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The Solar Furnace at NMSU PSL harnesses the power of the sun for research

Alumni Directory - R

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Rabon Lori Jean   No Yes Apr 82- May 85
Raby Robert Allan   Yes Yes Student: Jan 60- Feb 64, Staff: May 66- Apr 72
Raby, Jr. Alfred D.   Yes No Aug 66- Mar 76
Rachele Lizabeth Vee   No Yes May-Aug 88
Radcliffe Sally M.   No Yes Feb-Mar 76
Rader Donald Henry   No Yes Jun 67- Nov 69
Rader Janice R. Leishman No Yes Jun 62- Dec 64
Radosevich Roger Allan   No Yes Aug 60-Oct 65
Rael Byron Huxley   No Yes Mar-Mar 86
Rael Gilbert David   No Yes Sep 79- May 80, Aug 80-Aug 81, Aug-Dec 81
Rael Louise Michelle   No Yes Jan-Jul 87
Raffaldi John David   Yes Yes Student: Apr-Aug 87, Staff: Aug 87-May 89
Ragan Donald Paul   No Yes Aug 64- Jan 66
Ragland David Clifford   No No  
Ragsdale Luther Paul   No Yes Jan 73- Feb 76
Ragsdale Michael Bidgood   No Yes Sep 86- Dec 89
Ragsdale Ralph Hairston   No Yes Sep 67- May 73
Rahto Richard K.   Yes No Nov 66- Sep 74
Raines Coleman Glenn   Yes No Oct 88- Feb 95
Rains John Wesley   No Yes Dec 67- Apr 69
Rainwater Douglas Frank   No Yes Mar 72- May 73, Sep 73-May 75
Rall Sharlie A. Almquist Yes No Oct 70- Jun 72
Ramirez Analuz     No Yes Aug 98-Dec 99
Ramirez Elsie A.   No Yes Sep 76- Oct 77
Ramirez Guy Anthony   No Yes Aug 87- Apr 88
Ramirez Maria C.   No Yes Sep 90-May 91
Ramirez, Jr. Luis M.   No Yes Sep 79- Jun 80
Ramos Ralph S.   No Yes Jun-Dec 81
Ramos Stacey Christopher   No Yes Oct 85- Dec 86
Ramstack John Joseph   No Yes Mar-May 78
Ramzy Wayne Lyndell   Yes No Jun-Aug 85
Ramzy Andrea C.   Yes No Feb 85- Jul 86
Ramzy Bobbie Jean   No Yes Feb 74- Jan 76
Ramzy Nora   Reed Yes No Sep 74- May 75
Randall Doris Alene Hood Yes No Sep 66- Nov 67, Sep 68-Jul 69
Randle Janie   Dean Yes Yes Student: Jan 72- Jun 75, Staff: Jun-Jul 75
Ranjan Desh     Yes No Jul-Aug 00
Rankin Ricky Dean   No Yes Aug 75- May 80
Rankin John Franklin   No Yes Oct 68- May 71
Ransom Amy J. Bassert No Yes Feb-May 85
Rao Chennupati R.   Yes No Jun-Aug 79
Rapp William K.   No Yes May-May 67 (never worked)
Rappaport Jerrold     No Yes Mar 71- Mar 74
Rascon Hilda R. Trevizo No Yes Dec 75- Aug 77
Rascon Jorge R.   No Yes Oct 76- Mar 78
Rasmussen Linda Kay Helzer Yes No May 68- Oct 70
Rasmussen Mogens I.   Yes No Mar-Sep 77
Ratliff De Lynn Cortese Yes No Oct-Oct 66
Ratliff Robert     No No  
Rau Rama Y.N.   Yes No Jul 67-Jul 68
Rauls Gail E. Gordinier Yes Yes Student: Dec 65-Jan 68, Sep 68-May 69, Staff: Jun 69-Dec 70
Rawlings Stephen Louis   Yes No Sep 84- Jun 86
Ray Jo Ann   Yes No Feb-Oct 85
Ray Jeffrey Mitchell   No Yes Jan 73- Feb 76
Ray Harry Wayne   No No  
Ray David Fred   No Yes Jul 80- Apr 81
Ray Thomas Wayne   No Yes Feb-Aug 95
Ray Cheryl A. Stadjuhar Yes Yes Student: Jul 76-Jan 81, Staff: Jan 81-Aug 87
Raykovics Michael A.   No Yes Aug 82- Nov 87
Read David Wayne   No Yes Feb 75- Jul 77, Jul-Dec 77
Reader Richard Litton   Yes No Mar 88- May 93
