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Mission and Vision

Mission: To develop a diverse pool of classified-ready professionals with the necessary technical, professional and interpersonal skills required to pursue successful careers in support of national security. 

Vision: To be a national resource for preparing highly skilled classified-ready employees through public-private partnerships focused on cooperative education experiences in national security research and emerging technology innovation and application.

The program will commence each fall semester with cohort of undergraduate students selected through an application process. Eligible Students must be US citizens in good academic standing, and classified as Juniors in their respective academic programs. The program will be funded through research collaborations with industry and federal government agencies employing students up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during the summer.



Today, companies and agencies working to ensure our nations' security have a need for new employees that are clearance-ready and able to effectively assimilate into this highly sensitive and unique career field.

As a Hispanic serving institution NMSU has designed the CREW program to meet the needs of today's national security community. Building on a history of effective experience in working with the intelligence community, today's CREW program prepares tomorrow's workforce post graduation in two critical area: (1) contribute to workforce diversity, and (2) provide a pathway to national security-related careers.

Unique to NMSU is accessed to a cleared facility as part of PSL's physical operations, allowing support for classified contracts. NMSU is currently in the process of upgrading the Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) to allow up to Top Secret discussions and projects.

CREW supports NMSU's LEADS 2025 institutional strategic goals to 1) diversify the workforce, 2) prepare students with a quality education and relevant experiential opportunities, 3) and foster public-private partnerships that advance research, and technology innovation and application that align with institutional research strengths.

Student at Work

CREW Program Intro to National Security Affairs Seminar

Our National Security Affairs seminar is designed to support New Mexico State University, Physical Science Lab, Classified Ready Employee Workforce (CREW) program, providing a broad introduction to the US and Global national security affairs environment, institutions, political theory, historical and contemporary issues, critical thinking skills, ethics and decision-making approaches.  The seminar will be centered around the philosophy of respect of ideas and each other; non-attributional facilitated discussions, with periodic guest members and speakers. 

Students will utilize a broad range of learning strategies and techniques including whole-class and structure group work, guided learning, and individual projects.  Students will be encouraged to think in a manner that expands their knowledge and understanding, matures their critical thinking skills, and encourages life-long professional learning to promote growth as a member of the national security industrial base, performance based employee and team member and leader.  This is accomplished each semester through weekly readings, bi-weekly facilitated discussion seminars and one short, analytical essay on the student’s selfchosen topic directly associated with national security.  Participants prepare for facilitated, evaluated participation by completing the required readings, self-reflections, preparation of meaningful question to facilitate professional dialogue with their classmates. The writing requirement will be structured to ensure writing quality is commiserate with submission for corporate professional work or journalistic publication.


Jayme Sutton

Colonel Jayme Sutton, United States Army (Retired) is a Texas girl, raised on the plains of Texas and in the oil fields of West Texas.  She served in the Army for 27 years in a variety of command and staff positions to include multiple hazardous duty and combat tours.   She is an airborne paratrooper, jumpmaster and parachute rigger.  She served with "historied" units such as the 82nd Airborne Division, 2nd Infantry Division, a Special Missions Unit, 3rd Infantry Division (twice), the 101st Air Assault Division and with the 1st and 2nd Marine Expeditionary Forces.  She attended Texas Christian University where she majored in Business and received her commission as a Second Lieutenant through the Reserve Officers Training Corps program.  She attended and was on faculty at the Naval War College where she earned her Master's degree in Strategic Studies and International Security Affairs and taught in both the Strategy and Policies department and International Security Affairs Department.  She commanded at the platoon to brigade level and served as senior advisor or special staff on topics ranging from Support to Victims of Sexual Assault for Secretary Rumsfeld to Senior Logistics Advisor for matters of Defense Support in Support of Civil Authorities. She now lives in San Marcos, Texas with her mom, Carolyn, and few special cats -- Mojito, Cosmo, Michael-Straycat, Goose, and O.G.



  • CREW is a two-year on campus Co-Op program that prepares NMSU's diverse student population to effectively work and communicate in STEM-based classified environments.
  • CREW students engage in highly specialized experiential learning while working on government or industry-funded research projects under the supervision and mentorship of PSL technical personnel.
  • CREW students participate in a National Security Seminar Series and graduate with a broad understanding of U.S. National Security policy, and organizational structure and systems.
  • CREw government, business and industry partners have an opportunity to propose research projects with direct relevance on development and integration of new technologies and National Security policies driving adoption.
  • CREW government, business and industry partners have an opportunity to help mentor participating students, streamlining a pathway to future career readiness.