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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - T

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Tabullo Jennifer     No Yes May 99-Mar 00
Taff Paula C.   Yes No Mar-Aug 81
Tafoya Randy F.   No Yes Dec 78-May 79
Tafoya Genno     Yes No Aug-Nov 79
Tafoya Marcus Andrew   Yes Yes Student: Jan-Aug 81, Staff: Jun 80-Jan 81
Taft Stanley Warren   No Yes Oct 62-Sep 64, Nov 66-May 68
Taft Judith A. Doan Yes No Oct 67-May 68
Tagai Margaret Annette   No Yes May 66- Apr 68
Tagert Ronald Ray   No Yes Jun 71-Jan 72
Takashiba Norman Koichi   Yes Yes Student: Feb 61-May 66, Staff: Dec 66-Mar 72
Taliaferro Vincent K.   Yes No Jul-Aug 90
Talich James Richard   No Yes Aug 60-Apr 65, Jun 65-Feb 66
Talley Arnold D.   No Yes Oct 60-Aug 64
Talley Robert Howard   No No  
Talley Gary H.   No Yes Jan 88-Aug 91
Tamura Henry H.   No Yes Sep 71-Jun 73
Tang Tim Hwa Dang   Yes No Mar 80-Feb 82
Tapia Timothy A.   No Yes May 83-Jan 84
Tarango Angelica     Yes No Nov 97-Jul 00
Tarazoff Judith A.   No Yes Aug 77-Sep 79
Tarin Dora Diaz   Yes No Jul-Oct 74
Tarin Alice G. Garcia Yes No Nov 89-May 94
Tarr Linda Elizabeth   Yes No Oct 80-Aug 84
Tate Sharon Lynn   Yes Yes Student: Nov 65-Jun 67, Sep 70-Mar 71, Staff: Jun 67-May 70, Jul 72-Jun 73, Jul 79-Mar 81
Tate Harland Lee   No Yes May 68-Jul 70
Tatreault Leon E.   Yes No Apr 56-Jan 67
Tavarez Miguel A.   No Yes Jan 92-May 93
Tavenner Alice Dionne   No Yes Jun 89-Jun 90
Tawes, Jr. John Paul   No Yes Sep 61-Mar 65
Taylor Raymond D.   No Yes Oct 61-Dec 65
Taylor Sandra Sue Benchoff No Yes Jan 66-May 67
Taylor Moury Eugene   Yes No Apr-Apr 70 (never worked)
Taylor Michael Van   No Yes Feb 66-May 69
Taylor Mary Jane Light Yes No Jun 74-May 76, Jun-Jul 76
Taylor Eva Louise   Yes Yes Student: Apr 79-May 82, Staff: Sep 82-Jan 84
Taylor Kenneth J.   Yes No Oct 87-May 89
Taylor Timothy George   No Yes Jun 65-Jan 66
Taylor Juanita L. Smith No Yes Jul-Sep 65
Taylor James Ray   Yes No Dec 68-Oct 75
Taylor Clark Amos   No Yes Sep 73-May 75
Taylor Harold J.   No Yes Oct 62-Jun 64
Taylor Hal M.   Yes No Nov 81-May 82
Taylor Ernest A.   No Yes Sep 68-Sep 70
Taylor David Allen   No Yes Sep 61-May 66
Taylor Byron R.   No Yes Apr 80-Aug 81
Taylor Vonnie M. Beach Yes No Jan 84- Dec 84
Taylor Eileen Linnie Harris Yes No Jan 73-Feb 74
Taylor Stacy Lee   No Yes Jul 72-Dec 74
Taylor Alan Madison   No Yes Mar 80-Dec 82, Sep 87-Jan 90
Taylor Jeffrey Alan   Yes Yes Student: Jul 79-Aug g83, Staff: Aug 83-Apr 84
Taylor Jennifer Lynn Lustgarten No Yes Apr 78- Dec 81
Taylor Scott Harrison   No Yes Jan 90-May 91
Teetsel Reginald A.   Yes No Jul 67-Apr 69
Teiveiro Juana M. Escobedo No Yes Jun 79- Nov 79
Telles Dolores S.   No No ?
Telles Harry Doises   No Yes Sep 76-Jun 78
Telles Luis     Yes No Jul-Jul 76
Telles Richard Doises   No Yes May 77-Jul 79
Telles David D.   Yes No Feb 86-Feb 95
Telles Dolores S. Lucero Yes No Feb 53- Feb 95
Telles Laura Eileen   Yes Yes Student: Aug 89-Jan 92, Staff: Jan-Feb 92, Jun-Jul 92
Tellez Mahonri A.   No Yes Aug 91-Jul 92
Tellez Agustin G.   Yes No Feb 72-Jul 87, Aug-Nov 87
Tellez Mario Avila   No Yes Nov 78-Apr 79
Tellez Yvette M.   No Yes Sep 97-Apr 98, Jun-Jul 99
Tempel Jimmy Paul   Yes Yes Student: Feb 78-Jul 80, Aug 81-Feb 82, Sep 82-May 83, Staff: Jul 80-Aug 81, Feb-Sep 82
Temple John Leroy   No Yes Mar 71-Aug 73
Tenorio Robert F.   Yes Yes Student: May 59-Jul 60, Staff: Jul 60-Mar 66
Tercero Herlinda     No Yes Jun-Oct 97
Terpenning Pamela J. Schueller Yes Yes Student: Jan 77-Sep 79, Staff: Sep 79-Sep 81
Terrazas Marco A.   Yes No Aug 77-Feb 80
Terrell Patrick Ryan   No Yes Feb 86-Apr 87
Terry Linda M. Salabor Yes No Oct 71-Feb 76
Terry Mary Pauline Braton No Yes Jul 64-Sep 66
Terry Gary Wayne   No Yes Aug 72-Aug 75
Terry Marshall Clay   Yes Yes Student: Aug 68-Aug 69, Staff: Aug-Sept 69
Terwilliger Donald F.   Yes No Aug 81-May 95
Thacker Arthur B.   No Yes Aug 83-Aug 85
Tharp George Wallace   No Yes Jun 74-Feb 76
Tharp Virgil B.   Yes No Jul 87-Jun 88
Thayer Christopher D.   Yes Yes Student: May 95-Jan 97, Staff: Jan-Feb 97
Theye Lonnie Alan   Yes No Jul 70-Jun 73
Thimson Donald     No No  
Thode Edward F.   Yes No May 78-Jan 80
Thomas Robert C.   Yes No Jan 66-Jun 70
Thomas Samuel Ray   No Yes Jun-Aug 76
Thomas Andrew     No Yes Jan-May 97
Thomas Ronald J.   No Yes Sep 61-May 66
Thomas Charles L.   Yes No Feb 63-Feb 65, Jan 67-Jan 68
Thomas David Alan   Yes No Feb 82-Oct 85
Thomas James Lon   Yes No Jun 60-Jan 71, Feb 85-Dec 96, Jan 97-Jun 00
Thomas John F.   No Yes Feb-Jun 65
Thomas Stephen W.   No Yes Feb 63-Mar 68
Thomas Shirley J. Kerns Yes Yes Student: Sep 56-Oct 58, Staff: Feb 59-Oct 68,Jul 87-Jun 95
Thomas Eugene Bruce   No Yes Sep 67-Apr 68, Jun 68-Mar 69, Jun 69-Jan 71
Thomas Frank G.   Yes Yes Student: Feb-Dec 78, Staff: Dec 78-Dec 79
Thomas, Jr. James L.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 86-Jun 87, Staff: Jun-Jun 87
Thomason Spencer Campbell   No Yes Aug 65-Aug 68, Jul 71-Jul 74
Thomason, Jr. Homer S.   Yes No Jul 71-Jul 76
Thompson William L.   No Yes Mar 66- May 69
Thompson Paul Curtis   No Yes Jun 71-Feb 73
Thompson Michael Edward   No Yes Jan 81-Apr 83, Dec 83-Jan 84
Thompson David Timothy   No Yes Oct 88-May 89
Thompson Lorenzo     Yes No Jun 81-Oct 82
Thompson Leslie D.   No Yes Dec-Dec 77 (never worked)
Thompson Jonn     No Yes Jun 78-Apr 80
Thompson Jerry Sue   No Yes Jun-Jul 80, May 83-Jan 84
Thompson Wiley E.   Yes No Sep 68-Sep 71
Thompson Donald I.   Yes No Oct 82-Jan 84
Thompson Suzanne C. Sharpe Yes No Nov 67-May 71
Thompson Stephen P.   No Yes Sep 67-Dec 70
Thompson Richard Roy   No Yes Jun 67-Jan 68, Jun 68-Feb 69
Thompson Robert A.   No Yes Apr 68-May 69
Thompson Roger Howard   Yes No Jun 79-?
