Processes for Students, Visitors and Employee Travel


Student employees should be advised to follow all training, guidelines and processes as regular NMSU employees, regarding NMSU-PSL’s Covid-19 response.

It will be important for student’s supervisor to clearly outline expectations, identify possible new job risks and precautions due to Covid-19. An open dialogue with student employees upon returning will be critical to resume business in Anderson Hall.

If a student employee is unable to work due to Covid-19 contact tracing or positive test, student may be eligible for emergency paid leave by completing the form at


PSL is using a phased approach as outline in the Return to Operations document. A phased approach is also recommended regarding visitors to Anderson Hall and will be highly dependent on CDC, State of NM and NMSU advisories and processes.

Currently all visitors are restricted except for visitors that are required to conduct essential repairs and maintenance or sensitive or classified discussions. Prior to Phase 4, the PSL Director is the approval authority.

When PSL is operating at Phase 4 it will allow for business visits. These visits will require notification to Division Director for approval. The Director’s office will be updated on a regular basis (weekly/bi-weekly) during the Director’s Update meeting regarding visitors to Anderson Hall.

Going forward, PSL visitor requirements and processes will remain through Phase 6, to ensure best practices are being followed for security purposes.

Processes for visitors will be updated as soon as possible we are moving to a web-based visitor form.

Travel Procedures

Personal Travel

Until PSL is in phase 6, employees on personal travel should self-report to supervisor and follow the current State of NM guidelines for travel upon returning to New Mexico.

Contract/Business Travel

PSL will be following a phased approach regarding travel for business. During all phases, the employee(s) required to travel will submit the updated PSL Request to Travel Form to their supervisor. While PSL is in Phases 1-4, supervisors will either approve or deny the form depending on the following criteria:

  1. Travel is required by the grant or contract language
  2. Grant or contract will accept the financial burden required by the destination quarantine requirements
  3. There is no option for delay
  4. Traveler accepts and will abide by travel advisories and public health guidelines at destination State, City and facility
  5. Traveler will accept and abide by current NM travel advisories and public health guidelines upon return to NM

When supervisor has approved travel request, supervisor will route the form to the PSL Director for approval. 

Upon return, it will be encouraged that employee complete a four (4) day self-quarantine and complete a Covid-19 diagnostic test after the 4-day period. Upon a negative result, the employee may return to work without restriction. PSL leadership will identify a restricted work area for employees for the duration of the self-quarantine period and can choose to work in that area or telework when approved by supervisor. The appropriate procedures will be followed should an employee receive a positive result. At Phases 5 and 6, Director Approval will not be required.

As of March 27, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued an executive order requiring air travelers to New Mexico self-isolate for at least 14 days to help combat the spread of COVID-19. On June 1 the public health order was amended to provide the following exemptions to the 14-day self-quarantine requirement:

  • Airline employees on travel for work
  • Individuals performing public safety or public health functions
  • Emergency first responders
  • Health care workers
  • Military personnel
  • Individuals employed by a federal agency or a national defense contractor
  • Individuals arriving to New Mexico pursuant to a court order
  • Individuals traveling to New Mexico to conduct business activities

Current travel information can be found at the following website's:

CDC Guidelines for Travel:

NM Guidelines for Travel: