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Alumni Directory - W

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Wachtler William Joseph   Yes Yes Student: Mar 58-Jul 59, Staff: Jun 63-Oct 64
Waconda John E.   No Yes Sep 81-Feb 83
Waddell Ronald G.   No Yes Feb 64-May 66, Jul 67-Feb 68
Wade Thomas R.   Yes No Apr 95-Jul 96
Wade Kristal Melisa   Yes Yes Student: Nov 78-Jul 79, Staff: Jul 79-Apr 81
Wadsworth Jesse L.   No Yes Feb 67-Dec 72
Waggoner Carroll Lynn   No Yes Jun 68-Jan 69
Waggoner Walter D.   No Yes Aug 71-Sep 73
Waggoner Michael G.   Yes Yes Student: Jan 80-May 83, Staff: May- Dec 83
Wagner David Jon   No Yes Sep 61-Sep 65
Wagner Nathan     Yes No Oct 76-Jul 77, Jul-Oct 79
Wagner Robert L.   Yes No Oct 54-Jan 90, Sep 90-Jun 98
Wagner Denise C.   No Yes Jul 81-Jun 82
Wagner Christopher Jason   No Yes May 88-May 95
Wagner Kack C.   No Yes Sep 64-Jan 68
Waid Fred M.   Yes No Feb 64-Jul 66
Waldheim Harry H.   Yes No May 69-Sep 75
Waldo Molly L. Moore Yes No Sep 82-Jun 83
Waldo Greg Alan   Yes No May 82-Jun 90
Waldon Billy Earl   No Yes Jun 64-Mar 66
Walker Wayne A.   No Yes Jun 66- Feb 67
Walker Genene C. Janosek Yes Yes Student: Jan 76- Mar 78, Staff: Mar 78- Jul 79
Walker Michael Ray   No Yes Sep 71-Aug 72
Walker Bobby Gerald   No Yes Feb 61-Jan 67
Walker David E.   No Yes Apr-Aug 77
Walker James Howard   Yes No Jan 84-Mar 94
Walker John Lawrence   No Yes Sep 60-Dec 66
Walker Mary C.   Yes No Oct 66-Sep 67
Walker Mary L. Chandler Yes No Feb 79-Apr 80
Walker Shannon Willard   Yes No Aug 69-Oct 72
Walker Daniel A.   Yes Yes Student: Jul-Aug 82, Staff: Sep 80-sep 81, Apr-Jun 82
Wall Melvin James   No No  
Wall William Dean   No Yes May-Oct 70
Wall, Sr. Robert E.   Yes No Jun 62-Sep 66
Wallace Janice   Evans Yes No Aug 74-Jul 77
Wallace Adrian Anthony   No Yes Jan 92-May 93
Wallace Kelly William   No Yes Jun 73-Feb 77, Apr 77-May 78, Oct 79-Feb 81
Wallace Rachel M. Araiza No Yes Jan 77-Aug 82
Wallace Jeffrey Alan   No Yes Oct-Dec 91
Waller Mary Alice Robins Yes No Jun-Jul 68
Waller, Jr. Jack Thomas   No Yes Jan 71- Nov 72
Walling Randy D.   Yes No Apr 79-Apr 80
Walls Jimmy     No No  
Walter, Jr. Robert Charles   No Yes Mar-Aug 70
Walters Jonathan Cosby   No Yes Jun-Dec 91
Walters Annette Marie Guerrero No Yes May 89- May 90, Jul-Jul 90, Aug 90-Jun 92
Walterscheid William James   No Yes Sep 67-Jul 70
Walterscheid Theresa E. Fisher Yes No Oct 65-Jan 66
Walton James Clark   No Yes Jun 64-May 67, Jun 68-Feb 70
Walton William David   No Yes Oct 62-Feb 63, Aug 63-May 66
Walvekar Arun G.   Yes No Dec 82-Aug 83
Wamel Steve Ward   No Yes Jul-Oct 82
Wanick John Michael   No Yes Apr-May 85
Want Gerald A.   No Yes Jun 64-Nov 67
Ward Darrell E.   Yes Yes Student: Dec 82-Feb 83, Staff: Feb-Aug 83
Ward Van Noble   Yes No Mar 79-Jan 82
Ward Pauline Marie Hirtzel Yes Yes Student: Apr 79- Mar 83, Staff: Mar 83- May 84
Ward Yvonne E. Fajardo No Yes Oct 84- Nov 85
Ward Amy G.   No Yes Jan-Sep 79
Ward Leonard Carlin   Yes Yes Student: Jan 56-Jun 57, Staff: Jun 57-Aug 62, Nov 63-Jun 70
Ward Margaret K.   Yes No Oct 79-Jul 80, Jan-Aug 84
Ward Terrie L.   No Yes Jun-Jul 81
Ward, Jr. John J.   Yes No Feb 68-Nov 85
Warlick Larry Edward   No Yes Oct 64-May 68
Warner Helen E. Stickley Yes No Sep 61-Jun 64
Warner Robert W.   Yes No Sep 81-Jun 82
Warner Faye J.   Yes No Aug 74-Jun 77
Warren Kamuela Bruce   Yes No Dec 81-Mar 85
Warren Karen Sue Masterson No Yes Apr-Oct 65
Warren, III David Daniel   No Yes May-Sep 71
Warrick, Jr. Stuart Clair   No No  
Wartman Dan Larick   No Yes Dec 91-Aug 92
Washam Larry Eugene   No Yes Sep 65-Apr 67
Washburn Lorena J. Wellborn No Yes May 63-May 67
Washington Thomas L.   No Yes Jan-Feb 76
Washington Mard L. Huckleby Yes No Aug 75-Jun 76
Waskiewicz Leon Wladyslow   No No ?
Wasson Phillip Frank   No Yes Sep 63-Apr 67
Waterman Jacquelyn S.   No Yes Jun-Aug 78
Waterman Alexander     Yes No Jun 63-Jul 87
Waterman Karen Louise Buffum No Yes Mar 87- May 88
Waters Sharon L.   Yes No May 68- Jun 69
Watford Spurgeon Elwood   No No  
Watkin Rita C. Wagner Yes No Sep 71-May 73
Watkins Charles L.   Yes No Jun 62-Jul 66
Watkins Robert Lowell   No Yes Jun-Sep 89
Watkins, Jr. Horace Clayton   Yes Yes Student: Jun 57-Jun 61, Staff: Jun 61-Aug 92
Watson Elizabeth     Yes Yes Student: Aug 77-Feb 78, May-Jul 79, Jan -Apr 84, Staff: Jan 83-Jan 84
Watson Gabe Arnold   No Yes Sep 77-Nov 80
Watson Eddie Mike   No Yes Aug 77-Jan 80
Watt Charles MacPherson   No Yes Jun 66-Aug 69
Watts Lloyd Ray   No Yes Jun 68-Feb 70
Waugh Lori A.   Yes No Nov 83-Feb 85
Way Susan Jeanette Anglin No Yes Dec 84- Jul 87
Waymire Stephen L.   Yes No Oct 87-Jun 90
Weathers Lois D. Hawkins Yes No Jun-Jul 74
Weaver Max Douglas   No Yes Feb 78-May 81
Weaver Stanley Vance   No Yes Sep 70-Jan 71
Weaver Beverly Trece   Yes No Feb-Mar 83
Weaver Gayla K.   Yes No Aug 66-Jul 68
Webb Douglas Grant   No Yes Jun 67-Jun 70
Webb James Harold   No Yes Oct 65-Feb 66
Webb Cary S.   No Yes Apr-Sep 85, Mar 91-Mar 92, Apr-Oct 92
Webster Douglas L.   Yes No Nov 71-Apr 72
Weed William E.   Yes No Sep 79-Jul 80
Weeks James H.   Yes No Nov 77-Dec 85
Weems Douglas Michael   No Yes Feb 70-May 75
Weems Danforth C.   Yes No Apr 86-Jan 00, Jan-Jun 00
Weigle Robert E.   Yes No Jul 88-Jan 96
Weiman Douglas A.   No Yes Aug-Dec 87
Weingartner William V.   Yes No Jul 86-Jun 96
Weinreich Archie John   Yes Yes Student: Jan-Sep 72, Staff: Sep 60-Dec 71
Weinschel Henry Dieter   Yes Yes Student: Sep 56-Apr 59, Staff: May 59-Apr 85
Weir Debra J. Ball No Yes Jul-Dec 86
Weiss Christopher     No No  
Welch Truman R.   Yes No Aug 68-Jul 72
Welch Sharlene L.   No Yes Jun 87-Oct 89
Welch Ronald Lee   No Yes Sep 67-May 68
Welch John C.   Yes No Mar 81-Oct 84
Welch Francie G.   Yes No May-Oct 88
Welch Richard E.   No No  
Welch Donald L.   Yes No Feb-Jun 70
Welch Gerald Edmond   Yes Yes Student: Aug 60-Jun 61, Staff: Jun 61-Jun 79
Weldon Janet R. Klein Yes No Feb 72-May 73
Welker Peggy Ruth   Yes No May 72-Apr 74
Wellan Otto W.   Yes No Jun 60-Feb 73
Wells Michael Lloyd   No Yes Sep 63-Jan 84, Jan-Aug 85
Wells Robert T.   Yes No Nov 86-Mar 94
Welton Sheryl Darlene Melavic Osborne Yes No Mar 73- Jul 77
Werner James Drew   No Yes Feb 66- May 67
Werner John T.   No Yes May 78-Apr 80
Wesson Terence G.   No Yes Jun 67-Aug 70
West Paul S.   Yes No Aug 82-Jan 86
West Mary K. Miller Yes Yes Student: Aug 65-Jan 67, Staff; Jan 67-May 68
West Brenda J. Branson Yes No Nov 69-Apr 70
West Theresa Renee   Yes No Dec 82-Jun 83
West William Topping   Yes No Dec 80-Mar 83
West, III Charles D.   No Yes Feb 69-Dec 70
West, Jr. Raymond Troy   No Yes Feb 68-Sep 71
Westbrook Mark P.   Yes No Apr-Jul 80
Westbrook Mary A. Koenig Yes No May 67-Mar 70
Westenburg Etta Ruth Webb Yes No Sep 70-Apr 71
Westenhaver Reba Fay Hesketh Yes No Sep 66-Jan 67
Westfall Barbara Gayle   No Yes Sep 61-May 64
Westhafer Roberta B. Brittle Yes No Nov 57-Sep 77
Westrick Alex     No Yes Jun-Nov 99
Wetter Hal     No No  
Wetzel Margaret L. Twogood No Yes Dec 61-Aug 65
Wheeler Gail Ann   No Yes Oct 79-Aug 82
Wheeler Thomas Stanley   No Yes Feb 66-Sep 68
Wheless Carolyn S. Suit Yes No Aug 86-Aug 87
Whetten La Von   Brown Yes No Sep-Sep 71
Whigham Marina M. Guard No Yes Nov 76-Dec 80
Whigham Mark B.   Yes Yes Student: Sep 78-Jan 81, Staff: Jan-Feb 81
Whipple Jean   Gibson Yes No Aug 74-May 76
Whitaker Jerry Lee   No Yes Sep 60-Jun 64, Sep 64-Jan 65
White Julia Lynne   No Yes Aug-Nov 82
White Vicki A., Riley Yes No Jan-Aug 76
White Tamara L.   Yes No Oct 76-Jul 81
White Stuart R.   Yes No Oct 65-Aug 66
White Stanley Ronald   No Yes Apr 71-Aug 72
White Robert E.   No Yes May-Jul 66
White Paul Keith   Yes No Sep 68-Jun 73
White Michael Steven   No Yes Aug 71-Dec 76
White Marion Kay Frederickson Yes No Jun 66-Apr 69
White Kenneth R.   Yes No Apr 79-Aug 80
White Mercedes   Renteria No Yes Feb 77- Aug 78
White Johnnie Matt   No Yes Feb 66-Dec 69
White Jesse L.   Yes No Nov 80-Jul 85
White Harry Doyle   No Yes Jun 71-Aug 72
White Debi L. Flournoy/Cushenberry Yes No Sep 78-Feb 82
White Thomas Wilford   No Yes Jun 65-Mar 70
White Robert Eugene   No Yes Sep 67-Jun 73
White Donald     Yes No Aug 74-Aug 79, Oct 83-May 95
White Philip Campbell   Yes Yes Student: Sep 49-Sep 53, Staff: Sep 53-Oct 98, Nov 98-Jun 99
White Lillian Ada   Yes No Sep 76-Sep 77, Oct 77-Aug 83
White Patricia E. Bush Yes No Sep 77-Jul 85
Whitehead Reginald Melvin   No Yes Jan 78-Sep 80
Whiteley Lori Hungate   Yes No May 75-May 77, Jun 79-Aug 82, Feb-May 85
Whitfield Gregory Newton   No Yes Sep 84-Mar 91, Feb 92-Jan 93
Whitfield Dale Weldon   Yes No Nov 81-Jan 85
Whitfield Kristen P.   No Yes Jan-May 90
Whitham Joseph Earl   No Yes Sep 64-May 67
Whiting Robert M.   Yes No Nov 56-Mar 65
Whitmore David Michael   No Yes Jan 86-Oct 88
Whitmore Fiona   Gay No Yes Nov 66-Jan 68
Whitney James T.   No Yes Sep 68-Sep 71
Whitney Candace Ann   Yes No Aug 74-Jan 76
Whitney Geoffrey Patrick   No Yes May-Aug 70
Whittenburg Eddie Virginia Seideman Yes No Mar 69-Nov 78
Whittier Stewart Henry   No No  
Whittington Robert J.   Yes No Jun-Nov 79
Whitworth Seth Leon   No Yes Mar 89-Jan 90
Whitworth Katrina A,   No Yes May-May 77
Wiant Jerry Robert   No Yes Sep 60-Apr 64, Mar 65-Nov 66
Widener Janet S. Barnes Yes No Jan-Mar 85
Widmer Steven Anthony   No Yes Jun-Sep 77
Widmer Ruth M. Kendall Yes No Jun 72-Sep 85
Widmer Susanne Ellen   Yes No Jun 78-Aug 80, Feb 82-Aug 83
Widmer Margaret A.   Yes Yes Student: Nov 76-Jun 78, Staff; Jun 78-Sep 80, Feb 81-Jun 82
Widmer Michael Kendall   No Yes Aug 73-Jun 79
Widner Terry Keith   No Yes Jun 69-Mar 72
Widner Ronald Dean   No Yes Jun 65-Aug 70
Widner James Lyle   No Yes Jul 80-Apr 83
Widner Teresa G. Cook No Yes Jan 67- Sep 67
Widner Larry Glen   No Yes Sep 76-Apr 78
Widner, Jr. Harley H.   Yes Yes Student: Jan 79-Jan 83, Staff: Jan 73-Jun 84
Wied Michael C.   Yes Yes Student: May-Dec 87, Staff: Dec 87-Dec 88
Wieland Charles Albert   No Yes Jun-Aug 69, Jun 70-Mar 72
Wieland Hildegard H. Lucas Yes No Jun 70- Jan 71
Wieland Edward George   Yes No Nov 67-Aug 69, Nov 69-Sep 76
Wielgus Michael L.   Yes No Nov 79-Oct 81
Wier Greta J. Garrett No Yes Nov 71- May 73
Wiggins Ronald K.   No Yes Sep 68-Feb 71
Wiggins Belva C. Olson Yes No Jun 67-Mar 73
Wigley Joel M.   No Yes Sep 65-Jan 69, Apr 69-May 70
Wilborn Richard Dale   Yes No Jan 85-Jan 86
Wilbur Robert Leighton   No Yes Sep 62-Jan 64, Jun-Sep 64
Wilcox Dennis Wesley   No Yes Oct 63-Jan 65, Feb-Aug 65
Wilcox Alfred Daniel   No Yes Mar-Jul 75, Mar 76-May 78
Wilcox Joseph L.   No Yes Sep 63-Jul 64
Wilcox Eunice Elaine Rech Yes Yes Staff: Jan 63-Feb 66, Student: Feb-Jun 66
Wilcoxson Charles Wesley   No Yes Feb 63-Dec 65
Wilcoxson Ronald Lee   No Yes Jan-May 84, Oct 84-May 85, Sep 85-May 86
Wildman Teresa Ruth   No Yes Dec 98-Dec 00
Wildman Michael B.   No Yes Sep 99- Dec 00
Wileman Steven Greer   No Yes May-Sep 87
Wiley Catherine Jeanette   Yes Yes Student: Sep 83-Apr 91, Staff: Apr 91-Nov 92
Wiley Harry Carlton   No No  
Wiley Jack Raymond   No Yes Feb 70-Jun 72
Wilkerson Judith Lynn   No Yes Nov 73-Aug 74
Wilkes Phillip D.   Yes No May-Aug 79
Wilkins Eugene George   No Yes Sep 63-Jan 65, May 65-Feb 66
Wilkins Lori Nell   No Yes May-Aug 92
Wilkinson Bert Andrew   No Yes Jan 65-Jul 67
Wilkinson Bradley Scott   No Yes Feb 89-Sep 93
Wilkinson John D.   No Yes Mar-Apr 89
Wilkinson Tiffany April   No Yes Apr 87-Aug 92
Wilkinson Judith G. Wilson No Yes Sep 66-Jul 67
Willard Mervyn David   No Yes Jun 64-Jul 65
Willard Ronald Gene   No Yes Sep 65-Jul 70
Willem Raymond A.   Yes No May 78-Aug 80
William L.     No No  
Williams William Gerald   Yes No Aug 80-Nov 86, May 87-Nov 93
Williams Lesley S.   No Yes Feb 65-Feb 70
Williams Rebecca Lynn   No Yes Aug 76-Sep 79
Williams Stephen Lynn   No Yes Jun 72-May 79
Williams Mark W.   No Yes Feb-Mar 79
Williams Marques Hugh   No Yes Jan 77-Apr 79
Williams Marsha Ann   No Yes Mar-May 67
Williams Joseph Bernard   No Yes Apr 85-Sep 86
Williams Phyllis K. Brown Yes No Sep 72-Jul 73
Williams Michael John   No Yes Sep 81-Jan 82
Williams Lynne M. Mims- Campbell Yes No Oct 69-Feb 73
Williams Rick Alan   Yes Yes Student: Aug 80-Jan 86, Staff; Jan 86-Oct 93
Williams Robert Dale   Yes No Aug 70-Jan 73
Williams Susan J.   No Yes May-May 77 (worked one day)
Williams Russell Sean   No Yes Aug 91-Nov 94
Williams Charles Harvey   No Yes Jun 74-Jan 75
Williams Daniel Scott   No Yes Jan-Jan 86
Williams Jerdene   Thompson Yes No Nov 81-Jul 87
Williams Leonard Douglas   Yes Yes Student: Jan-Oct 55, Staff: Jun 56-Jan 61, Feb 61-Apr 90
Williams Celesta Helene Hicks No Yes Oct 95- Feb 96
Williams Charles Leroy   No No  
Williams Thomas C.   No Yes Feb 64-Sep 68
Williams Ernestine   Newman Yes Yes Student: Jul 66-Jul 67, Staff: Jul 67-May 70
Williams Hugh Eugene   No Yes Mar 64-May 66
Williams Estelle M. Hanson Yes No Aug 56-Jul 66
Williams Elizabeth J. Carlson Yes No Mar-Aug 72
Williams Elizabeth A. Carter Yes No Nov 69-Nov 71
Williams Edward Lee   Yes Yes Student: May 67-Jun 68, Staff: Feb 69-May 71, Jul 74-Aug 77
Williams Douglas Wayne   Yes No Jun 74-Oct 76
Williams Damon     Yes No Sep 76-May 77
Williams Carlotta J.   No Yes Feb 80-Jul 85
Williams Boyce C.   No Yes Jun-Sep 81
Williams Ausvel L.   Yes No Nov 63-Feb 87
Williams Danny Ben   No Yes Jun-Sep 69
Williams, Jr. Joel David   No Yes Feb 70-May 74
Williams, Jr. Reddick     No Yes Jul 78-Dec 79
Williamson Chatt Carlton   No Yes May 93-Aug 94
Williamson Brian D.   No Yes Aug 68-May 70
Williamson Jacques Albert   No Yes Sep 90-Jan 91
Williamson, III Nathan     No Yes Jun 64-Feb 65
Willis Larry Dean   No Yes Feb 64-Aug 68
Willis Deborah Ann Whitmore Yes Yes Student: Jan-Aug 76, Staff: May 73-Jan 76
Willis Robert McClure   No Yes May-Dec 66
Willis Jerry Lynn   No Yes Sep 71-Aug 76
Willis James L.   Yes No Jul 63-Nov 88
Willis, Jr. James Lee   No Yes Jun 86-Jan 88
Willmon Michael Lynn   No Yes Jun 68-Dec 69
Willoughby Linda G. Beals Yes No Mar 74-Jun 76
Willoughby Jill L. Moulder Yes No Mar 61-Jun 64
Willoughby Roy Blair   No No  
Wills Lynn Dwight   No Yes Feb 66-May 69
Willyard Ernest Haywood   No Yes Apr-Oct 79
Wilrich Kerry     No Yes Jan 77-Jan 78, Jul-Oct 78, Feb-Sep 86
Wilson Danny Russell   No Yes Sep 65-Feb 68, Apr-Jun 69, Dec 71-Oct 72
Wilson Christopher D.   No Yes Jan-Dec 92
Wilson Bob J.   Yes No Oct-Nov 75
Wilson Anne E.   No Yes Feb 77-Jan 78
Wilson Jay Lowell   Yes No Feb 77-Jun 81
Wilson Donald Sanford   No Yes Jan 81-Jun 82
Wilson Tommy J.   No Yes Sep 67-Feb 69
Wilson Scott R.   No Yes Dec 80-Jun 81
Wilson Dale Ray     No No  
Wilson Karl K.   Yes No Oct 95-Jun 96
Wilson Andrea Lee   No Yes Jul 73- Jul 75
Wilson Jill L.   No Yes Jan 86-Feb 87
Wilson Luonna S.   No Yes Jun 73-Jan 74
Wilson Randal Lee   No Yes Sep 67-Sep 70
Wilson Marilynn Dorothy Keener Yes No Oct 65-Mar 79
Wilson Larry Lasater   No Yes Feb 62-May 65
Wilson Keith B.   No Yes Feb-Feb 79
Wilson Julie M. Shannon No Yes Jun 65-Feb 66
Wilson Wanda E.   Yes Yes Student: Jul 79-Sep 81, Staff: Sep 81-Jul 85
Wilson Shirley L. Wooley Yes No Jun 63-Feb 65
Wilson, Jr. Rudolph Andrew   Yes No Jul-Jul 81 (never worked)
Wimberly Rebecca Jan   Yes No Oct 79-Aug 83
Winans Charolette Lou Murray Yes No Jun 67-Jul 68
Winans David Craig   No Yes Sep 64-Jan 66
Winder William Frederick   No Yes Jan-Feb 67
Windsheimer George H.   No Yes Sep 61-Jul 67
Wingate Sherry L. Pershall Yes No Mar-Dec 77
Winterrowd David Gene   No Yes May 76-Dec 77
Wirth Rachel Marie   No Yes Sep 87-May 88
Wisdom Michael Lee   No Yes Jan 71-Dec 74
Wise Lois Elizabeth   No Yes May 83-?
Wise Robert Duane   No No  
Wise Doyle     No No  
Wiskowski Casimir E.   Yes No Oct 86-Feb 88
Witherspoon Frances Lee   No Yes Aug 68-Jul 72
Witherspoon Michael Edward   No Yes Mar 62-Jun 65
Witt Charles     No No  
Witt Kenneth L.   No Yes Oct 82-Feb 83
Witt Don Earl   No Yes Apr-Jul 83
Witter Robert Edward   No Yes Sep 66-Jan 69, Apr 70-Jun 71
Witzky Albert William   Yes No Apr 65-Jan 67
Wofford Joyce E. Lowery Yes Yes Student: Feb 59-Jn 60, Staff: Feb 60-Aug 64, Jun-Aug 65
Wofford Durwood Dale   Yes Yes Staff: Jul 85-Jul 86, Student: May 88-Jun 90
Wofford Durwood N.   Yes No Aug 60-Nov 69, Jul 73-Jul 74, Feb 76-Apr 93
Wofford Larry Joe   No Yes Sep 73-Dec 74
Wolcott Thomas Mitchell   No Yes Jan 91-Nov 94
Wolf David William   No Yes Sep 67-Feb 71
Wolf John David   No Yes Feb 64-Mar 67
Wolfe Marianna Jean   No Yes Jul 86-Jul 87
Wolle Bruce Alexander   No Yes Sep 85-Jun 91
Wolter April L. Owens Yes No Mar-Jun 76
Wondzell John Joseph   No Yes Nov 75-May 76
Wood Emmer F.   Yes No Oct 87-Aug 93
Wood Randy Dale   No Yes Sep 65-Jul 68, Sep 69-Jul 71
Wood Steve P.   No Yes Dec 87-Jun 89
Wood Bruce M.   No Yes Jul 65-Feb 70
Wood Billie S.   Yes No Oct 66-Aug 69
Wood Lola K.   Yes No Sep 74-Mar 76
Wood Kendall D.   No Yes Nov 78-Feb 79
Wood Cheryl A. Jewell Yes No Aug 75-Dec 78
Wood Jerry Wade   Yes No Apr 69-Jul 70
Wood Myra W.   Yes No Feb 56-Sep 75
Wood Warren T.   No Yes Sep 61-May 66
Wood Terri L.   Yes No Jun 84-Feb 86
Wood James D.   No Yes Aug 97-Jun 98, Aug 98-May 00
Wood Jesse Glynn   No Yes Nov 73-May 78
Wood James Roy   No Yes Oct 75-Aug 78
Wood Billy John   No Yes Sep 64-Jan 70
Woodall David Bryan   No Yes Jan-Aug 79
Woodard Jeffrey Neil   No Yes Sep 73-Jul 76
Woodard, Jr. Norman Edward   No Yes Sep 91-Nov 94
Woodbury Dorothy J.   Yes No Apr-May 68
Woodcock Larry L.   No Yes Jul-Aug 81
Woodfill Faneta Lee Clifford Yes No Jul 73-Aug 74
Woodhouse Dale Brady   No Yes Sep-Oct 91
Woodhouse, Jr. Julian George   No Yes Jun 63-Oct 68
Woods Bronson M.   Yes No Feb 57-Apr 80
Woods John Patrick   No Yes Dec 69-Oct 70
Woods Kenneth W.   Yes Yes Student: May 81-Feb 82, Staff: Jul 82-Apr 83, May 83-Aug 94
Woodward J. Arthur     No Yes Jul-Jul 87
Woody Homer C.   Yes No Oct 87-Jan 92
Wooff, Jr. Edward Allen   Yes No Feb 61-Mar 67
Wooldridge Judy K.   No Yes Jan-Feb 71
Woolf Jane Ann   No Yes Oct 75-Jan 77
Woolf Marie Dora Amerman No Yes Aug 74- Aug 75
Woolf William Curtis   No Yes Mar 73-Aug 75
Woolf Bobby Pearce   No Yes Jun 61-Jul 64
Wooten Donald Griffin   No Yes Aug-Nov 78
Wooten Ralph Stephen   Yes No Apr 83-Nov 86
Wooten-Kriley Patricia Mauricia Grace No Yes Jun-Dec 84
Worden John A.   No Yes Aug 78-Nov 79
Worley Boyce D.   Yes No Oct 87-Aug 89
Worley Dorothy Joy Lewis   Yes No Nov 69-Jun 70
Worman John Edward   Yes Yes Student: Jun 65-Apr 68, Staff: Apr 68-Sep 69
Worman Christel M. Crockett No Yes Apr 68- May 69
Wortham Jimmy F.   Yes No Oct 87- Dec 89
Worthington Greg Dickens   No Yes Feb 68-Dec 70
Wray Norton Edward   No Yes Jun 64- Sep 67
Wright Robert G.   No Yes Feb 61-Feb 65, Feb-May 67
Wright Bradley K.   No Yes Aug 60- Mar 65
Wright William S.   No Yes May-Dec 71
Wright Westley Ronnie   No Yes May 66-Aug 67
Wright Thomas Lester   Yes No Nov 64-Sep 67, Jun 68-Jan 69
Wright Traci Renee   No Yes Sep 89-Dec 90
Wright Timothy J.   Yes No Oct 87-Mar 88
Wright Steven B.   No Yes Aug-Dec 83
Wright Nancy S. Knight No Yes Jun 57-Sep 65
Wright W. Allen     No Yes Aug 75-Jun 81
Wright Stanley J.   No Yes Sep 66-Apr 70
Wright Carl P.   Yes No Sep 64-May 65
Wright Charles E.   Yes No Jul-Nov 78
Wright Clayton D.   Yes No Jan 79-Jun 80
Wright Jeffrey R.   No Yes Jan 92-Jan 93
Wright Bobbie Carroll   Yes No Jan 80-Oct 97
Wright Mary Lea Malewski   Yes No Dec 72-Dec 73
Wright Michael Stuart   No Yes May 73-Jan 74
Wright Ann B.   Yes No Jan 80-Jun 81
Wright Mark Wayne   No Yes Jan 74-Nov 78
Wright Jonathan Craig   Yes No Jul 83-Jun 87
Wurster Joyce Lee Gressley Yes No Dec 69-May 70
Wyant Linda L. Colston Yes No Sep 71-Jan 73, Jun 81-May 82
Wyant Robert A.   No Yes May 87-Jan 89
Wyatt, Jr. John M.   No Yes Sep 79-Jan 80
Wylie Dorothy Ann Andermann Yes No Aug 65-Jan 66
Wylie Michael J.   No Yes Feb 66-Mar 69
Wylie Warren C.   No Yes Feb-Jun 65
Wyman Herman F.   Yes No Oct 62-Feb 80
Wymore Shayne Justin Crain Yes Yes Student: Nov 80- Feb 82, Staff: Feb 82-Mar 82
Wynn Kenneth S.   No Yes Sep 60-Sep 66