   No Yes Jun 89- Jan 91
Reyes Jose Luis   Yes No Jun-Jun 82
Reyna Janet   Martinez Yes No Jul 82- Jun 87
Reynaud Rebecca F.   Yes No Nov 91- Jul 93
Reynaud Raymond Jack   No Yes Jun 78- ?
Reynaud Richard James   No Yes Jul 78- May 82
Reynolds Ralph D.   Yes No Oct 78- Aug 86, Jul 87-Jun 91, Feb-Jun 93
Reynolds Michael W.   No No  
Reynolds Juli Anne Manogue Yes No Jun-Sep 72
Reynolds Michael Edward   No Yes Feb-May 97
Rezelman James Allan   No Yes Aug 60- Dec 65
Rhoads Michael D.   No Yes Dec 76- mar 77
Rhodes Melinda Lou Duncan Yes No Mar 71- Apr 78
Rhodes Karen C.   No Yes Jun-Nov 67
Rhodes Stephen David   No Yes May-Dec 73
Rhome Patricia M. Garrett Yes Yes Student: Apr 62- Jul 63, Staff: Jul 63- Mar 66
Rhome Robert C.   No Yes Jul 61- May 66
Rhyne Mary Alice Graydon Yes No May 70- May 80
Rice Susan R. Lobley No Yes May 78- Apr 79
Rice Mary K.   No Yes Sep 77- May 79
Rich Melissa D.   No Yes Sep 91- Jun 94
Rich Ralph Leroy   Yes No Jan 67- May 68
Richard Eunice J. Radde Yes No Apr 64- Aug 65
Richards John Davis   Yes No Jun 62- Mar 66
Richardson Tamra L. Kite Yes No Jun 84- Sep 86
Richardson Bobby Earl   No Yes Feb 68- Aug 70
Richardson Zava Venese Steed Yes No Mar 73- May 74
Richardson Vicki Sue   No Yes Jan 76- Jan 77
Richardson Sylvia L. Rigney Yes Yes Student: Jun 66- Jan 67, Staff: Jan 67-Jun 68
Richardson Susan   Tinker Yes No Aug 70- Aug 71
Richardson Fronnie T. Bealer No Yes Nov 66- Feb 67, May 67-Jan 68
Richardson Edna Carol Cain Yes No Aug 73- Jun 74
Richardson Christine M. Moore Yes No Jan 68- May 69
Richardson Noel Martin   Yes Yes Jun 80-Aug 81, Jun 82-Aug 83, Staff: Aug 83-Sep 84
Richardson Donald R.   Yes No Jun 59- May 60, Dec 61- Jan 65
Richart Harold M.   Yes No Jul 78- Mar 86
Richer Linda Lea Schwetz-Andrews Yes No Jun 73- Apr 77
Richmeyer Timothy John   No Yes Jun-Dec 81, Aug 82- Dec 83
Richter Robert D.   Yes No May 69- Apr 74
Rickerson Dwayne W.   No Yes Jan 88- Aug 89
Ricketts Holly Ann Gordon Yes No May 82- Dec 83
Ricketts Tamsen Irene   Yes No Sep 72-Jan 75
Ricketts Gretchen L.   Yes Yes Student: Dec 78- Jan 80, Staff: Jul 80-Oct 83
Ricketts Calvin I.   Yes No Jan 47- Apr 71
Ricketts Holly Ann Gordon No Yes Oct 85- Aug 86
Ricklin Michael L.   Yes No Aug 83- Sep 84
Riddle Phillip Owen   No Yes Jan 84- Aug 86
Riddle Patricia A.   No Yes Jun-Aug 68, Nov 69-May 73
Ridener, Jr. Fred Louis   No Yes Jun 63- Sep 68
Rider Jonathan Paul   No Yes May 82- Dec 83
Rider-Wygant Cynthia S.   No Yes Oct 82-Dec 84
Ridge Larry     No No  
Riedel Klaus D.   Yes No Feb 68- May 70
Rierson Donald C.   No Yes Dec 63- May 65
Rigg Jeffrey L.   No Yes Dec 80- May 81, Jan-Jun 82
Riggs Ricky Stephen   No Yes Nov 90- Jan 91
Rigney Barbara Nell Johnson Yes No May 65- Jan 67
Rigney Annie C. Quimby Yes No Oct 64- Dec 66
Riley Marvin E.   Yes No Oct 87-Aug 93
Riley Doyle E.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 63- Jul 67, Staff: Jul 67-Dec 77