Thompson Timothy Carroll   No Yes Jun 75-May 76
Thompson Karl Clyve   No Yes Jun-Jul 79
Thornberry Harold Louis   No Yes May 69-Feb 72
Thorne Ruby Maria Romero Yes No May 73- Oct 74, Apr 75-Aug 76
Thorne Mark S.   Yes Yes Student: Jun 74-Jun 75, Staff: Jun 75-Aug 76
Thorpe Kathleen     Yes No Oct 79-Jul 87
Thorpe Phillip Dean   Yes No Feb 70-Jul 87
Thorpe, Jr. Martin Elwell   No Yes Sep 66-Feb 68
Thorson David R.   No Yes Aug-Dec 91
Thorsted Christy A. Finch No Yes Aug-Nov 90
Throneberry Angela Marie Doubrava No Yes Oct 85- Jul 87
Throneberry Patricia E. Black Yes No Oct 55-Apr 91, Jul 91-Jan 95
Throneberry Gregg Laurence   Yes Yes Student: Jun-Aug 69, Jun 70-May 71, Staff: Feb 73-Aug 87
Thrower David Allen   No Yes Sep 76-Sep 77
Thurm Gary E.   No Yes Feb 63-Feb 65
Thygerson Gerald Lee   No Yes Feb 65-May 66
Tibbetts Gloria R. Steele Yes Yes Student: May 72-Jun 73, Staff: Apr-Aug 74
Tibbetts Charles M.   Yes No Aug 70- Aug 74, Jul 79-Feb 87
Tichenor Stephen L.   No Yes Feb 66-Jun 69
Tidwell Frankie G.   Yes No Mar 77-Apr 82
Tietjen Rena D. Sullenger No Yes Oct 66- Oct 67
Tilghman Jimmie S.   No Yes Aug 60-Jun 66
Tillery Kevin Ray   Yes No May 89-Aug 93
Tillery Hugh M.   No Yes Jun 66- Apr 70
Tillery Suzanne D.   Yes No Oct 85-Aug 89
Tilley John Michael   No Yes Jun 69-Sep 70
Tilley Jack F.   Yes No May 81-Jul 99
Tillman Donna M. Hansen Yes No Aug-Nov 77
Tilmant James Thomas   No Yes Feb 63-May 64, Feb 65-Jan 66, Feb-Feb 67
Timbers Barton E.   Yes No Oct 59-Oct 64
Timinski Paula J. Holcombe Yes No Mar-Nov 77
Timmons David H.   Yes No Sep 64-Jul 87
Timmons Richard Lee   Yes No Feb-Apr 79
Tindal Nan E. Muncrief No Yes Oct 76-Jun 79
Tindal James Earl   Yes Yes Student: Jul 75-Dec 80, Staff: Oct 73-Jul 75
Ting Chueh     No Yes May-Aug 99
Tipton Virginia M. Beins Yes No Jul 69-Feb 74
Tisler Andrew L.   No Yes Jun 65-Mar 70
Todd Janis D.   No Yes Aug 91-Jun 92, Jan-May 93
Todd Deborah A. Hunter No Yes Jun 67- Sep 68
Todd Robert Bradley   No Yes Mar 90-Jun 92, Feb-May 93
Togami Paul     No No  
Togami James Keisure   Yes No Sep 60-Aug 68
Tognacci Louis Nello   No Yes Sep 65-Jun 67
Toland Robert Martin   Yes No May 83-May 84
Toland Ranelle   Zimmerman Yes No Jun 65-Apr 67
Toledo John     Yes No Sep 81-Feb 82
Tolleson Gary Scott   Yes No Jan-Jul 75
Tomaselli Cosmo Andrew   Yes Yes Student: Jun 75-Jan 76, Staff: Jan 76-Feb 77
Tomaselli Susette   Whitley Yes No Sep 71-Feb 77
Tomb Richard Foster   Yes No Jul 68-May 73
Tomboulian Sherryl Jean   No Yes May 80-Dec 81
Tomlinson Sharon Aileen   No Yes Apr 95-Aug 96
Tooley Matthew J.   Yes No Oct-Dec 87
Toran A. Vavi Lebiush Yes No Aug 74-Sep 75
Torbert Virgilo McMinn   No No  
Torbert Ronald Louis   No No  
Torres Yvette L. Deck Yes Yes Student: Mar 82- Feb 83, Staff: Aug 83- Aug 83
Torres Sally L.   Yes No Oct 78-Apr 82
Torres Ricardo Vasquez   Yes Yes Student: Dec 76-Mar 78, May 79-Dec 81, Staff: Mar 78-May 79, Dec 81-Apr 84
Torres Thomas Eugene   No Yes Aug 74-Dec 77
Torres Ernestina Martinez   Yes No Apr-Jun 89
Torres Juan     No No  
Torres Elvira M.   Yes No Sep 81-Sep 91
Torrez Joe Victor   No Yes May-Aug 81
Torrez Rebecca E.   No Yes Mar-May 68
Torrez Eloy Jose   No Yes Sep 65-Dec 69
Torrez Wayne Giles   No Yes Oct 95-Jan 96
Townsend Danna L. Younger Yes No Oct 70-Mar 73
Townsend Charles R.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 60-Mar 66, Staff: Mar 66-Nov 70, Sep 71-?
