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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - Y

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Yanaga Tsuyuko M. Tashiro Yes No Apr 57-Oct 84
Yarbro Stephen Lee   No Yes May 77-Aug 78
Yarbrough Robert Sims   Yes No Mar 53-Sep 75
Yarbrough Sharon K. Widner Yes No Dec 63-Dec 64, May-Aug 65
Yarbrough Ronda L. Richardson Yes No Aug 74-May 78
Yaryan Roy Owen   No Yes Jun-Aug 67, Oct 67-Dec 72
Yaryan Terry Lee   No Yes June 63-Feb 69
Yates Paula E. Howard Yes No Sep 74-Mar 76
Yates, Jr. John Ashby   No Yes Jun 73- Jan 74
Ybarra Jose Tellez   No Yes Jun 70-Dec 75
Yearley John Raymond   Yes No May 82-May 84
Yell Warren Dwight   Yes No May 65-Jun 71
Yocom Michael Lawrence   No Yes Mar 67-May 69
Yoder Ronald W.   Yes No Mar 63-Nov 64, Mar 65-Jan 67, Sep 68-Mar 69
Yoder Mary K. Youngren Yes No Jun 64-Nov 66
Yoder Elden Leon   No Yes Jun 63-Jul 67
York Yvonne   McClellan No Yes Dec 85- Jun 90
Young Thomas James   No Yes Feb-Feb 79
Young James Arthur   No Yes Aug-Sep 65, Nov 65-Jan 67
Young Hoyle D.   No Yes Oct 62-Aug 65
Young Nancy Ann Marie No Yes Feb-Sep 78
Young Patricia J.   No Yes Feb-May 79
Young Robert Dennis   No Yes Sep 71-Dec 72
Young Stanley Edward   No Yes Jan-Nov 66
Young Troy Ward   No Yes Jun 83-May 85
Young Cindy S.   No Yes Sep 77-Aug 78
Ytuarte Patricia Louise Lucero Yes No Feb 69-Nov 72
Ytuarte Marisa     No Yes Dec 98-Jun 99
Yucikas Tracy J.   No Yes Sep 68-Feb 69
Yurkovich Leslie A. Dunbar No Yes May 71- Aug 74