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Telemetry & Missile Systems

PSL’s Telemetry and Missile Systems (TMS) continues the traditional work that helped establish PSL. TMS supports contracts around the world that involve prelaunch preparation, launching, tracking, data acquisition and analysis. In addition, TMS also develops instrumentation and systems in support of sub-orbital flight operations. TMS has been a preferred provider of test and launch operational support services, flight instrumentation components, and antenna systems in support of many projects associated with NASA and DOD programs.  TMS personnel have developed and supplied thousands of antenna systems for rocket, missile, aircraft, and spacecraft.  Designs include microstrip, patch, quadraloop, and spike antennas. These designs have extensive flight heritage in a wide variety of hostile environments.  The WFF93 PCM encoder, designed and manufactured by TMS personnel is the heart of the instrumentation systems used to support DOD and NASA programs and are manufactured to meet their stringent specifications. 


TMS Mission Locations

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