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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - W

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Wachtler William Joseph   Yes Yes Student: Mar 58-Jul 59, Staff: Jun 63-Oct 64
Waconda John E.   No Yes Sep 81-Feb 83
Waddell Ronald G.   No Yes Feb 64-May 66, Jul 67-Feb 68
Wade Thomas R.   Yes No Apr 95-Jul 96
Wade Kristal Melisa   Yes Yes Student: Nov 78-Jul 79, Staff: Jul 79-Apr 81
Wadsworth Jesse L.   No Yes Feb 67-Dec 72
Waggoner Carroll Lynn   No Yes Jun 68-Jan 69
Waggoner Walter D.   No Yes Aug 71-Sep 73
Waggoner Michael G.   Yes Yes Student: Jan 80-May 83, Staff: May- Dec 83
Wagner David Jon   No Yes Sep 61-Sep 65
Wagner Nathan     Yes No Oct 76-Jul 77, Jul-Oct 79
Wagner Robert L.   Yes No Oct 54-Jan 90, Sep 90-Jun 98
Wagner Denise C.   No Yes Jul 81-Jun 82
Wagner Christopher Jason   No Yes May 88-May 95
Wagner Kack C.   No Yes Sep 64-Jan 68
Waid Fred M.   Yes No Feb 64-Jul 66
Waldheim Harry H.   Yes No May 69-Sep 75
Waldo Molly L. Moore Yes No Sep 82-Jun 83
Waldo Greg Alan   Yes No May 82-Jun 90
Waldon Billy Earl   No Yes Jun 64-Mar 66
Walker Wayne A.   No Yes Jun 66- Feb 67
Walker Genene C. Janosek Yes Yes Student: Jan 76- Mar 78, Staff: Mar 78- Jul 79
Walker Michael Ray   No Yes Sep 71-Aug 72
Walker Bobby Gerald   No Yes Feb 61-Jan 67
Walker David E.   No Yes Apr-Aug 77
Walker James Howard   Yes No Jan 84-Mar 94
Walker John Lawrence   No Yes Sep 60-Dec 66
Walker Mary C.   Yes No Oct 66-Sep 67
Walker Mary L. Chandler Yes No Feb 79-Apr 80
Walker Shannon Willard   Yes No Aug 69-Oct 72
Walker Daniel A.   Yes Yes Student: Jul-Aug 82, Staff: Sep 80-sep 81, Apr-Jun 82
Wall Melvin James   No No  
Wall William Dean   No Yes May-Oct 70
Wall, Sr. Robert E.   Yes No Jun 62-Sep 66
Wallace Janice   Evans Yes No Aug 74-Jul 77
Wallace Adrian Anthony   No Yes Jan 92-May 93
Wallace Kelly William   No Yes Jun 73-Feb 77, Apr 77-May 78, Oct 79-Feb 81
Wallace Rachel M. Araiza No Yes Jan 77-Aug 82
Wallace Jeffrey Alan   No Yes Oct-Dec 91
Waller Mary Alice Robins Yes No Jun-Jul 68
Waller, Jr. Jack Thomas   No Yes Jan 71- Nov 72
Walling Randy D.   Yes No Apr 79-Apr 80
Walls Jimmy     No No  
Walter, Jr. Robert Charles   No Yes Mar-Aug 70
Walters Jonathan Cosby   No Yes Jun-Dec 91
Walters Annette Marie Guerrero No Yes May 89- May 90, Jul-Jul 90, Aug 90-Jun 92
Walterscheid William James   No Yes Sep 67-Jul 70
Walterscheid Theresa E. Fisher Yes No Oct 65-Jan 66
Walton James Clark   No Yes Jun 64-May 67, Jun 68-Feb 70
Walton William David   No Yes Oct 62-Feb 63, Aug 63-May 66
Walvekar Arun G.   Yes No Dec 82-Aug 83
Wamel Steve Ward   No Yes Jul-Oct 82
Wanick John Michael   No Yes Apr-May 85
Want Gerald A.   No Yes Jun 64-Nov 67
Ward Darrell E.   Yes Yes Student: Dec 82-Feb 83, Staff: Feb-Aug 83
Ward Van Noble   Yes No Mar 79-Jan 82
Ward Pauline Marie Hirtzel Yes Yes Student: Apr 79- Mar 83, Staff: Mar 83- May 84
Ward Yvonne E. Fajardo No Yes Oct 84- Nov 85
Ward Amy G.   No Yes Jan-Sep 79
Ward Leonard Carlin   Yes Yes Student: Jan 56-Jun 57, Staff: Jun 57-Aug 62, Nov 63-Jun 70
Ward Margaret K.   Yes No Oct 79-Jul 80, Jan-Aug 84
Ward Terrie L.   No Yes Jun-Jul 81
Ward, Jr. John J.   Yes No Feb 68-Nov 85
Warlick Larry Edward   No Yes Oct 64-May 68
Warner Helen E. Stickley Yes No Sep 61-Jun 64
Warner Robert W.   Yes No Sep 81-Jun 82
Warner Faye J.   Yes No Aug 74-Jun 77
Warren Kamuela Bruce   Yes No Dec 81-Mar 85
Warren Karen Sue Masterson No Yes Apr-Oct 65
Warren, III David Daniel   No Yes May-Sep 71
Warrick, Jr. Stuart Clair   No No  
Wartman Dan Larick   No Yes Dec 91-Aug 92
Washam Larry Eugene   No Yes Sep 65-Apr 67
Washburn Lorena J. Wellborn No Yes May 63-May 67
Washington Thomas L.   No Yes Jan-Feb 76
Washington Mard L. Huckleby Yes No Aug 75-Jun 76
Waskiewicz Leon Wladyslow   No No ?
Wasson Phillip Frank   No Yes Sep 63-Apr 67
Waterman Jacquelyn S.   No Yes Jun-Aug 78
Waterman Alexander     Yes No Jun 63-Jul 87
Waterman Karen Louise Buffum No Yes Mar 87- May 88
Waters Sharon L.   Yes No May 68- Jun 69
Watford Spurgeon Elwood   No No  
Watkin Rita C. Wagner Yes No Sep 71-May 73
Watkins Charles L.   Yes No Jun 62-Jul 66
Watkins Robert Lowell   No Yes Jun-Sep 89
Watkins, Jr. Horace Clayton   Yes Yes Student: Jun 57-Jun 61, Staff: Jun 61-Aug 92
Watson Elizabeth     Yes Yes Student: Aug 77-Feb 78, May-Jul 79, Jan -Apr 84, Staff: Jan 83-Jan 84
Watson Gabe Arnold   No Yes Sep 77-Nov 80
Watson Eddie Mike   No Yes Aug 77-Jan 80
Watt Charles MacPherson   No Yes Jun 66-Aug 69
Watts Lloyd Ray   No Yes Jun 68-Feb 70
Waugh Lori A.   Yes No Nov 83-Feb 85
Way Susan Jeanette Anglin No Yes Dec 84- Jul 87
Waymire Stephen L.   Yes No Oct 87-Jun 90
Weathers Lois D. Hawkins Yes No Jun-Jul 74
Weaver Max Douglas   No Yes Feb 78-May 81
Weaver Stanley Vance   No Yes Sep 70-Jan 71
Weaver Beverly Trece   Yes No Feb-Mar 83
Weaver Gayla K.   Yes No Aug 66-Jul 68
Webb Douglas Grant   No Yes Jun 67-Jun 70
Webb James Harold   No Yes Oct 65-Feb 66
Webb Cary S.   No Yes Apr-Sep 85, Mar 91-Mar 92, Apr-Oct 92
Webster Douglas L.   Yes No Nov 71-Apr 72
Weed William E.   Yes No Sep 79-Jul 80
Weeks James H.   Yes No Nov 77-Dec 85
Weems Douglas Michael   No Yes Feb 70-May 75
Weems Danforth C.   Yes No Apr 86-Jan 00, Jan-Jun 00
Weigle Robert E.   Yes No Jul 88-Jan 96
Weiman Douglas A.   No Yes Aug-Dec 87
Weingartner William V.   Yes No Jul 86-Jun 96
Weinreich Archie John   Yes Yes Student: Jan-Sep 72, Staff: Sep 60-Dec 71
Weinschel Henry Dieter   Yes Yes Student: Sep 56-Apr 59, Staff: May 59-Apr 85
Weir Debra J. Ball No Yes Jul-Dec 86
Weiss Christopher     No No  
Welch Truman R.   Yes No Aug 68-Jul 72
Welch Sharlene L.   No Yes Jun 87-Oct 89
Welch Ronald Lee   No Yes Sep 67-May 68
Welch John C.   Yes No Mar 81-Oct 84
Welch Francie G.   Yes No May-Oct 88
Welch Richard E.   No No  
Welch Donald L.   Yes No Feb-Jun 70
Welch Gerald Edmond   Yes Yes Student: Aug 60-Jun 61, Staff: Jun 61-Jun 79
Weldon Janet R. Klein Yes No Feb 72-May 73
Welker Peggy Ruth   Yes No May 72-Apr 74
Wellan Otto W.   Yes No Jun 60-Feb 73
Wells Michael Lloyd   No Yes Sep 63-Jan 84, Jan-Aug 85
Wells Robert T.   Yes No Nov 86-Mar 94
Welton Sheryl Darlene Melavic Osborne Yes No Mar 73- Jul 77
Werner James Drew   No Yes Feb 66- May 67
Werner John T.   No Yes May 78-Apr 80
Wesson Terence G.   No Yes Jun 67-Aug 70
West Paul S.   Yes No Aug 82-Jan 86
West Mary K. Miller Yes Yes Student: Aug 65-Jan 67, Staff; Jan 67-May 68
West Brenda J. Branson Yes No Nov 69-Apr 70
West Theresa Renee   Yes No Dec 82-Jun 83
West William Topping   Yes No Dec 80-Mar 83
West, III Charles D.   No Yes Feb 69-Dec 70
West, Jr. Raymond Troy   No Yes Feb 68-Sep 71
Westbrook Mark P.   Yes No Apr-Jul 80
Westbrook Mary A. Koenig Yes No May 67-Mar 70
Westenburg Etta Ruth Webb Yes No Sep 70-Apr 71
Westenhaver Reba Fay Hesketh Yes No Sep 66-Jan 67
Westfall Barbara Gayle   No Yes Sep 61-May 64
Westhafer Roberta B. Brittle Yes No Nov 57-Sep 77
Westrick Alex     No Yes Jun-Nov 99
Wetter Hal     No No  
Wetzel Margaret L. Twogood No Yes Dec 61-Aug 65
Wheeler Gail Ann   No Yes Oct 79-Aug 82
Wheeler Thomas Stanley   No Yes Feb 66-Sep 68
Wheless Carolyn S. Suit Yes No Aug 86-Aug 87
Whetten La Von   Brown Yes No Sep-Sep 71
Whigham Marina M. Guard No Yes Nov 76-Dec 80
Whigham Mark B.   Yes Yes Student: Sep 78-Jan 81, Staff: Jan-Feb 81
Whipple Jean   Gibson Yes No Aug 74-May 76
Whitaker Jerry Lee   No Yes Sep 60-Jun 64, Sep 64-Jan 65
White Julia Lynne   No Yes Aug-Nov 82
White Vicki A., Riley Yes No Jan-Aug 76
White Tamara L.   Yes No Oct 76-Jul 81
White Stuart R.   Yes No Oct 65-Aug 66
White Stanley Ronald   No Yes Apr 71-Aug 72
White Robert E.   No Yes May-Jul 66
White Paul Keith   Yes No Sep 68-Jun 73
White Michael Steven   No Yes Aug 71-Dec 76
White Marion Kay Frederickson Yes No Jun 66-Apr 69
White Kenneth R.   Yes No Apr 79-Aug 80
White Mercedes   Renteria No Yes Feb 77- Aug 78
White Johnnie Matt   No Yes Feb 66-Dec 69
White Jesse L.   Yes No Nov 80-Jul 85
White Harry Doyle   No Yes Jun 71-Aug 72
White Debi L. Flournoy/Cushenberry Yes No Sep 78-Feb 82
White Thomas Wilford   No Yes Jun 65-Mar 70
White Robert Eugene   No Yes Sep 67-Jun 73
White Donald     Yes No Aug 74-Aug 79, Oct 83-May 95
White Philip Campbell   Yes Yes Student: Sep 49-Sep 53, Staff: Sep 53-Oct 98, Nov 98-Jun 99
White Lillian Ada   Yes No Sep 76-Sep 77, Oct 77-Aug 83
White Patricia E. Bush Yes No Sep 77-Jul 85
Whitehead Reginald Melvin   No Yes Jan 78-Sep 80
Whiteley Lori Hungate   Yes No May 75-May 77, Jun 79-Aug 82, Feb-May 85
Whitfield Gregory Newton   No Yes Sep 84-Mar 91, Feb 92-Jan 93
Whitfield Dale Weldon   Yes No Nov 81-Jan 85
Whitfield Kristen P.   No Yes Jan-May 90
Whitham Joseph Earl   No Yes Sep 64-May 67
Whiting Robert M.   Yes No Nov 56-Mar 65
Whitmore David Michael   No Yes Jan 86-Oct 88
Whitmore Fiona   Gay No Yes Nov 66-Jan 68
Whitney James T.   No Yes Sep 68-Sep 71
Whitney Candace Ann   Yes No Aug 74-Jan 76
Whitney Geoffrey Patrick   No Yes May-Aug 70
Whittenburg Eddie Virginia Seideman Yes No Mar 69-Nov 78
Whittier Stewart Henry   No No  
Whittington Robert J.   Yes No Jun-Nov 79
Whitworth Seth Leon   No Yes Mar 89-Jan 90
Whitworth Katrina A,   No Yes May-May 77
Wiant Jerry Robert   No Yes Sep 60-Apr 64, Mar 65-Nov 66
Widener Janet S. Barnes Yes No Jan-Mar 85
Widmer Steven Anthony   No Yes Jun-Sep 77
Widmer Ruth M. Kendall Yes No Jun 72-Sep 85
Widmer Susanne Ellen   Yes No Jun 78-Aug 80, Feb 82-Aug 83
Widmer Margaret A.   Yes Yes Student: Nov 76-Jun 78, Staff; Jun 78-Sep 80, Feb 81-Jun 82
Widmer Michael Kendall   No Yes Aug 73-Jun 79
Widner Terry Keith   No Yes Jun 69-Mar 72
Widner Ronald Dean   No Yes Jun 65-Aug 70
Widner James Lyle   No Yes Jul 80-Apr 83
Widner Teresa G. Cook No Yes Jan 67- Sep 67
Widner Larry Glen   No Yes Sep 76-Apr 78
Widner, Jr. Harley H.   Yes Yes Student: Jan 79-Jan 83, Staff: Jan 73-Jun 84
Wied Michael C.   Yes Yes Student: May-Dec 87, Staff: Dec 87-Dec 88
Wieland Charles Albert   No Yes Jun-Aug 69, Jun 70-Mar 72
Wieland Hildegard H. Lucas Yes No Jun 70- Jan 71
Wieland Edward George   Yes No Nov 67-Aug 69, Nov 69-Sep 76
Wielgus Michael L.   Yes No Nov 79-Oct 81
Wier Greta J. Garrett No Yes Nov 71- May 73
Wiggins Ronald K.   No Yes Sep 68-Feb 71
Wiggins Belva C. Olson Yes No Jun 67-Mar 73
Wigley Joel M.   No Yes Sep 65-Jan 69, Apr 69-May 70
Wilborn Richard Dale   Yes No Jan 85-Jan 86
Wilbur Robert Leighton   No Yes Sep 62-Jan 64, Jun-Sep 64
Wilcox Dennis Wesley   No Yes Oct 63-Jan 65, Feb-Aug 65
Wilcox Alfred Daniel   No Yes Mar-Jul 75, Mar 76-May 78
Wilcox Joseph L.   No Yes Sep 63-Jul 64
Wilcox Eunice Elaine Rech Yes Yes Staff: Jan 63-Feb 66, Student: Feb-Jun 66
Wilcoxson Charles Wesley   No Yes Feb 63-Dec 65
Wilcoxson Ronald Lee   No Yes Jan-May 84, Oct 84-May 85, Sep 85-May 86
Wildman Teresa Ruth   No Yes Dec 98-Dec 00
Wildman Michael B.   No Yes Sep 99- Dec 00
Wileman Steven Greer   No Yes May-Sep 87
Wiley Catherine Jeanette   Yes Yes Student: Sep 83-Apr 91, Staff: Apr 91-Nov 92
Wiley Harry Carlton   No No  
Wiley Jack Raymond   No Yes Feb 70-Jun 72
Wilkerson Judith Lynn   No Yes Nov 73-Aug 74
Wilkes Phillip D.   Yes No May-Aug 79
Wilkins Eugene George   No Yes Sep 63-Jan 65, May 65-Feb 66
Wilkins Lori Nell   No Yes May-Aug 92
Wilkinson Bert Andrew   No Yes Jan 65-Jul 67
Wilkinson Bradley Scott   No Yes Feb 89-Sep 93
Wilkinson John D.   No Yes Mar-Apr 89
Wilkinson Tiffany April   No Yes Apr 87-Aug 92
Wilkinson Judith G. Wilson No Yes Sep 66-Jul 67
Willard Mervyn David   No Yes Jun 64-Jul 65
Willard Ronald Gene   No Yes Sep 65-Jul 70
Willem Raymond A.   Yes No May 78-Aug 80
William L.     No No  
Williams William Gerald   Yes No Aug 80-Nov 86, May 87-Nov 93
Williams Lesley S.   No Yes Feb 65-Feb 70
Williams Rebecca Lynn   No Yes Aug 76-Sep 79
Williams Stephen Lynn   No Yes Jun 72-May 79
Williams Mark W.   No Yes Feb-Mar 79
Williams Marques Hugh   No Yes Jan 77-Apr 79
Williams Marsha Ann   No Yes Mar-May 67
Williams Joseph Bernard   No Yes Apr 85-Sep 86
Williams Phyllis K. Brown Yes No Sep 72-Jul 73
Williams Michael John   No Yes Sep 81-Jan 82
Williams Lynne M. Mims- Campbell Yes No Oct 69-Feb 73
Williams Rick Alan   Yes Yes Student: Aug 80-Jan 86, Staff; Jan 86-Oct 93
Williams Robert Dale   Yes No Aug 70-Jan 73
Williams Susan J.   No Yes May-May 77 (worked one day)
Williams Russell Sean   No Yes Aug 91-Nov 94
Williams Charles Harvey   No Yes Jun 74-Jan 75
Williams Daniel Scott   No Yes Jan-Jan 86
Williams Jerdene   Thompson Yes No Nov 81-Jul 87
Williams Leonard Douglas   Yes Yes Student: Jan-Oct 55, Staff: Jun 56-Jan 61, Feb 61-Apr 90
Williams Celesta Helene Hicks No Yes Oct 95- Feb 96
Williams Charles Leroy   No No  
Williams Thomas C.   No Yes Feb 64-Sep 68
Williams Ernestine   Newman Yes Yes Student: Jul 66-Jul 67, Staff: Jul 67-May 70
Williams Hugh Eugene   No Yes Mar 64-May 66
Williams Estelle M. Hanson Yes No Aug 56-Jul 66
Williams Elizabeth J. Carlson Yes No Mar-Aug 72
Williams Elizabeth A. Carter Yes No Nov 69-Nov 71
Williams Edward Lee   Yes Yes Student: May 67-Jun 68, Staff: Feb 69-May 71, Jul 74-Aug 77
Williams Douglas Wayne   Yes No Jun 74-Oct 76
Williams Damon     Yes No Sep 76-May 77
Williams Carlotta J.   No Yes Feb 80-Jul 85
Williams Boyce C.   No Yes Jun-Sep 81
Williams Ausvel L.   Yes No Nov 63-Feb 87
Williams Danny Ben   No Yes Jun-Sep 69
Williams, Jr. Joel David   No Yes Feb 70-May 74
Williams, Jr. Reddick     No Yes Jul 78-Dec 79
Williamson Chatt Carlton   No Yes May 93-Aug 94
Williamson Brian D.   No Yes Aug 68-May 70
Williamson Jacques Albert   No Yes Sep 90-Jan 91
Williamson, III Nathan     No Yes Jun 64-Feb 65
Willis Larry Dean   No Yes Feb 64-Aug 68
Willis Deborah Ann Whitmore Yes Yes Student: Jan-Aug 76, Staff: May 73-Jan 76
Willis Robert McClure   No Yes May-Dec 66
Willis Jerry Lynn   No Yes Sep 71-Aug 76
Willis James L.   Yes No Jul 63-Nov 88
Willis, Jr. James Lee   No Yes Jun 86-Jan 88
Willmon Michael Lynn   No Yes Jun 68-Dec 69
Willoughby Linda G. Beals Yes No Mar 74-Jun 76
Willoughby Jill L. Moulder Yes No Mar 61-Jun 64
Willoughby Roy Blair   No No  
Wills Lynn Dwight   No Yes Feb 66-May 69
Willyard Ernest Haywood   No Yes Apr-Oct 79
Wilrich Kerry     No Yes Jan 77-Jan 78, Jul-Oct 78, Feb-Sep 86
Wilson Danny Russell   No Yes Sep 65-Feb 68, Apr-Jun 69, Dec 71-Oct 72
Wilson Christopher D.   No Yes Jan-Dec 92
Wilson Bob J.   Yes No Oct-Nov 75
Wilson Anne E.   No Yes Feb 77-Jan 78
Wilson Jay Lowell   Yes No Feb 77-Jun 81
Wilson Donald Sanford   No Yes Jan 81-Jun 82
Wilson Tommy J.   No Yes Sep 67-Feb 69
Wilson Scott R.   No Yes Dec 80-Jun 81
Wilson Dale Ray     No No  
Wilson Karl K.   Yes No Oct 95-Jun 96
Wilson Andrea Lee   No Yes Jul 73- Jul 75
Wilson Jill L.   No Yes Jan 86-Feb 87
Wilson Luonna S.   No Yes Jun 73-Jan 74
Wilson Randal Lee   No Yes Sep 67-Sep 70
Wilson Marilynn Dorothy Keener Yes No Oct 65-Mar 79
Wilson Larry Lasater   No Yes Feb 62-May 65
Wilson Keith B.   No Yes Feb-Feb 79
Wilson Julie M. Shannon No Yes Jun 65-Feb 66
Wilson Wanda E.   Yes Yes Student: Jul 79-Sep 81, Staff: Sep 81-Jul 85
Wilson Shirley L. Wooley Yes No Jun 63-Feb 65
Wilson, Jr. Rudolph Andrew   Yes No Jul-Jul 81 (never worked)
Wimberly Rebecca Jan   Yes No Oct 79-Aug 83
Winans Charolette Lou Murray Yes No Jun 67-Jul 68
Winans David Craig   No Yes Sep 64-Jan 66
Winder William Frederick   No Yes Jan-Feb 67
Windsheimer George H.   No Yes Sep 61-Jul 67
Wingate Sherry L. Pershall Yes No Mar-Dec 77
Winterrowd David Gene   No Yes May 76-Dec 77
Wirth Rachel Marie   No Yes Sep 87-May 88
Wisdom Michael Lee   No Yes Jan 71-Dec 74
Wise Lois Elizabeth   No Yes May 83-?
Wise Robert Duane   No No  
Wise Doyle     No No  
Wiskowski Casimir E.   Yes No Oct 86-Feb 88
Witherspoon Frances Lee   No Yes Aug 68-Jul 72
Witherspoon Michael Edward   No Yes Mar 62-Jun 65
Witt Charles     No No  
Witt Kenneth L.   No Yes Oct 82-Feb 83
Witt Don Earl   No Yes Apr-Jul 83
Witter Robert Edward   No Yes Sep 66-Jan 69, Apr 70-Jun 71
Witzky Albert William   Yes No Apr 65-Jan 67
Wofford Joyce E. Lowery Yes Yes Student: Feb 59-Jn 60, Staff: Feb 60-Aug 64, Jun-Aug 65
Wofford Durwood Dale   Yes Yes Staff: Jul 85-Jul 86, Student: May 88-Jun 90
Wofford Durwood N.   Yes No Aug 60-Nov 69, Jul 73-Jul 74, Feb 76-Apr 93
Wofford Larry Joe   No Yes Sep 73-Dec 74
Wolcott Thomas Mitchell   No Yes Jan 91-Nov 94
Wolf David William   No Yes Sep 67-Feb 71
Wolf John David   No Yes Feb 64-Mar 67
Wolfe Marianna Jean   No Yes Jul 86-Jul 87
Wolle Bruce Alexander   No Yes Sep 85-Jun 91
Wolter April L. Owens Yes No Mar-Jun 76
Wondzell John Joseph   No Yes Nov 75-May 76
Wood Emmer F.   Yes No Oct 87-Aug 93
Wood Randy Dale   No Yes Sep 65-Jul 68, Sep 69-Jul 71
Wood Steve P.   No Yes Dec 87-Jun 89
Wood Bruce M.   No Yes Jul 65-Feb 70
Wood Billie S.   Yes No Oct 66-Aug 69
Wood Lola K.   Yes No Sep 74-Mar 76
Wood Kendall D.   No Yes Nov 78-Feb 79
Wood Cheryl A. Jewell Yes No Aug 75-Dec 78
Wood Jerry Wade   Yes No Apr 69-Jul 70
Wood Myra W.   Yes No Feb 56-Sep 75
Wood Warren T.   No Yes Sep 61-May 66
Wood Terri L.   Yes No Jun 84-Feb 86
Wood James D.   No Yes Aug 97-Jun 98, Aug 98-May 00
Wood Jesse Glynn   No Yes Nov 73-May 78
Wood James Roy   No Yes Oct 75-Aug 78
Wood Billy John   No Yes Sep 64-Jan 70
Woodall David Bryan   No Yes Jan-Aug 79
Woodard Jeffrey Neil   No Yes Sep 73-Jul 76
Woodard, Jr. Norman Edward   No Yes Sep 91-Nov 94
Woodbury Dorothy J.   Yes No Apr-May 68
Woodcock Larry L.   No Yes Jul-Aug 81
Woodfill Faneta Lee Clifford Yes No Jul 73-Aug 74
Woodhouse Dale Brady   No Yes Sep-Oct 91
Woodhouse, Jr. Julian George   No Yes Jun 63-Oct 68
Woods Bronson M.   Yes No Feb 57-Apr 80
Woods John Patrick   No Yes Dec 69-Oct 70
Woods Kenneth W.   Yes Yes Student: May 81-Feb 82, Staff: Jul 82-Apr 83, May 83-Aug 94
Woodward J. Arthur     No Yes Jul-Jul 87
Woody Homer C.   Yes No Oct 87-Jan 92
Wooff, Jr. Edward Allen   Yes No Feb 61-Mar 67
Wooldridge Judy K.   No Yes Jan-Feb 71
Woolf Jane Ann   No Yes Oct 75-Jan 77
Woolf Marie Dora Amerman No Yes Aug 74- Aug 75
Woolf William Curtis   No Yes Mar 73-Aug 75
Woolf Bobby Pearce   No Yes Jun 61-Jul 64
Wooten Donald Griffin   No Yes Aug-Nov 78
Wooten Ralph Stephen   Yes No Apr 83-Nov 86
Wooten-Kriley Patricia Mauricia Grace No Yes Jun-Dec 84
Worden John A.   No Yes Aug 78-Nov 79
Worley Boyce D.   Yes No Oct 87-Aug 89
Worley Dorothy Joy Lewis   Yes No Nov 69-Jun 70
Worman John Edward   Yes Yes Student: Jun 65-Apr 68, Staff: Apr 68-Sep 69
Worman Christel M. Crockett No Yes Apr 68- May 69
Wortham Jimmy F.   Yes No Oct 87- Dec 89
Worthington Greg Dickens   No Yes Feb 68-Dec 70
Wray Norton Edward   No Yes Jun 64- Sep 67
Wright Robert G.   No Yes Feb 61-Feb 65, Feb-May 67
Wright Bradley K.   No Yes Aug 60- Mar 65
Wright William S.   No Yes May-Dec 71
Wright Westley Ronnie   No Yes May 66-Aug 67
Wright Thomas Lester   Yes No Nov 64-Sep 67, Jun 68-Jan 69
Wright Traci Renee   No Yes Sep 89-Dec 90
Wright Timothy J.   Yes No Oct 87-Mar 88
Wright Steven B.   No Yes Aug-Dec 83
Wright Nancy S. Knight No Yes Jun 57-Sep 65
Wright W. Allen     No Yes Aug 75-Jun 81
Wright Stanley J.   No Yes Sep 66-Apr 70
Wright Carl P.   Yes No Sep 64-May 65
Wright Charles E.   Yes No Jul-Nov 78
Wright Clayton D.   Yes No Jan 79-Jun 80
Wright Jeffrey R.   No Yes Jan 92-Jan 93
Wright Bobbie Carroll   Yes No Jan 80-Oct 97
Wright Mary Lea Malewski   Yes No Dec 72-Dec 73
Wright Michael Stuart   No Yes May 73-Jan 74
Wright Ann B.   Yes No Jan 80-Jun 81
Wright Mark Wayne   No Yes Jan 74-Nov 78
Wright Jonathan Craig   Yes No Jul 83-Jun 87
Wurster Joyce Lee Gressley Yes No Dec 69-May 70
Wyant Linda L. Colston Yes No Sep 71-Jan 73, Jun 81-May 82
Wyant Robert A.   No Yes May 87-Jan 89
Wyatt, Jr. John M.   No Yes Sep 79-Jan 80
Wylie Dorothy Ann Andermann Yes No Aug 65-Jan 66
Wylie Michael J.   No Yes Feb 66-Mar 69
Wylie Warren C.   No Yes Feb-Jun 65
Wyman Herman F.   Yes No Oct 62-Feb 80
Wymore Shayne Justin Crain Yes Yes Student: Nov 80- Feb 82, Staff: Feb 82-Mar 82
Wynn Kenneth S.   No Yes Sep 60-Sep 66