Riley Robert Norman   No No  
Riley Elmer William   No Yes Feb 68- Jun 71
Rinehart Gayle S.   Yes No May-Oct 64
Ring Michael J.   No Yes May-Jun 85
Riordan Margaret L.   No Yes May 79- Jan 84
Riordan Mary Love   Yes No Nov 74-Jan 76
Rios Mary L. Barajas Yes No Feb 88- Aug 94
Rios Blaire Rose   Yes No Feb 82- May 84
Rios Patricia Gail Shearer Yes No Sep 78- Mar 79, Sep-Sep 79
Rios Manuel F.   Yes No Jan 83- Apr 86
Rios Ruben A.   No Yes Jan 72- Jan 74, Feb 77- Aug 78
Risby Kyle L.   No Yes May 85- Jun 87
Rishel Barry Earl   Yes No May 80- Nov 93
Risinger Romelle Deniese   Yes No Apr 79- Oct 84
Rislove Nancy K.   No Yes Jul 79-Jul 80, Sep-Oct 80
Risner Peggy Sue   Yes No Nov 81- Nov 85
Ritchie Alan D.   No Yes Feb-May 80
Rittenhouse Joanne     No Yes Apr-Dec 65
Ritter Mary Jean Keely Yes No Jun 70- Jul 71
Ritter Susan M. Given Yes No Sep-Oct 76
Rivas Robert D.   No Yes Jul 82- Jan 85
Rivas Ralf D.   Yes No Dec 79- Feb 80
Rivera Floyd G.   No No  
Rivera Mark A.   Yes No Apr 79- Jun 81
Rivera Carlos Diego   No No  
Rivera Jesus M.   Yes No Apr 83- Oct 96
Rivera Steve R.   No Yes Jul 79- Jan 80
Rivera Raymond S.   Yes No Mar 70- Aug 74
Rivera Levi A.   Yes No Jun-Aug 61, Aug 62- Sep 71
Rivera Jose C.   Yes No Oct 85- Jan 87
Rivera Gina Marie   No Yes Sep 84- Aug 85
Rivera Christopher Wayne   No Yes Mar-Aug 82
Rivera Manuel Corral   Yes No Jan 89- Jan 98
Rivera Starley N.   No Yes Sep 97- May 98
Roach, Jr. Richard Rhoda   No Yes Jan 70- Jun 71
Roanhorse Elaine Y. Yazzie Yes Yes Student: Dec 84-Oct 85, Staff: Aug 83-Dec 84, Sep 87-Aug 90
Robason Lynn M.   No Yes Jun 69- Jan 71
Robbins James Melvin   No Yes Sep 65- May 71
Robbins Dennis Michael   No Yes May-Jul 87
Robbins, Jr. Edward J.   Yes No Feb 88- Jun 94
Roberson Linda N.   No Yes May-Dec 70
Roberson Neil Russell   Yes Yes Student: Sep 87- Oct 88, Staff: Oct 88-Jun 95
Roberts Richard K.   Yes No Aug 86- Jul87
Roberts Brian Kent   Yes No Sep 70-Jul 83
Roberts Marsha Beth Been No Yes Mar 81- Jun 83
Roberts Cecil Lawrence   Yes No Oct 84- Jul 87
Roberts Sandra K.   Yes No Oct 68- Apr 69
Roberts Philip D.   No Yes Sep 71- Feb 72
Roberts Mary Hammonds Luikens Yes No Dec 79- Jun 81
Roberts Theodore     Yes Yes Student: Dec 76- Feb 78, Dec 79-Oct 80, Staff: Oct-Dec 80
Roberts Connie K. Eytcheson Yes No Mar 82- Dec 84
Roberts John Carlyle   No Yes Jul 80- Jul 81, Feb 83- Feb 84
Roberts Donald Day   No Yes Feb-Feb 66 (never worked)
Roberts Donald S.   No Yes Jan-Mar 85
Roberts James Charles   Yes No Dec 63- Jul 87
Roberts Thomas Merrill   No Yes Sep 66- Jun 68
Roberts Donald R.   Yes No Jun 88- Jan 98
Robertson Bill Arthur   No Yes May 81- May 86
Robertson Betty J. Easley Yes No Jun-Oct 82
Robertson Gerald Lee   No Yes Feb 68-Dec 69
Robertson, III Arthur B.   No Yes Apr 77- Feb 78
Robinson Debra Ann Oberleas Yes No May 73- Nov 74
Robinson Jasper Foy   No No ?
Robinson James Allen   No Yes Jun 75- May 77
Robinson Dwight Eric   No Yes May 86- Dec 89
Robinson Chester     No No  
Robinson Bonnie M. Arimoto Yes No Jun 74- Apr 77
Robinson Rick Allen   No Yes Aug 74- Aug 78
Robinson Darrell S.   Yes No Apr 79- May 80
Robinson Pamela   Armstrong Yes No Sep 66- Apr 67
Robinson Douglas John   Yes Yes Student: Jun 65-Sep 69, Staff: Sep 69-Sep 73
Robinson Eugene S.   Yes No Jun 83- Sep 84
Robinson Leonard G.   No Yes Sep 68- Feb 69
Robinson Margaret L. McNish Yes No Sep-Oct 65
Robinson Melvyn D.   No Yes Sep 64- Oct 66
Robinson Terrance Dee   No Yes Sep 60- Jul 66
Robinson Christen Lambert   No Yes Sep 72- Dec 74
Robinson, Jr. Clyde A.   Yes No Apr 80- Feb 91
Robledo Jaime C.   Yes No Feb-May 98
Robles Patsy   Pacheco Yes No Aug-Oct 80
Robles Daniel Gerard   No Yes Oct 95- Jan 96
Rocha Yolanda A.   Yes No Jan 77- Oct 78
Rocha Sami Kristina   No Yes Jul 94- Jul 96
Rochna Walter S.   No Yes Aug-Sep 65
Rockhill Patricia L. Haas Yes No Feb-Jun 76
Rocks Lorraine   Medina Yes No Jan-Jul 74
Rodgers Samuel S.   No Yes Sep 63- May 68
Rodkey Richard Cleon   No No  
Rodrigues Carlos     No No  
Rodriguez John A.   No Yes Sep 92- Jul 93
Rodriguez Daniel Albert   No Yes Sep 72- Aug 74
Rodriguez Fabian E.   No Yes Feb-Mar 93
Rodriguez Gilbert Lawrence   Yes No Jul 80- Jan 82
Rodriguez Gino F.   No Yes Nov 87- Feb 88
Rodriguez Gina P. Atencio Yes No Aug 88- Apr 95
Rodriguez Luis A.   Yes No Oct 77- May 78
Rodriguez William C. Guillermo No Yes Aug 82- Jan 86
Rodriguez Barbara Diana   No Yes Nov 76- Feb 78
Rodriguez Susan Yvette   No Yes Sep 91- May 93
Rodriguez Luis Z.   Yes No Jun-Nov 70
Rodriguez Tommy Bailon   No Yes Jul 89- Oct 94
Rodriguez Tranquilino Ernesto   No Yes Sep 66- Jun 68
Rodriguez Ruben D.   Yes No Oct-Nov 78
Rodriguez Patricia G.   Yes No May 71- Oct 79
Rodriguez Jeff M.   No Yes Jun-Dec 00
Rodriguez Jose Luis   No Yes Aug 78- May 81
Rodwell Tim I.   No Yes Jan-Mar 76
Roe Richard W.   Yes No Dec 97- Mar 98
Roe John Franklin   No Yes May 63- Jun 65
Roehm Kurt Webster   No Yes Jun 66- Sep 69
Roehm Gilbert W.   Yes No Sep-Nov 66
Roehm Marjorie A. Lease No Yes Oct 63- Jun 66
Roether Phillip Lamar   No Yes Aug 60- Feb 67
Rogers George Truitt   Yes Yes Student: Sep 61-Jan 62, Staff: Jan 62-Jul 87
Rogers Stephen A.   No Yes Jun-Dec 76
Rogers Richard A.   No Yes Feb 70- Feb 72
Rogers Michael Ray   No Yes Mar 71- Jun 73
Rogers Linley E.   Yes No Nov 59-Jun 87
Rogers Ralph Durward   No No  
Rojas Roberto Guido   No Yes Jan 78- May 79
Rojas Dora   Garibay Yes No Jun 74- Dec 75
Rollack Charlie Rayford   Yes No Apr-Oct 83
Rollings Robert Bruce   No No  
Rollings Susan G. Stapleton Yes No Jan 67- May 68
Rollins Richard B.   Yes No Apr 79-May 80
Roman Ignacio C.   Yes No Apr 81- Jul 95
Roman Nathanael     No Yes Sep 65- May 66
Romero Reyna M.   No Yes Aug 97- May 98
Romero Lourdes M. Bonal No Yes Mar 65- Feb 66
Romero Loretta Christine   No Yes Jan-Jun 80
Romero Ignacio Francisco/Cholula   No Yes Mar-Apr 98
Romero Donna Vigil   Yes Yes Student: Nov 84-Jun 85, Staff: Jun-Sep 85
Romero Danielle L.   No Yes Apr 92- Aug 94
Romero Adrienne Y.   No Yes Oct-Dec 85
Romero Matthew Brian   No Yes Jan-May 99
Romero David     Yes Yes Student: Feb-Aug 80, Jan-Jul 81, Staff: Aug 80-Jan 81, Jun 82- Nov 83
Romero Randolph Thomas   No Yes Sep 88- Apr 90
Romero Richard Edwin   No Yes Sep-Dec 83
Romig Charles Bernard   No Yes Sep 73- Jan 75
Ronaldi Thomas C.   No No  
Roney Donald Peter   Yes No Feb 68-Sep 71, Dec 71-Nov 76
Ronquillo Wanda T.   Yes No May 79- May 80
Rooney Patrick Francis   No Yes May-Dec 79
Root Gary Alan   No Yes Sep 73- Oct 76
Roper Randal Edmond   No Yes Nov 77- Apr 79
Roper Karen E. Parker No Yes Sep 77- Apr 79
Rorris Daniel Lawrence   No Yes Mar 63- May 68
Rosales-Kian Luis J.   No Yes Feb 89- Jan 92
Rose Donald Thomas   No Yes Sep 68-Aug 69
Rose Tommy Lynn   No No  
Rose Louis Matthew   No Yes Sep-Nov 87, Jan-May 89
Rose Louis Matthew   No No  
Rose George Edward   No No  
Rose Lowell D.   Yes No Jun 77- May 78
Rose Norman R.   Yes No Jun-Jul 77
Rosenbury Jefferson W.   No Yes Sep 90- Dec 91
Rosenthal Paul Curtis   Yes Yes Student: Feb 84-May 86, Staff: May 86-Feb 87
Rosenthal Andrew Lewis   Yes No Feb 88- Mar 89
Ross Linda L. Harrison Yes No Aug 76- Jun 77
Ross Cheryl Lee James No Yes Sep 77- Jun 78
Ross Julie Ann Baldoni No Yes Jan 85- Feb 86
Ross Jason Christopher   No Yes May 95- May 97
Ross Michael E.   No Yes Feb 65- Jul 67
Rosser James Roy   No Yes Jan 74- Jan 76
Roth Timothy Edward   Yes No Aug 86- Jan 88
Roth Roger Ray   No Yes Jun 63- Jul 67
Rougemont Marie S.   Yes No Apr 72- Jun 74
Roulston Gary B.   No Yes Nov 73- Jun 74
Roundy Dennis Merill   No Yes Feb 68- Feb 70
Roush David Donald   No Yes May 72- May 76
Roush Jeffry G.   Yes No Jun 82- Mar 83
Roush Bonnie J. Sargent Yes Yes Student: May 72-Jul 73, Aug 76-Aug 79, Staff: Jul 73-Aug 76,
Roushar Suzanna Lynn   No Yes Jul 75- Jan 77
Rouze Mary E. Porter Yes No May-Nov 79
Rowe Garry Mondell   No Yes Sep 64-Jun 65
Rowe Harriet A. Westby No Yes Jan 74- Dec 75
Rowland Marlin Janelle Brower Yes Yes Student: Jan-May 76, Staff: Jun 73-Jan 76
Rowland James William   No Yes Jan 74- Dec 75
Rowley, IV George Wallace   No Yes Oct 73- May 75
Roy William Arthur   No Yes Jul 84- May 85
Roybal Michael Louie   No Yes Mar 97-May 99
Roybal Maria Christina   No Yes Jun 89- Apr 90
Roybal Paul Raul   No Yes Jul 92-Aug 95
Roybal Matthew Delfin   No Yes Sep 90- Jul 92
Royston Charles F.   Yes No Nov 85- Jan 87
Rubin Scott Alan   No Yes Sep 90- Jul 93
Rubio Isidro Manuel   No Yes Aug 65- May 67
Ruck Sharon Ann   Yes No May 83- Dec 98
Rudd Richard L.   Yes No Oct 59- Sep 93
Rudd Richard L.   Yes No Oct 59- Sep 93
Rudolph William Mark   No Yes May-Dec 82
Rudolph Carl C.   No Yes Sep 63- Aug 65
Rudolph James Harris   No Yes Sep 62- Jul 67
Rudy Kristi Lynn   No Yes Mar 79- Aug 81
Ruffner Maleta H. Stall Yes Yes Student: Sep 65-Jul 67, Staff: Jul 67-Mar 70
Rugg Thomas F.   No Yes Jun 66- Jul 67
Ruiz Ernesto Cueto   No Yes Feb 89- Jul 90
Ruiz Jack Lara   No Yes Jan 80- Mar 81
Ruiz Christopher James   No Yes Sep 80- May 81
Rulli Elizabeth   Hollister Yes No Sep 72-May 77
Ruminer John Jay   No No  
Runyan Wesley Keith   No Yes Jan 68-May 69
Rury Robert Wayne   No Yes Mar 71-Dec 72, Jan 73-May 74
Rusk Michael T.   No Yes Aug 67-Nov 70
Ruspoli James T.   Yes No Apr-Nov 89
Russ Sara   Fritz Yes No Mar 78-Jan 81
Russ Dena L. Posey No Yes Jun 66- Sep 69
Russ Franklin Gene   Yes No Jul 68-Apr 80
Russell Robert R.   No Yes Nov 71- Jun 72
Russell Charles Sinclair   No Yes Feb- Aug 78
Russell Cherry K.   Yes No Oct 87-Nov 93
Russell Jasper Brent   No Yes Feb-May 76
Ruth Henry Earl   Yes No Oct 63- May 69
Ruth Guy Raymond   No Yes Jan-Aug 77
Ruth Guy A.   No Yes Nov 64- Jan 65
Rutledge Robert M.   No Yes Jun 72- Jan 74
Ruybalid Shirley L. Hoppock Yes No Sep 67-Apr 68
Ryall Peter Newton   No Yes May 71- Apr 72
Ryan John F.   Yes No Dec 82- May 85, Mar 93-Mar 94
Ryan Hugh William   Yes No Jun 69-Jan 71
Ryan Dolores A. Medina Yes No Oct 79- Aug 81
Ryan Dorothine Brooks   Yes No Dec 81-May 84
Ryan Sherilynn   Hudgins No Yes Mar 83- Dec 85
Ryan Dan Scott   No Yes Oct 81- Dec 85
Ryan Robert Howard   No Yes Nov 80-May 84
Ryan, III John Velpeau   Yes Yes Student: Nov 69-Feb 78, Staff: Feb-Aug 78
Ryanczak Michael Peter   No Yes May 65-Jul 66
Ryer Jeffrey Todd   No Yes Dec 94- Apr 95
Rypma Jay Michael   No Yes Dec 84- Jul 87