Reagan Larry Wayne   Yes Yes staff: Jun-Sep 82, Student: Sep 82-Jun 83, Aug 83- Apr 84
Reagan Lewis Allan   No Yes Apr 84- May 85
Reasner Sheila R. Galyon No Yes Oct 72- May 74
Reay Dewey Victor   No Yes Jun 63- Jan 68
Reber Raymond Jay   Yes No Dec 68- May 69
Reber Tilo Frederick   Yes Yes Student: May 77- Jul 79, Staff: Jul 79-Aug 84
Redding Steven Curtis   No Yes Jan 86- Mar 87
Reddy Barbara Ann Holland Yes No Mar 63- May 65
Rede Yvonne K. Wilkins Yes No Oct 80- Dec 82
Rede John A.   Yes No Jul 70- Jul 87
Rede Teresa   Diaz Yes No Mar 76- Mar 79
Redekop Lena H.   No Yes Sep 95- May 96
Redford Elbert H.   No Yes Dec 63- Sep 65
Redford Mary K. Barlow Yes Yes Student: Apr 65- Feb 66, Staff: Aug 66- May 67
Redman Earl C.   No Yes Jun 67- mar 69
Redmond Weyman Dell   No No  
Reed Pamela Nichols   No Yes Jul 84- Mar 86
Reed Roger Clair   Yes No Feb 66- Jan 67
Reed John     No Yes Jun-Aug 99
Reed Clifton Ray   No Yes Feb 69- Dec 70
Reed Barry W.   No Yes Jun 64- Jul 68
Reeder Ronald Holt   No No  
Reese Madge M. Adam Yes No Apr 68- Nov 70, Jun 77- Oct 80
Reese Travis Van   No Yes Apr-May 77
Reese Randolph Lee   No Yes Feb 66- Aug 72
Reesor Nevitt Dean   No Yes May 77- Mar 78
Reeves David E.   No Yes Apr-Dec 95
Reeves Ronald P.   No Yes Feb 64- Jan 65
Regrutto Ray Mitchell   No Yes Sep 63- Feb 68
Rehm Kenneth David   Yes No Aug 81- Dec 83
Reid, Jr. Paul K.   Yes No Feb- May 67
Reif Vernon Wayne   No Yes Feb 68- May 70
Reihani Kamren     Yes No Jul 89- Jul 93
Reilly Michael Louis   Yes Yes student: Jun 89- Jan 93, Staff: Jan 93- May 95
Reiners Steven A.   Yes No May-Jun 85
Reinhart Timothy Scott   No Yes Jul 89- Nov 94
Reischman Michael Mack   No Yes Jul 64- Sep 66
Reischman Michael C.   No Yes Jan 66- Jun 67
Reiter Arthur Michael   No Yes Jan 78- Dec 83
Reiter Joseph Stephen   No Yes Sep 66- Mar 71
Reiter Philip John   No Yes Sep 68- Jun 69
Reitz Charles David   No Yes Jun 98-Jul 99
Rel Victoria Martinez   No Yes Aug 74- Jan 82
Renchler Ronald Scott   No Yes Feb 70- Mar 72
Renick Joanna Lynn   No Yes Aug 90- Apr 91
Renio Richard C.   Yes No Nov-Nov 78 (never worked)
Renne Bruce Jay   No Yes Jun 71- May 77
Renneckar Melvin H.   Yes No Nov 75-Aug 96, Sep 96-Mar 01
Reno Sadona L. Blackerby Yes No Mar 76- Mar 77
Renouard Kenneth Scott   No Yes Sep 63-May 69
Renteria Martin H.   No Yes Apr 89- Sep 90, Jun 91- Jan 92
Repp Lance W.   No Yes Sep 96-Jun 00, Sep 00-Dec 00
Reta Lolie M.   Yes No Nov 80- Sep 83
Revnell Michael Duane   No Yes Sep 70- Jun 77
Rey Victor Guadalupe   No Yes Feb-Apr 81
Reyes Carmen     Yes No Dec 84- Jan 87
Reyes Jaime     Yes Yes Student: Sep 85- Jun 90, Staff: Jun-Sep 90
Reyes Ted Rodriquez   No Yes Jun-Dec 78
Reyes Ricardo Hernandez   Yes Yes Student: Oct 79- Jun 82, Staff: Jun 82-Aug 85
Reyes Dennell M.   No Yes Jun 89- Jan 91
Reyes Jose Luis   Yes No Jun-Jun 82
Reyna Janet   Martinez Yes No Jul 82- Jun 87
Reynaud Rebecca F.   Yes No Nov 91- Jul 93
Reynaud Raymond Jack   No Yes Jun 78- ?
Reynaud Richard James   No Yes Jul 78- May 82
Reynolds Ralph D.   Yes No Oct 78- Aug 86, Jul 87-Jun 91, Feb-Jun 93
Reynolds Michael W.   No No  
Reynolds Juli Anne Manogue Yes No Jun-Sep 72
Reynolds Michael Edward   No Yes Feb-May 97
Rezelman James Allan   No Yes Aug 60- Dec 65
Rhoads Michael D.   No Yes Dec 76- mar 77
Rhodes Melinda Lou Duncan Yes No Mar 71- Apr 78
Rhodes Karen C.   No Yes Jun-Nov 67
Rhodes Stephen David   No Yes May-Dec 73
Rhome Patricia M. Garrett Yes Yes Student: Apr 62- Jul 63, Staff: Jul 63- Mar 66
Rhome Robert C.   No Yes Jul 61- May 66
Rhyne Mary Alice Graydon Yes No May 70- May 80
Rice Susan R. Lobley No Yes May 78- Apr 79
Rice Mary K.   No Yes Sep 77- May 79
Rich Melissa D.   No Yes Sep 91- Jun 94
Rich Ralph Leroy   Yes No Jan 67- May 68
Richard Eunice J. Radde Yes No Apr 64- Aug 65
Richards John Davis   Yes No Jun 62- Mar 66
Richardson Tamra L. Kite Yes No Jun 84- Sep 86
Richardson Bobby Earl   No Yes Feb 68- Aug 70
Richardson Zava Venese Steed Yes No Mar 73- May 74
Richardson Vicki Sue   No Yes Jan 76- Jan 77
Richardson Sylvia L. Rigney Yes Yes Student: Jun 66- Jan 67, Staff: Jan 67-Jun 68
Richardson Susan   Tinker Yes No Aug 70- Aug 71
Richardson Fronnie T. Bealer No Yes Nov 66- Feb 67, May 67-Jan 68
Richardson Edna Carol Cain Yes No Aug 73- Jun 74
Richardson Christine M. Moore Yes No Jan 68- May 69
Richardson Noel Martin   Yes Yes Jun 80-Aug 81, Jun 82-Aug 83, Staff: Aug 83-Sep 84
Richardson Donald R.   Yes No Jun 59- May 60, Dec 61- Jan 65
Richart Harold M.   Yes No Jul 78- Mar 86
Richer Linda Lea Schwetz-Andrews Yes No Jun 73- Apr 77
Richmeyer Timothy John   No Yes Jun-Dec 81, Aug 82- Dec 83
Richter Robert D.   Yes No May 69- Apr 74
Rickerson Dwayne W.   No Yes Jan 88- Aug 89
Ricketts Holly Ann Gordon Yes No May 82- Dec 83
Ricketts Tamsen Irene   Yes No Sep 72-Jan 75
Ricketts Gretchen L.   Yes Yes Student: Dec 78- Jan 80, Staff: Jul 80-Oct 83
Ricketts Calvin I.   Yes No Jan 47- Apr 71
Ricketts Holly Ann Gordon No Yes Oct 85- Aug 86
Ricklin Michael L.   Yes No Aug 83- Sep 84
Riddle Phillip Owen   No Yes Jan 84- Aug 86
Riddle Patricia A.   No Yes Jun-Aug 68, Nov 69-May 73
Ridener, Jr. Fred Louis   No Yes Jun 63- Sep 68
Rider Jonathan Paul   No Yes May 82- Dec 83
Rider-Wygant Cynthia S.   No Yes Oct 82-Dec 84
Ridge Larry     No No  
Riedel Klaus D.   Yes No Feb 68- May 70
Rierson Donald C.   No Yes Dec 63- May 65
Rigg Jeffrey L.   No Yes Dec 80- May 81, Jan-Jun 82
Riggs Ricky Stephen   No Yes Nov 90- Jan 91
Rigney Barbara Nell Johnson Yes No May 65- Jan 67
Rigney Annie C. Quimby Yes No Oct 64- Dec 66
Riley Marvin E.   Yes No Oct 87-Aug 93
Riley Doyle E.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 63- Jul 67, Staff: Jul 67-Dec 77
Riley Robert Norman   No No  
Riley Elmer William   No Yes Feb 68- Jun 71
Rinehart Gayle S.   Yes No May-Oct 64
Ring Michael J.   No Yes May-Jun 85
Riordan Margaret L.   No Yes May 79- Jan 84
Riordan Mary Love   Yes No Nov 74-Jan 76
Rios Mary L. Barajas Yes No Feb 88- Aug 94
Rios Blaire Rose   Yes No Feb 82- May 84
Rios Patricia Gail Shearer Yes No Sep 78- Mar 79, Sep-Sep 79
Rios Manuel F.   Yes No Jan 83- Apr 86
Rios Ruben A.   No Yes Jan 72- Jan 74, Feb 77- Aug 78
Risby Kyle L.   No Yes May 85- Jun 87
Rishel Barry Earl   Yes No May 80- Nov 93
Risinger Romelle Deniese   Yes No Apr 79- Oct 84
Rislove Nancy K.   No Yes Jul 79-Jul 80, Sep-Oct 80
Risner Peggy Sue   Yes No Nov 81- Nov 85
Ritchie Alan D.   No Yes Feb-May 80
Rittenhouse Joanne     No Yes Apr-Dec 65
Ritter Mary Jean Keely Yes No Jun 70- Jul 71
Ritter Susan M. Given Yes No Sep-Oct 76
Rivas Robert D.   No Yes Jul 82- Jan 85
Rivas Ralf D.   Yes No Dec 79- Feb 80
Rivera Floyd G.   No No  
Rivera Mark A.   Yes No Apr 79- Jun 81
Rivera Carlos Diego   No No  
Rivera Jesus M.   Yes No Apr 83- Oct 96
Rivera Steve R.   No Yes Jul 79- Jan 80
Rivera Raymond S.   Yes No Mar 70- Aug 74
Rivera Levi A.   Yes No Jun-Aug 61, Aug 62- Sep 71
Rivera Jose C.   Yes No Oct 85- Jan 87
Rivera Gina Marie   No Yes Sep 84- Aug 85
Rivera Christopher Wayne   No Yes Mar-Aug 82
Rivera Manuel Corral   Yes No Jan 89- Jan 98
Rivera Starley N.   No Yes Sep 97- May 98
Roach, Jr. Richard Rhoda   No Yes Jan 70- Jun 71
Roanhorse Elaine Y. Yazzie Yes Yes Student: Dec 84-Oct 85, Staff: Aug 83-Dec 84, Sep 87-Aug 90
Robason Lynn M.   No Yes Jun 69- Jan 71
Robbins James Melvin   No Yes Sep 65- May 71
Robbins Dennis Michael   No Yes May-Jul 87
Robbins, Jr. Edward J.   Yes No Feb 88- Jun 94
Roberson Linda N.   No Yes May-Dec 70
Roberson Neil Russell   Yes Yes Student: Sep 87- Oct 88, Staff: Oct 88-Jun 95
Roberts Richard K.   Yes No Aug 86- Jul87
Roberts Brian Kent   Yes No Sep 70-Jul 83
Roberts Marsha Beth Been No Yes Mar 81- Jun 83
Roberts Cecil Lawrence   Yes No Oct 84- Jul 87
Roberts Sandra K.   Yes No Oct 68- Apr 69
Roberts Philip D.   No Yes Sep 71- Feb 72
Roberts Mary Hammonds Luikens Yes No Dec 79- Jun 81
Roberts Theodore     Yes Yes Student: Dec 76- Feb 78, Dec 79-Oct 80, Staff: Oct-Dec 80
Roberts Connie K. Eytcheson Yes No Mar 82- Dec 84
Roberts John Carlyle   No Yes Jul 80- Jul 81, Feb 83- Feb 84
Roberts Donald Day   No Yes Feb-Feb 66 (never worked)
Roberts Donald S.   No Yes Jan-Mar 85
Roberts James Charles   Yes No Dec 63- Jul 87
Roberts Thomas Merrill   No Yes Sep 66- Jun 68
Roberts Donald R.   Yes No Jun 88- Jan 98
Robertson Bill Arthur   No Yes May 81- May 86
Robertson Betty J. Easley Yes No Jun-Oct 82
Robertson Gerald Lee   No Yes Feb 68-Dec 69
Robertson, III Arthur B.   No Yes Apr 77- Feb 78
Robinson Debra Ann Oberleas Yes No May 73- Nov 74
Robinson Jasper Foy   No No ?
