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NASA’s Scientific Balloon Program provides development testing & training of engineers


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The Solar Furnace at NMSU PSL harnesses the power of the sun for research

Alumni Directory - T

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Tabullo Jennifer     No Yes May 99-Mar 00
Taff Paula C.   Yes No Mar-Aug 81
Tafoya Randy F.   No Yes Dec 78-May 79
Tafoya Genno     Yes No Aug-Nov 79
Tafoya Marcus Andrew   Yes Yes Student: Jan-Aug 81, Staff: Jun 80-Jan 81
Taft Stanley Warren   No Yes Oct 62-Sep 64, Nov 66-May 68
Taft Judith A. Doan Yes No Oct 67-May 68
Tagai Margaret Annette   No Yes May 66- Apr 68
Tagert Ronald Ray   No Yes Jun 71-Jan 72
Takashiba Norman Koichi   Yes Yes Student: Feb 61-May 66, Staff: Dec 66-Mar 72
Taliaferro Vincent K.   Yes No Jul-Aug 90
Talich James Richard   No Yes Aug 60-Apr 65, Jun 65-Feb 66
Talley Arnold D.   No Yes Oct 60-Aug 64
Talley Robert Howard   No No  
Talley Gary H.   No Yes Jan 88-Aug 91
Tamura Henry H.   No Yes Sep 71-Jun 73
Tang Tim Hwa Dang   Yes No Mar 80-Feb 82
Tapia Timothy A.   No Yes May 83-Jan 84
Tarango Angelica     Yes No Nov 97-Jul 00
Tarazoff Judith A.   No Yes Aug 77-Sep 79
Tarin Dora Diaz   Yes No Jul-Oct 74
Tarin Alice G. Garcia Yes No Nov 89-May 94
Tarr Linda Elizabeth   Yes No Oct 80-Aug 84
Tate Sharon Lynn   Yes Yes Student: Nov 65-Jun 67, Sep 70-Mar 71, Staff: Jun 67-May 70, Jul 72-Jun 73, Jul 79-Mar 81
Tate Harland Lee   No Yes May 68-Jul 70
Tatreault Leon E.   Yes No Apr 56-Jan 67
Tavarez Miguel A.   No Yes Jan 92-May 93
Tavenner Alice Dionne   No Yes Jun 89-Jun 90
Tawes, Jr. John Paul   No Yes Sep 61-Mar 65
Taylor Raymond D.   No Yes Oct 61-Dec 65
Taylor Sandra Sue Benchoff No Yes Jan 66-May 67
Taylor Moury Eugene   Yes No Apr-Apr 70 (never worked)
Taylor Michael Van   No Yes Feb 66-May 69
Taylor Mary Jane Light Yes No Jun 74-May 76, Jun-Jul 76
Taylor Eva Louise   Yes Yes Student: Apr 79-May 82, Staff: Sep 82-Jan 84
Taylor Kenneth J.   Yes No Oct 87-May 89
Taylor Timothy George   No Yes Jun 65-Jan 66
Taylor Juanita L. Smith No Yes Jul-Sep 65
Taylor James Ray   Yes No Dec 68-Oct 75
Taylor Clark Amos   No Yes Sep 73-May 75
Taylor Harold J.   No Yes Oct 62-Jun 64
Taylor Hal M.   Yes No Nov 81-May 82
Taylor Ernest A.   No Yes Sep 68-Sep 70
Taylor David Allen   No Yes Sep 61-May 66
Taylor Byron R.   No Yes Apr 80-Aug 81
Taylor Vonnie M. Beach Yes No Jan 84- Dec 84
Taylor Eileen Linnie Harris Yes No Jan 73-Feb 74
Taylor Stacy Lee   No Yes Jul 72-Dec 74
Taylor Alan Madison   No Yes Mar 80-Dec 82, Sep 87-Jan 90
Taylor Jeffrey Alan   Yes Yes Student: Jul 79-Aug g83, Staff: Aug 83-Apr 84
Taylor Jennifer Lynn Lustgarten No Yes Apr 78- Dec 81
Taylor Scott Harrison   No Yes Jan 90-May 91
Teetsel Reginald A.   Yes No Jul 67-Apr 69
Teiveiro Juana M. Escobedo No Yes Jun 79- Nov 79
Telles Dolores S.   No No ?
Telles Harry Doises   No Yes Sep 76-Jun 78
Telles Luis     Yes No Jul-Jul 76
Telles Richard Doises   No Yes May 77-Jul 79
Telles David D.   Yes No Feb 86-Feb 95
Telles Dolores S. Lucero Yes No Feb 53- Feb 95
Telles Laura Eileen   Yes Yes Student: Aug 89-Jan 92, Staff: Jan-Feb 92, Jun-Jul 92
Tellez Mahonri A.   No Yes Aug 91-Jul 92
Tellez Agustin G.   Yes No Feb 72-Jul 87, Aug-Nov 87
Tellez Mario Avila   No Yes Nov 78-Apr 79
Tellez Yvette M.   No Yes Sep 97-Apr 98, Jun-Jul 99
Tempel Jimmy Paul   Yes Yes Student: Feb 78-Jul 80, Aug 81-Feb 82, Sep 82-May 83, Staff: Jul 80-Aug 81, Feb-Sep 82
Temple John Leroy   No Yes Mar 71-Aug 73
Tenorio Robert F.   Yes Yes Student: May 59-Jul 60, Staff: Jul 60-Mar 66
Tercero Herlinda     No Yes Jun-Oct 97
Terpenning Pamela J. Schueller Yes Yes Student: Jan 77-Sep 79, Staff: Sep 79-Sep 81
Terrazas Marco A.   Yes No Aug 77-Feb 80
Terrell Patrick Ryan   No Yes Feb 86-Apr 87
Terry Linda M. Salabor Yes No Oct 71-Feb 76
Terry Mary Pauline Braton No Yes Jul 64-Sep 66
Terry Gary Wayne   No Yes Aug 72-Aug 75
Terry Marshall Clay   Yes Yes Student: Aug 68-Aug 69, Staff: Aug-Sept 69
Terwilliger Donald F.   Yes No Aug 81-May 95
Thacker Arthur B.   No Yes Aug 83-Aug 85
Tharp George Wallace   No Yes Jun 74-Feb 76
Tharp Virgil B.   Yes No Jul 87-Jun 88
Thayer Christopher D.   Yes Yes Student: May 95-Jan 97, Staff: Jan-Feb 97
Theye Lonnie Alan   Yes No Jul 70-Jun 73
Thimson Donald     No No  
Thode Edward F.   Yes No May 78-Jan 80
Thomas Robert C.   Yes No Jan 66-Jun 70
Thomas Samuel Ray   No Yes Jun-Aug 76
Thomas Andrew     No Yes Jan-May 97
Thomas Ronald J.   No Yes Sep 61-May 66
Thomas Charles L.   Yes No Feb 63-Feb 65, Jan 67-Jan 68
Thomas David Alan   Yes No Feb 82-Oct 85
Thomas James Lon   Yes No Jun 60-Jan 71, Feb 85-Dec 96, Jan 97-Jun 00
Thomas John F.   No Yes Feb-Jun 65
Thomas Stephen W.   No Yes Feb 63-Mar 68
Thomas Shirley J. Kerns Yes Yes Student: Sep 56-Oct 58, Staff: Feb 59-Oct 68,Jul 87-Jun 95
Thomas Eugene Bruce   No Yes Sep 67-Apr 68, Jun 68-Mar 69, Jun 69-Jan 71
Thomas Frank G.   Yes Yes Student: Feb-Dec 78, Staff: Dec 78-Dec 79
Thomas, Jr. James L.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 86-Jun 87, Staff: Jun-Jun 87
Thomason Spencer Campbell   No Yes Aug 65-Aug 68, Jul 71-Jul 74
Thomason, Jr. Homer S.   Yes No Jul 71-Jul 76
Thompson William L.   No Yes Mar 66- May 69
Thompson Paul Curtis   No Yes Jun 71-Feb 73
Thompson Michael Edward   No Yes Jan 81-Apr 83, Dec 83-Jan 84
Thompson David Timothy   No Yes Oct 88-May 89
Thompson Lorenzo     Yes No Jun 81-Oct 82
Thompson Leslie D.   No Yes Dec-Dec 77 (never worked)
Thompson Jonn     No Yes Jun 78-Apr 80
Thompson Jerry Sue   No Yes Jun-Jul 80, May 83-Jan 84
Thompson Wiley E.   Yes No Sep 68-Sep 71
Thompson Donald I.   Yes No Oct 82-Jan 84
Thompson Suzanne C. Sharpe Yes No Nov 67-May 71
Thompson Stephen P.   No Yes Sep 67-Dec 70
Thompson Richard Roy   No Yes Jun 67-Jan 68, Jun 68-Feb 69
Thompson Robert A.   No Yes Apr 68-May 69
Thompson Roger Howard   Yes No Jun 79-?
Thompson Timothy Carroll   No Yes Jun 75-May 76
Thompson Karl Clyve   No Yes Jun-Jul 79
Thornberry Harold Louis   No Yes May 69-Feb 72
Thorne Ruby Maria Romero Yes No May 73- Oct 74, Apr 75-Aug 76
Thorne Mark S.   Yes Yes Student: Jun 74-Jun 75, Staff: Jun 75-Aug 76
Thorpe Kathleen     Yes No Oct 79-Jul 87
Thorpe Phillip Dean   Yes No Feb 70-Jul 87
Thorpe, Jr. Martin Elwell   No Yes Sep 66-Feb 68
Thorson David R.   No Yes Aug-Dec 91
Thorsted Christy A. Finch No Yes Aug-Nov 90
Throneberry Angela Marie Doubrava No Yes Oct 85- Jul 87
Throneberry Patricia E. Black Yes No Oct 55-Apr 91, Jul 91-Jan 95
Throneberry Gregg Laurence   Yes Yes Student: Jun-Aug 69, Jun 70-May 71, Staff: Feb 73-Aug 87
Thrower David Allen   No Yes Sep 76-Sep 77
Thurm Gary E.   No Yes Feb 63-Feb 65
Thygerson Gerald Lee   No Yes Feb 65-May 66
Tibbetts Gloria R. Steele Yes Yes Student: May 72-Jun 73, Staff: Apr-Aug 74
Tibbetts Charles M.   Yes No Aug 70- Aug 74, Jul 79-Feb 87
Tichenor Stephen L.   No Yes Feb 66-Jun 69
Tidwell Frankie G.   Yes No Mar 77-Apr 82
Tietjen Rena D. Sullenger No Yes Oct 66- Oct 67
Tilghman Jimmie S.   No Yes Aug 60-Jun 66
Tillery Kevin Ray   Yes No May 89-Aug 93
Tillery Hugh M.   No Yes Jun 66- Apr 70
Tillery Suzanne D.   Yes No Oct 85-Aug 89
Tilley John Michael   No Yes Jun 69-Sep 70
Tilley Jack F.   Yes No May 81-Jul 99
Tillman Donna M. Hansen Yes No Aug-Nov 77
Tilmant James Thomas   No Yes Feb 63-May 64, Feb 65-Jan 66, Feb-Feb 67
Timbers Barton E.   Yes No Oct 59-Oct 64
Timinski Paula J. Holcombe Yes No Mar-Nov 77
Timmons David H.   Yes No Sep 64-Jul 87
Timmons Richard Lee   Yes No Feb-Apr 79
Tindal Nan E. Muncrief No Yes Oct 76-Jun 79
Tindal James Earl   Yes Yes Student: Jul 75-Dec 80, Staff: Oct 73-Jul 75
Ting Chueh     No Yes May-Aug 99
Tipton Virginia M. Beins Yes No Jul 69-Feb 74
Tisler Andrew L.   No Yes Jun 65-Mar 70
Todd Janis D.   No Yes Aug 91-Jun 92, Jan-May 93
Todd Deborah A. Hunter No Yes Jun 67- Sep 68
Todd Robert Bradley   No Yes Mar 90-Jun 92, Feb-May 93
Togami Paul     No No  
Togami James Keisure   Yes No Sep 60-Aug 68
Tognacci Louis Nello   No Yes Sep 65-Jun 67
Toland Robert Martin   Yes No May 83-May 84
Toland Ranelle   Zimmerman Yes No Jun 65-Apr 67
Toledo John     Yes No Sep 81-Feb 82
Tolleson Gary Scott   Yes No Jan-Jul 75
Tomaselli Cosmo Andrew   Yes Yes Student: Jun 75-Jan 76, Staff: Jan 76-Feb 77
Tomaselli Susette   Whitley Yes No Sep 71-Feb 77
Tomb Richard Foster   Yes No Jul 68-May 73
Tomboulian Sherryl Jean   No Yes May 80-Dec 81
Tomlinson Sharon Aileen   No Yes Apr 95-Aug 96
Tooley Matthew J.   Yes No Oct-Dec 87
Toran A. Vavi Lebiush Yes No Aug 74-Sep 75
Torbert Virgilo McMinn   No No  
Torbert Ronald Louis   No No  
Torres Yvette L. Deck Yes Yes Student: Mar 82- Feb 83, Staff: Aug 83- Aug 83
Torres Sally L.   Yes No Oct 78-Apr 82
Torres Ricardo Vasquez   Yes Yes Student: Dec 76-Mar 78, May 79-Dec 81, Staff: Mar 78-May 79, Dec 81-Apr 84
Torres Thomas Eugene   No Yes Aug 74-Dec 77
Torres Ernestina Martinez   Yes No Apr-Jun 89
Torres Juan     No No  
Torres Elvira M.   Yes No Sep 81-Sep 91
Torrez Joe Victor   No Yes May-Aug 81
Torrez Rebecca E.   No Yes Mar-May 68
Torrez Eloy Jose   No Yes Sep 65-Dec 69
Torrez Wayne Giles   No Yes Oct 95-Jan 96
Townsend Danna L. Younger Yes No Oct 70-Mar 73
Townsend Charles R.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 60-Mar 66, Staff: Mar 66-Nov 70, Sep 71-?
Townsend David H.   No Yes Aug 75-Jan 77
Townsend Robert Kendall   No Yes Jun 62-Sep 69
Townsend Mary F.   No Yes Oct 79-Nov 81
Tracy Stuart B.   Yes No Aug 60-Aug 70
Trainor Thomas George   Yes No Aug 72- Aug 73
Traylor Robin J.   No Yes Feb-Sep 78
Traynor Sherry A. Hudgens Yes No Jul-Dec 65
Treat, Jr. Thomas J.   No Yes Apr 62-Aug 66
Trefil Stefan     No Yes Sep 92-Jan 94
Trellue Ronald Edward   No Yes May 68-Dec 73
Treon Catherine Irene Weaver Yes Yes Student: Feb 66-Jan 67, Staff: Jan 67-Mar 70
Treptow Andrea Lynne Bailey No Yes Nov 90- Jan 92
Trice Ronald W.   No Yes Sep 66-Aug 69
Trice John M.   No Yes Jun 67-May 70
Trimmier John Robert   No Yes Jun 63-Jun 66
Triplett Elija     No No  
Triste Francisco     Yes No Nov 82-Nov 00
Trojan Jacqueline Marie   No Yes Jan 91-May 94
Trone Donald Leroy   No Yes Jan 67-Feb 68
Trost Oscar F.   Yes No May 72-Jul 86
Troublefield Robert Charles   No Yes Jul-Dec 86
Trowse Margaret A. Tagai Yes No Dec 69-Jan 71
Troy Bruce L.   No Yes Sep 69-Jun 70
Troy Donna L. Welch Yes Yes Student: Jan-Jun 71, Staff: Jun 71-May 73
Troy John K.   No Yes Nov-Dec 96
Trujillo Elizabeth J. Fernandez Yes No May-Dec 65
Trujillo Margaret C.   No Yes Jun 67-Apr 69
Trujillo John Edward   Yes Yes Student: Apr 83-Sep 85, Staff: Sep 85-Jul 88
Trujillo John Anthony   No Yes Mar 81-Jan 85
Trujillo John Chris   No Yes Feb-Jun 77
Trujillo Anita R. Lara Yes No Sep 79-Apr 84
Trujillo Steven M.   Yes No Apr 89-Feb 94
Trujillo Placido     Yes No Apr 79-Jul 89
Trujillo Theodore J.   No Yes Sep 64-Jun 65, Aug 65-May 67
Trujillo Audrey     No Yes Oct 99-May 00
Trujillo Rudy     Yes No Sep 81-Jun 82, Jul 82-Jan 83, Apr-May 83
Trujillo Josephine A. Arellano Yes No Sep 79-Jun 85
Trujillo Patricia Ann   Yes No Jul 86-May 88
Trujillo Romeo Orlando   No Yes May-Aug 80, Oct-Dec 80, May-Jul 81
Trujillo Margaret Jo Casados Yes No Apr 70-May 71
Trujillo James Keith   No Yes Jan 85-Apr 89
Trujillo Sandra Clare Rodriguez Yes No Jun-Dec 73
Trujillo, Jr. Lucas O.   Yes No Aug 89- Aug 94
Trujillo, Jr. Arthur Edward   No Yes Nov 83- Feb 87
Tsosie Herbert Reed   No Yes Sep 81-Feb 83, Mar-Oct 83
Tucker Virginia   Corral No Yes Mar-Mar 81
Tucker Roy K.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 61-Jan 62, Staff: Jan 62-Mar 71, Aug 72-May 74, Jan 75-Oct 77
Tucker John James   Yes No Mar-Oct 86
Tucker Jeffrey Nelson   No Yes Oct 94-May 95
Tucker Robert L.   No Yes Feb 63-Feb 68
Tulk Dean Gregory   No Yes Mar 98-Jan 00
Tupper Judy L. Greenwood Yes No May 67-May 68
Tupper Thomas Suggs   No Yes Sep 63-May 68
Turbeville, Jr. Boyd Franklin   No Yes Jan 67-Jan 70
Turnage Douglas L.   No Yes Jun 63-Jan 69
Turnbull David Kent   No Yes Sep 79- May 81
Turnbull Dennis Allan   Yes Yes Student: Jul 81-Jun 83, Staff: Jun-Sep 83
Turner Torri Marque   No Yes Mar 83-Apr 84
Turner Robert Calvin   No Yes May-Nov 83, Jan-Aug 84
Turner Jay Lynn   No Yes Jun 68-Feb 71
Turner James A.   Yes No Oct 94-Mar 98
Turrentine James E.   No Yes Jun-Sep 65
Tuttle Willard Nicholson   No Yes Feb 64-Apr 65, Jun 65-?
Tuttle, Jr. Vernal D.   No Yes Sep 67-Jan 68
Tyler Cynda     Yes No Mar-Jul 75
Tyree Norman G.   No Yes Oct 82-Jun 83