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Physical Science Laboratory
New Mexico State University
1050 Stewart Street
Las Cruces, New Mexico, 88003

Main Phone Number

For general inquiries: 575-646-9200

Visitor Information

If you need help with directions or would like to know more about what to expect when visiting Anderson Hall. Please follow the link below

Visitor Information

PSL Director

  • Contacts Name: Eric Sanchez
  • Phone Number: 575-646-4885
  • Email:

Division Director ISSS

  • Contacts Name: Joanne Esparza
  • Phone Number: 575-646-9117
  • Email:

Division Director Aerospace

  • Contacts Name: Henry Cathey
  • Phone Number: 575-646-9474
  • Email:

Division Director Telemetry & Missile Systems

Strategic Initiatives Officer

  • Contacts Name: Marcella Shelby
  • Phone Number: 575-646-9201
  • Email:

PSL Operations Manager

  • Contacts Name: Karen Hamilton
  • Phone Number: 575-646-9701
  • Email:

PSL Production Manager

  • Contacts Name: Daniel Molina
  • Phone Number: 575-646-9268
  • Email:

Facility Security Officer

  • Contacts Name: Chris Scott
  • Phone Number: 575-646-9495
  • Email: