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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - V

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Vaccarella Robert Peter   No Yes Feb 86-May 87
Vail Neal Kent   Yes Yes Student: Sep 84-May 85, Feb-Jun 86, Staff: Jun 86-Aug 87
Valdevit Boris Alexander   No Yes Apr-Aug 85
Valdez Carla J.   No Yes May 85-Aug 86
Valdez Aniseto Juan   No Yes Jul 69-May 72
Valdez Barbara C. Chavarria Yes No Nov 85- Dec 92
Valdez Rudy Johnny   No Yes Apr 70-Jun 73
Valdez Florencio     No No  
Valdez Roberto     Yes No Jun 78-May 85
Valdez, Jr. Fidel     No No  
Valentine Lucille P. Fountain No Yes Apr 65-Jun 66
Valentine Jerry     No No  
Valentine Jerald Alan   No Yes Sep 60-Jun 82, Sep 64-May 66
Valenzuela Lisa Marie   Yes No Jun 86- Jun 87
Valle Michael Joseph   No Yes Jul 86-Mar 87
Valles Randy J.   No Yes Feb-Jul 87
Valtierra Hortencia   Villalobos Yes No Sep 79-Dec 86
Valverde Anne   Molina Yes No Nov 69-Sep 73
Van Alstine Rick G.   No Yes Aug 76-Jun 78, Sep-Oct 79
Van Buren Jo A.   Yes No Nov 79-?
Van Degrift George A.   No Yes Dec 64-Aug 68
Van Degrift Patricia A.   Yes No Nov 68-Aug 69, Jun 70-Mar 71
Van Dyke Catherine A. Fernandez Yes No Jun 78-Jun 79
Van Eaton Mary D.   No Yes Sep 71-Apr 72
Van Eys Nancy J. Sklower No Yes Feb-Jun 77
Van Horn Mark     Yes Yes Student: Aug 81-Jun 82, Staff: Jun 79-Aug 81
Van Houten Roland Willem   No Yes Feb 62-May 64
Van Pelt Kathleen M. Hicks Yes Yes Student: May 66-Jul 67, Staff: Jul 67-May 68
Van Pelt David Alan   Yes Yes Student: Mar-Apr 73, Staff: Apr 73-Sep 80
Van Scyoc Michael D.   No Yes Oct-Nov 87
Van Sweden John Jacob   No Yes Sep 67-May 69
Van Tol Kay Ellen   Yes No May 69-Aug 70
Vanbebber Glen Alan   No Yes Jun-Dec 81
Vance David Bryant   No Yes Sep 69-Oct 71
Vance John H.   No Yes Jul-Aug 91
Vance Velesha Ivy   No Yes Aug 85-Apr 87
Vance Jene Newton   No No  
Vandoren Gretchen M.   Yes No Oct 83-Jun 84
Vaneaton-Elmore Karen S.   No Yes May 84-Jun 85
Varela Gil A.   Yes No Feb 82-Jul 87
Varnum Barbara J. (Ruiz) (Macuich) Yes No Oct 87-Feb 95
Varoz Michelle Guadalupe   No Yes May 89-May 90
Vasilakis Susan Elaine Tillman Yes Yes Student: Jun 68-Jul 70, Sep 70-Jun 71, Staff: Jul-Aug 70
Vasiliadis Janet Y.   Yes No Apr 87-Sep 95
Vasquez Francisco     No Yes Feb 78-Aug 80
Vasquez Gloria C. Contreras Yes No Oct 77-Dec 78
Vaughan Helen H. Mauldin Yes No Jun 66-Jun 67, Jan-May 68
Vaughn Jessy Carlyle   Yes Yes Student: Feb 54-Feb 59, Staff: Feb 59-Jul 65
Vaughn Polly Hackler   No Yes Apr 80- Jul 80
Vaughn Juliet M. Elias Yes No Mar 76- May 79
Vaughn Donald Alex   No Yes Feb 64-Aug 67
Vaughn Melody J. Buck Yes No Jul 74-Dec 76
Vaughn Bobby Gene   Yes No May 60-Sep 71
Vaughn Paul Ray   No Yes Feb 65-Mar 66
Vaughn, Jr. Rosco C.   No Yes Sep 62-Aug 65
Vazquez Luis Ernesto   Yes No Dec 83-Jan 84
Veale Paul Douglas   No Yes Aug 74-Feb 75
Veazey Douglas Deverne   No No ?
Veazey David Carter   No Yes Jun 65-Dec 70
Vedeler Erik     No Yes May 82-May 84, Sep 85-Jan 88
Vega Roger Bustamante   Yes No Jun 97-Jan 98
Vehstedt Bonnie Sue   No Yes Aug 88-May 90
Vehstedt Robert William   Yes No Jan 77-May 82, Oct 89-Jan 97
Vejil Reynaldo     No Yes Mar 62-Sep 64
Velasquez Viola Marie   Yes No Oct 81-May 86
Velazco Raul     No Yes Jan-Aug 94
Venkataraman Jayanti     Yes No Apr 80-Apr 82
Veo George Loyal   No Yes Jun 78-Sep 80
Vera Henry I.   Yes No Dec 79-Jun 80
Vercelli Edward P.   No Yes Sep 88-May 89
Vermillion Sylvia J. Hager No Yes Sep 68-May 69
Vernagelli Coranne   Boles Yes No Jan 70-Jan 72
Vernagelli Paul G.   Yes Yes Student: Jul 67-Sep 70, Sep 70-Feb 71, Staff: Jun 71-Jan 75
Verploegh John Thomas   Yes Yes Student: Jan 85-Feb 86, Aug 87-May 88, Staff: Sep 91-Sep 92
Vice Virgil L.   Yes No Oct 87-Feb 88
Viescas John Jacob   No Yes Jan-Jul 81
Vigerust Donald John   Yes No Aug 66- Jan 69
Vigil Josina J. Esquibel Yes No Mar 57-Jul 64
Vigil Timothy John   No Yes Aug 82- May 85
Vigil Orlando David   No Yes Jun 78-Apr 79, Dec 79- Oct 80
Vigil Vincent C.   No Yes Sep 84-Feb 85
Vigil Melanie Mae Altuna Yes No Sept 84-July 87
Vigil Eric S.   No Yes May-Jul 96
Vigil Louie T.   No Yes Feb 99-Jun 00
Vigil Manuel Gilbert   No Yes Sep 61-Jan 66
Vigil Guadalupe C.   Yes No Sep 81-Dec 94
Vigil Utaldo     No No  
Vigil Edwin Paul   No Yes Jan 79-Jul 81
Vigil Barbara June Benavides Yes No May 64-Jan 66
Vigil Carlos Frutoso   No Yes Jan-Dec 66
Vigil Chris Mechem   No Yes Aug 81-May 85
Vigil Connie L.   Yes No Feb-Aug 86
Vigil Viola V. Wallace (Married name) Yes No Sep 86-Jun 89
Vigil Dennis J.   No Yes Dec 86-Jan 87
Vigil Joseph Eugene   No Yes Apr 84-May 86
Vigil Gary J.   No Yes Aug -Nov 87
Vigil Robert Joseph   No Yes Sep 93-Dec 97
Vigil Henry Amado   No Yes Mar-Mar 81
Vihel Michael R.   Yes No Jul 86-Oct 95
Villa Robert J.   Yes No Sep 82-Jan 83
Villa Elizabeth   Arrambide Yes No Oct-Oct 78 (never worked)
Villa Raul Felix Flores   No Yes May 81-Feb 82, Jul-Aug 82, May 83-Dec 84
Villescas Carolyn Anchelique   Yes No Oct 92- Feb 95
Vincent John     No Yes Jun 79-Jun 81, Jun 82-Jun 83
Vincent Ralph Wayne   Yes No Nov 77-Sep 78
Viramontes Juan Leo A.   Yes No Jul 71-Feb 73
Viramontes Ramon     Yes Yes Student: Jul 75-Dec 77, Jul 78-Jan 81, Staff: Jan-Dec 81
Viramontes Lillian   Campos Yes No Sep 76-Nov 80
Viramontes Bobby     Yes No Dec 79-Jul 87
Viramontes Anna Marie   Yes No Dec 83-Jul 87
Viramontes Olga T.   Yes No Jul 81-Aug 84
Virden Russell Alan   No Yes Nov 82-May 87
Virk Selene Upshaw   Yes Yes Student: Jun-Sep 99, Staff: Sep 99-Jun 00, Jul 00-Jan 01
Vlosich Richard Thomas   No Yes Oct 60-Dec 61, Aug 67-May 68
Voita Anne C.   No Yes Feb-May 86
Volk Linda Jane Doubrava No Yes Feb 82- Dec 83
Voller Kim Cherie Kingsley No Yes Aug 85- Oct 86, Mar 94- Sep 94
Von Husen Kirk     No Yes Sep 89-Apr 90
Von Wollf Richard Lynn   No Yes Feb 90-May 91
Vukonich Kurt M.   No Yes Sep 92-Feb 95