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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - Z

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Zachek Rick D.   No Yes Sep 80-May 81
Zachek Kevin Lewis   No Yes Aug 84-Jan 85
Zagone Michael Anthony   Yes No Sep 79-Mar 80
Zahn Stephanie   Wilson No Yes Sep 71-Feb 73
Zalonka Charles     No Yes Mar-Apr 65
Zamarripa Alfonso Alfred   Yes Yes Student: Jul 65-Jun 68, Staff: Jun 69-Apr 73, Mar 77-Aug 78
Zambardi Sybil     Yes No Apr-Nov 83
Zambardi Patricia J. Sambrano Yes No Dec 77- Dec 83
Zambrano Jorge     No Yes Oct 99-Mar 01
Zamora Orlando M.   Yes No Jan-Jun 80
Zamora Sharon E. Hudson No Yes Sep 77- Nov 80
Zamora Susie C.   Yes No Apr 90-Jun 91
Zander Helmuth George   No Yes May 76-May 77
Zandi Bahram     Yes No Jul 89-Feb 90
Zant, II Royce Darwell   No Yes Aug 72-Aug 73
Zaricor James B.   Yes No Jan-Mar 79
Zarrilli Robert Michael   No Yes Dec 81-Aug 82
Zeiger Steven M.   No Yes Mar-Jul 78
Zeiger Patricia H. Medina Yes No Oct 77-Jul 78
Zelle Vicki Jean Woodard No Yes May-Jun 73
Zerwekh William David   No Yes Feb 66-May 69
Zerwekh Carolyn R. Merritt No Yes May 66-Jun 67
Zerwekh Lydia   Melendrez No Yes Oct 86- Jul 88
Zhang Zhi     No Yes Oct 91-May 92
Zhu Jane G.   Yes No May-Jun 00, Aug-Aug 00
Ziegler Sandra Jean Murray Yes No May 70-May 71
Ziegler Eric John   No Yes Sep 73-Jan 79
Ziegler, Jr. Clyde William   Yes No Apr 70-Dec 72
Zimmerman Roger M.   Yes No Sep 75-Sep 77, Mar-Aug 79
Zimmerman J. Allan     No Yes Jun-Aug 92
Zimmerman Douglas K.   Yes Yes Student: Oct 85-Jan 86, Staff; Jan-Jun 86
Zimmerman Melanie Paige   Yes No Aug 82-Aug 85
Zimmerman Selina Nichole   Yes Yes Student: Jun 92-Jun 95, Staff: Mar 96-Mar 98
Zink Karl     Yes No Aug-Nov 79
Zink Karl Joseph   No Yes Feb 84-Jan 85, Aug 85-Jan 86
Zinn Celia Ann Black No Yes Jun 68-Mar 70
Zscheile Marilyn Gail Brown Yes No Aug 69-Jun 71
Zuniga Gilberto Ontivaros   No Yes Oct 65-Feb 66
Zura Timothy Richard   No Yes Jan 90-Apr 91