Robinson James Allen   No Yes Jun 75- May 77
Robinson Dwight Eric   No Yes May 86- Dec 89
Robinson Chester     No No  
Robinson Bonnie M. Arimoto Yes No Jun 74- Apr 77
Robinson Rick Allen   No Yes Aug 74- Aug 78
Robinson Darrell S.   Yes No Apr 79- May 80
Robinson Pamela   Armstrong Yes No Sep 66- Apr 67
Robinson Douglas John   Yes Yes Student: Jun 65-Sep 69, Staff: Sep 69-Sep 73
Robinson Eugene S.   Yes No Jun 83- Sep 84
Robinson Leonard G.   No Yes Sep 68- Feb 69
Robinson Margaret L. McNish Yes No Sep-Oct 65
Robinson Melvyn D.   No Yes Sep 64- Oct 66
Robinson Terrance Dee   No Yes Sep 60- Jul 66
Robinson Christen Lambert   No Yes Sep 72- Dec 74
Robinson, Jr. Clyde A.   Yes No Apr 80- Feb 91
Robledo Jaime C.   Yes No Feb-May 98
Robles Patsy   Pacheco Yes No Aug-Oct 80
Robles Daniel Gerard   No Yes Oct 95- Jan 96
Rocha Yolanda A.   Yes No Jan 77- Oct 78
Rocha Sami Kristina   No Yes Jul 94- Jul 96
Rochna Walter S.   No Yes Aug-Sep 65
Rockhill Patricia L. Haas Yes No Feb-Jun 76
Rocks Lorraine   Medina Yes No Jan-Jul 74
Rodgers Samuel S.   No Yes Sep 63- May 68
Rodkey Richard Cleon   No No  
Rodrigues Carlos     No No  
Rodriguez John A.   No Yes Sep 92- Jul 93
Rodriguez Daniel Albert   No Yes Sep 72- Aug 74
Rodriguez Fabian E.   No Yes Feb-Mar 93
Rodriguez Gilbert Lawrence   Yes No Jul 80- Jan 82
Rodriguez Gino F.   No Yes Nov 87- Feb 88
Rodriguez Gina P. Atencio Yes No Aug 88- Apr 95
Rodriguez Luis A.   Yes No Oct 77- May 78
Rodriguez William C. Guillermo No Yes Aug 82- Jan 86
Rodriguez Barbara Diana   No Yes Nov 76- Feb 78
Rodriguez Susan Yvette   No Yes Sep 91- May 93
Rodriguez Luis Z.   Yes No Jun-Nov 70
Rodriguez Tommy Bailon   No Yes Jul 89- Oct 94
Rodriguez Tranquilino Ernesto   No Yes Sep 66- Jun 68
Rodriguez Ruben D.   Yes No Oct-Nov 78
Rodriguez Patricia G.   Yes No May 71- Oct 79
Rodriguez Jeff M.   No Yes Jun-Dec 00
Rodriguez Jose Luis   No Yes Aug 78- May 81
Rodwell Tim I.   No Yes Jan-Mar 76
Roe Richard W.   Yes No Dec 97- Mar 98
Roe John Franklin   No Yes May 63- Jun 65
Roehm Kurt Webster   No Yes Jun 66- Sep 69
Roehm Gilbert W.   Yes No Sep-Nov 66
Roehm Marjorie A. Lease No Yes Oct 63- Jun 66
Roether Phillip Lamar   No Yes Aug 60- Feb 67
Rogers George Truitt   Yes Yes Student: Sep 61-Jan 62, Staff: Jan 62-Jul 87
Rogers Stephen A.   No Yes Jun-Dec 76
Rogers Richard A.   No Yes Feb 70- Feb 72
Rogers Michael Ray   No Yes Mar 71- Jun 73
Rogers Linley E.   Yes No Nov 59-Jun 87
Rogers Ralph Durward   No No  
Rojas Roberto Guido   No Yes Jan 78- May 79
Rojas Dora   Garibay Yes No Jun 74- Dec 75
Rollack Charlie Rayford   Yes No Apr-Oct 83
Rollings Robert Bruce   No No  
Rollings Susan G. Stapleton Yes No Jan 67- May 68
Rollins Richard B.   Yes No Apr 79-May 80
Roman Ignacio C.   Yes No Apr 81- Jul 95
Roman Nathanael     No Yes Sep 65- May 66
Romero Reyna M.   No Yes Aug 97- May 98
Romero Lourdes M. Bonal No Yes Mar 65- Feb 66
Romero Loretta Christine   No Yes Jan-Jun 80
Romero Ignacio Francisco/Cholula   No Yes Mar-Apr 98
Romero Donna Vigil   Yes Yes Student: Nov 84-Jun 85, Staff: Jun-Sep 85
Romero Danielle L.   No Yes Apr 92- Aug 94
Romero Adrienne Y.   No Yes Oct-Dec 85
Romero Matthew Brian   No Yes Jan-May 99
Romero David     Yes Yes Student: Feb-Aug 80, Jan-Jul 81, Staff: Aug 80-Jan 81, Jun 82- Nov 83
Romero Randolph Thomas   No Yes Sep 88- Apr 90
Romero Richard Edwin   No Yes Sep-Dec 83
Romig Charles Bernard   No Yes Sep 73- Jan 75
Ronaldi Thomas C.   No No  
Roney Donald Peter   Yes No Feb 68-Sep 71, Dec 71-Nov 76
Ronquillo Wanda T.   Yes No May 79- May 80
Rooney Patrick Francis   No Yes May-Dec 79
Root Gary Alan   No Yes Sep 73- Oct 76
Roper Randal Edmond   No Yes Nov 77- Apr 79
Roper Karen E. Parker No Yes Sep 77- Apr 79
Rorris Daniel Lawrence   No Yes Mar 63- May 68
Rosales-Kian Luis J.   No Yes Feb 89- Jan 92
Rose Donald Thomas   No Yes Sep 68-Aug 69
Rose Tommy Lynn   No No  
Rose Louis Matthew   No Yes Sep-Nov 87, Jan-May 89
Rose Louis Matthew   No No  
Rose George Edward   No No  
Rose Lowell D.   Yes No Jun 77- May 78
Rose Norman R.   Yes No Jun-Jul 77
Rosenbury Jefferson W.   No Yes Sep 90- Dec 91
Rosenthal Paul Curtis   Yes Yes Student: Feb 84-May 86, Staff: May 86-Feb 87
Rosenthal Andrew Lewis   Yes No Feb 88- Mar 89
Ross Linda L. Harrison Yes No Aug 76- Jun 77
Ross Cheryl Lee James No Yes Sep 77- Jun 78
Ross Julie Ann Baldoni No Yes Jan 85- Feb 86
Ross Jason Christopher   No Yes May 95- May 97
Ross Michael E.   No Yes Feb 65- Jul 67
Rosser James Roy   No Yes Jan 74- Jan 76
Roth Timothy Edward   Yes No Aug 86- Jan 88
Roth Roger Ray   No Yes Jun 63- Jul 67
Rougemont Marie S.   Yes No Apr 72- Jun 74
Roulston Gary B.   No Yes Nov 73- Jun 74
Roundy Dennis Merill   No Yes Feb 68- Feb 70
Roush David Donald   No Yes May 72- May 76
Roush Jeffry G.   Yes No Jun 82- Mar 83
Roush Bonnie J. Sargent Yes Yes Student: May 72-Jul 73, Aug 76-Aug 79, Staff: Jul 73-Aug 76,
Roushar Suzanna Lynn   No Yes Jul 75- Jan 77
Rouze Mary E. Porter Yes No May-Nov 79
Rowe Garry Mondell   No Yes Sep 64-Jun 65
Rowe Harriet A. Westby No Yes Jan 74- Dec 75
Rowland Marlin Janelle Brower Yes Yes Student: Jan-May 76, Staff: Jun 73-Jan 76
Rowland James William   No Yes Jan 74- Dec 75
Rowley, IV George Wallace   No Yes Oct 73- May 75
Roy William Arthur   No Yes Jul 84- May 85
Roybal Michael Louie   No Yes Mar 97-May 99
Roybal Maria Christina   No Yes Jun 89- Apr 90
Roybal Paul Raul   No Yes Jul 92-Aug 95
Roybal Matthew Delfin   No Yes Sep 90- Jul 92
Royston Charles F.   Yes No Nov 85- Jan 87
Rubin Scott Alan   No Yes Sep 90- Jul 93
Rubio Isidro Manuel   No Yes Aug 65- May 67
Ruck Sharon Ann   Yes No May 83- Dec 98
Rudd Richard L.   Yes No Oct 59- Sep 93
Rudd Richard L.   Yes No Oct 59- Sep 93
Rudolph William Mark   No Yes May-Dec 82
Rudolph Carl C.   No Yes Sep 63- Aug 65
Rudolph James Harris   No Yes Sep 62- Jul 67
Rudy Kristi Lynn   No Yes Mar 79- Aug 81
Ruffner Maleta H. Stall Yes Yes Student: Sep 65-Jul 67, Staff: Jul 67-Mar 70
Rugg Thomas F.   No Yes Jun 66- Jul 67
Ruiz Ernesto Cueto   No Yes Feb 89- Jul 90
Ruiz Jack Lara   No Yes Jan 80- Mar 81
Ruiz Christopher James   No Yes Sep 80- May 81
Rulli Elizabeth   Hollister Yes No Sep 72-May 77
Ruminer John Jay   No No  
Runyan Wesley Keith   No Yes Jan 68-May 69
Rury Robert Wayne   No Yes Mar 71-Dec 72, Jan 73-May 74
Rusk Michael T.   No Yes Aug 67-Nov 70
Ruspoli James T.   Yes No Apr-Nov 89
Russ Sara   Fritz Yes No Mar 78-Jan 81
Russ Dena L. Posey No Yes Jun 66- Sep 69
Russ Franklin Gene   Yes No Jul 68-Apr 80
Russell Robert R.   No Yes Nov 71- Jun 72
Russell Charles Sinclair   No Yes Feb- Aug 78
Russell Cherry K.   Yes No Oct 87-Nov 93
Russell Jasper Brent   No Yes Feb-May 76
Ruth Henry Earl   Yes No Oct 63- May 69
Ruth Guy Raymond   No Yes Jan-Aug 77
Ruth Guy A.   No Yes Nov 64- Jan 65
Rutledge Robert M.   No Yes Jun 72- Jan 74
Ruybalid Shirley L. Hoppock Yes No Sep 67-Apr 68
Ryall Peter Newton   No Yes May 71- Apr 72
Ryan John F.   Yes No Dec 82- May 85, Mar 93-Mar 94
Ryan Hugh William   Yes No Jun 69-Jan 71
Ryan Dolores A. Medina Yes No Oct 79- Aug 81
Ryan Dorothine Brooks   Yes No Dec 81-May 84
Ryan Sherilynn   Hudgins No Yes Mar 83- Dec 85
Ryan Dan Scott   No Yes Oct 81- Dec 85
Ryan Robert Howard   No Yes Nov 80-May 84
Ryan, III John Velpeau   Yes Yes Student: Nov 69-Feb 78, Staff: Feb-Aug 78
Ryanczak Michael Peter   No Yes May 65-Jul 66
Ryer Jeffrey Todd   No Yes Dec 94- Apr 95
Rypma Jay Michael   No Yes Dec 84- Jul 87