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Boomerang Launch

NASA’s Scientific Balloon Program provides development testing & training of engineers


PSL's Aerostar Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Solar Furnace

The Solar Furnace at NMSU PSL harnesses the power of the sun for research

Alumni Directory - Y

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Yanaga Tsuyuko M. Tashiro Yes No Apr 57-Oct 84
Yarbro Stephen Lee   No Yes May 77-Aug 78
Yarbrough Robert Sims   Yes No Mar 53-Sep 75
Yarbrough Sharon K. Widner Yes No Dec 63-Dec 64, May-Aug 65
Yarbrough Ronda L. Richardson Yes No Aug 74-May 78
Yaryan Roy Owen   No Yes Jun-Aug 67, Oct 67-Dec 72
Yaryan Terry Lee   No Yes June 63-Feb 69
Yates Paula E. Howard Yes No Sep 74-Mar 76
Yates, Jr. John Ashby   No Yes Jun 73- Jan 74
Ybarra Jose Tellez   No Yes Jun 70-Dec 75
Yearley John Raymond   Yes No May 82-May 84
Yell Warren Dwight   Yes No May 65-Jun 71
Yocom Michael Lawrence   No Yes Mar 67-May 69
Yoder Ronald W.   Yes No Mar 63-Nov 64, Mar 65-Jan 67, Sep 68-Mar 69
Yoder Mary K. Youngren Yes No Jun 64-Nov 66
Yoder Elden Leon   No Yes Jun 63-Jul 67
York Yvonne   McClellan No Yes Dec 85- Jun 90
Young Thomas James   No Yes Feb-Feb 79
Young James Arthur   No Yes Aug-Sep 65, Nov 65-Jan 67
Young Hoyle D.   No Yes Oct 62-Aug 65
Young Nancy Ann Marie No Yes Feb-Sep 78
Young Patricia J.   No Yes Feb-May 79
Young Robert Dennis   No Yes Sep 71-Dec 72
Young Stanley Edward   No Yes Jan-Nov 66
Young Troy Ward   No Yes Jun 83-May 85
Young Cindy S.   No Yes Sep 77-Aug 78
Ytuarte Patricia Louise Lucero Yes No Feb 69-Nov 72
Ytuarte Marisa     No Yes Dec 98-Jun 99
Yucikas Tracy J.   No Yes Sep 68-Feb 69
Yurkovich Leslie A. Dunbar No Yes May 71- Aug 74