Townsend David H.   No Yes Aug 75-Jan 77
Townsend Robert Kendall   No Yes Jun 62-Sep 69
Townsend Mary F.   No Yes Oct 79-Nov 81
Tracy Stuart B.   Yes No Aug 60-Aug 70
Trainor Thomas George   Yes No Aug 72- Aug 73
Traylor Robin J.   No Yes Feb-Sep 78
Traynor Sherry A. Hudgens Yes No Jul-Dec 65
Treat, Jr. Thomas J.   No Yes Apr 62-Aug 66
Trefil Stefan     No Yes Sep 92-Jan 94
Trellue Ronald Edward   No Yes May 68-Dec 73
Treon Catherine Irene Weaver Yes Yes Student: Feb 66-Jan 67, Staff: Jan 67-Mar 70
Treptow Andrea Lynne Bailey No Yes Nov 90- Jan 92
Trice Ronald W.   No Yes Sep 66-Aug 69
Trice John M.   No Yes Jun 67-May 70
Trimmier John Robert   No Yes Jun 63-Jun 66
Triplett Elija     No No  
Triste Francisco     Yes No Nov 82-Nov 00
Trojan Jacqueline Marie   No Yes Jan 91-May 94
Trone Donald Leroy   No Yes Jan 67-Feb 68
Trost Oscar F.   Yes No May 72-Jul 86
Troublefield Robert Charles   No Yes Jul-Dec 86
Trowse Margaret A. Tagai Yes No Dec 69-Jan 71
Troy Bruce L.   No Yes Sep 69-Jun 70
Troy Donna L. Welch Yes Yes Student: Jan-Jun 71, Staff: Jun 71-May 73
Troy John K.   No Yes Nov-Dec 96
Trujillo Elizabeth J. Fernandez Yes No May-Dec 65
Trujillo Margaret C.   No Yes Jun 67-Apr 69
Trujillo John Edward   Yes Yes Student: Apr 83-Sep 85, Staff: Sep 85-Jul 88
Trujillo John Anthony   No Yes Mar 81-Jan 85
Trujillo John Chris   No Yes Feb-Jun 77
Trujillo Anita R. Lara Yes No Sep 79-Apr 84
Trujillo Steven M.   Yes No Apr 89-Feb 94
Trujillo Placido     Yes No Apr 79-Jul 89
Trujillo Theodore J.   No Yes Sep 64-Jun 65, Aug 65-May 67
Trujillo Audrey     No Yes Oct 99-May 00
Trujillo Rudy     Yes No Sep 81-Jun 82, Jul 82-Jan 83, Apr-May 83
Trujillo Josephine A. Arellano Yes No Sep 79-Jun 85
Trujillo Patricia Ann   Yes No Jul 86-May 88
Trujillo Romeo Orlando   No Yes May-Aug 80, Oct-Dec 80, May-Jul 81
Trujillo Margaret Jo Casados Yes No Apr 70-May 71
Trujillo James Keith   No Yes Jan 85-Apr 89
Trujillo Sandra Clare Rodriguez Yes No Jun-Dec 73
Trujillo, Jr. Lucas O.   Yes No Aug 89- Aug 94
Trujillo, Jr. Arthur Edward   No Yes Nov 83- Feb 87
Tsosie Herbert Reed   No Yes Sep 81-Feb 83, Mar-Oct 83
Tucker Virginia   Corral No Yes Mar-Mar 81
Tucker Roy K.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 61-Jan 62, Staff: Jan 62-Mar 71, Aug 72-May 74, Jan 75-Oct 77
Tucker John James   Yes No Mar-Oct 86
Tucker Jeffrey Nelson   No Yes Oct 94-May 95
Tucker Robert L.   No Yes Feb 63-Feb 68
Tulk Dean Gregory   No Yes Mar 98-Jan 00
Tupper Judy L. Greenwood Yes No May 67-May 68
Tupper Thomas Suggs   No Yes Sep 63-May 68
Turbeville, Jr. Boyd Franklin   No Yes Jan 67-Jan 70
Turnage Douglas L.   No Yes Jun 63-Jan 69
Turnbull David Kent   No Yes Sep 79- May 81
Turnbull Dennis Allan   Yes Yes Student: Jul 81-Jun 83, Staff: Jun-Sep 83
Turner Torri Marque   No Yes Mar 83-Apr 84
Turner Robert Calvin   No Yes May-Nov 83, Jan-Aug 84
Turner Jay Lynn   No Yes Jun 68-Feb 71
Turner James A.   Yes No Oct 94-Mar 98
Turrentine James E.   No Yes Jun-Sep 65
Tuttle Willard Nicholson   No Yes Feb 64-Apr 65, Jun 65-?
Tuttle, Jr. Vernal D.   No Yes Sep 67-Jan 68
Tyler Cynda     Yes No Mar-Jul 75
Tyree Norman G.   No Yes Oct 82-Jun 83